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    « on: December 27, 2017, 03:09:00 PM »

    Mini Plots are events that your character can get involved in all around the world. Some are school specific, and others are for all of the players to get involved in. Details are left open to interpretation so you can use your imagination to make it your own! Post [Mini Plot] in your thread title and post the thread link here! FPP points and other prizes will be given to drivers who participate.

    Beauxbatons: As December approaches Beauxbatons, it brings not only Christmas but a rather large surprise. After months of rumours and ideas, Madame Maxime has finally admitted that she's been allowing her giant relatives to stay at the school. Half-giants are now appearing around the school. Their arrival is beginning to interrupt classes and student life. They take up too much space and their less than gentle touches have broken more than a few ice sculptures accidentally. They really like Christmas and have decided to help decorate the castle but so far, all they've managed to do is flatten the twelve foot tree and spooked the Abraxans.  The giant guests are getting in the way and it's becoming more and more difficult for the Headmistress to keep them in check. The news of the giants at Beauxbatons is quickly spreading through France and putting the school in a rather uncomfortable spotlight.

    Hogwarts & Durmstrang & Ilvermorny & Koldovstoretz: Holiday break! All students (including Beauxbatons and Mahoutokoro) may post outside of school boards for the playtime month of December.

    Mahoutokoro: Bunkasai continues in December and there are still plenty of opportunities to earn Bunkasai badges. Students also receive a holiday break at the end of the month and may post outside of school boards.

    Worldwide: The protests once sparked by the death of the beloved rompo Snuggles have begun to die down (after only a few arrests were made). Ministries are looking to appease the few still enraged, hoping to quell any ill feelings. But bureaucracy takes time and no firms plans have yet been made. Wizarding zoos have reopened after several weeks of precautionary closing.

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: At long last, the group phase of the 424th Quidditch World Cup tournament has concluded, and the International Confederation of Wizards' Quidditch Committee has released the countries of the sixteen National Teams that will be competing in next August's playoffs for the World Cup championship: Seychelles, Algeria, Bulgaria, Malawi, Peru, Wales, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Ecuador, Lithuania, Costa Rica, Russia, Ukraine, and Indonesia.

    The playoffs will begin Saturday, August 3, 2002 and run every Saturday thereafter.  As announced in December of 1999, the final match of the World Cup tournament will be held in Germany on August 24th.  The German Ministry reports that construction of the stadium for this match is very nearly complete.  With the announcement of the contenders made public, the ICWQC has now opened ticket pre-sales.  Prices range from category 4 public seating at 30ʛ (510ʄ), to the exclusive Top Box at 278ʛ (4726ʄ).

    —    Q U E S T I O N S ?    —

    contact any admin for details

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    anyone up for a bb thread with this girl??
    she's ready to befriend some (half) giants

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    this guy would join her if you like / she likes

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    @Inga yes please! We need a thread (: