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Announcements / Re: [Announcement] November Mini Plots!
« Last post by Castor on Yesterday at 10:34:15 AM »
just a heads up, the links in the left bar still go to the october thread =)
The Sorting Hat / Re: Sort me!
« Last post by Minerva Cavendish on Yesterday at 09:38:06 AM »
Character's name: @Minerva Cavendish
Link to character's EFBs (if applicable): Morel
Does this character have an approved special feature? If so, please link to the application: --
thank you <33
The Sorting Hat / Re: Character changes & retcons!
« Last post by Dylan on December 13, 2017, 08:06:05 PM »
Character's name: @Morwen Rhydderch
Changes made: changed her height from 5'6" to 5'1" because I kept imagining her a tiny baby >>

all good!
Mahoutokoro Castle / Re: [Bunkasai MP] Welcome to Our World (open!)
« Last post by Sylvia Crowne on December 13, 2017, 06:43:00 AM »
         Sylvia did not think there was any way that her parents were going to sign the Japan trip permission form. Both her mother and father told her that it would be some years before she could attend a summer school off outside the country.  So, when most of her classmates cleaned out the library of all the Japanese translation books and related marital, Sylvia just focused on her regular course work.

        All this changed when Grandpa Franklin ( @Monty Franklin ) came up to her one morning with a beaming smile, while waving a letter. Apparently, he had been in correspondence with Sylvia’s mother and somehow got them to send in the permission form, signed! Sylvia now had under a week to learn everything she could about the Japanese culture. She barrowed books from classmates and quickly copied down information into a fresh notebook. The more she learned about their culture, the more she became afraid she was going to make some mistake or insult someone.

        After a weekday dinner, Sylvia anxiously gathered her things and her notebook into a small bag and made her way to her designated port key area. While waiting Sylvia pulled out her notebook form her bag. She hung her bag on her should and opened her notebook, and turning to the self-made greeting a cheat sheet page.  She ran through the pronunciations.

“Oh-a-you go-zai-ma-su, Sylvia Crowne, de-su.  Su-tek-ina mī-tin-gum-asu. Ar-iga-tou go-zai-ma-su.”

        She stopped when her group was instructed to grab the object in front of them, a long thin ladder.  Sylvia obeyed, holding her notebook tightly to her chest.  After a short delay, suddenly without warning, Sylvia felt like she was on a roller-coaster. Sylvia nearly fell over, but caught herself. Her brain tried to get a hold of her new soundings. She was not surprised by the sun… knowing they would arrive just before noon due to the time change, but the warm air did supersized her.
        They were greeted by a very noble friendly old man, who spoke in proper English. She was quickly then instructed to go to the professor to receive a stole… a translation stole. Sylvia looked down at her notebook. Well at least she wouldn’t worry to much about her correct pronunciations. She breathed out a sigh of relief and got in line to received her stole with a bow she hoped showed respect. She marveled at the stole. Examining the deep dark purple fabric and the shimmery rich green trim and imagined the level of spell work that needed to go into the object. She made a mental note to research it later.

            After the second instructions, Sylvia made her way to the designated professor, who checked her in and announced that she was on the list as spending the night. This struck Sylvia as a supersized. She did not take a long look at her parents’ permission slip, only marveling at her mother’s signage. She must have missed the fact that she checked the overnight box. Although Sylvia brought an extra change of clothes just in case, but did not bring anything to sleep in.

           “I don’t have my pajamas.” She said half way to herself. The professor smiled and told Sylvia that a spare “jinbei” will be set aside for her, while making a note on a roll.  This is when it hit her… She was going to be in Japan for a FULL weekend. A culture that has it’s own unique spells, magic and traditions. “This is going to be amazing!” The professor just smiled, held out her map and exhibition list. Sylvia received them while making a respectful bowed. 

           Suddenly a friend’s face passed in front of her. “I did not know you were coming here! Are you spending the night? What are planning to go to? I am so excited!”             
Mahoutokoro Castle / Re: [Bunkasai MP] Welcome to Our World (open!)
« Last post by Carey Baisley on December 13, 2017, 04:45:06 AM »
          Carey heard last October that the Japanese Wizarding school, Mahoutokoro was going to allow Hogwarts students to visit. Carey did not know much of the Japanese school, other then they were very secretive and typically did not allow visitors. Like all wizarding schools the exact location of the school is kept secret, but even more so with Mahoutokoro. Over the last few months Carey and his friends exchanged rumors they heard. Although now that Carey throught about it, it was likely a few might have been made up, just to have something to say to wow their friends. The result was series of statements, each more impressive than the other.

(OOC: The following is an exert from one of their conversations: )
           “I heard you have to fly on a giant bird to get to Mahoutokoro.”
          “No, you got that wrong. It is a Frog, that they flew on. My Papa said so.”
          “How the bloody would you FLY a FOG?”
           “Well, I heard that their school is floating, with enchantments. In the sky… you know, like a cloud.”
          “That is ridiculous, everyone knows it is in a Volcano!”
          “How could a school be inside a volcano? Wouldn’t they all burn up and stuff?”
          “Nah, its magically protected.”

         Carey looked forward to finding out if any or all of the fantastic stories of Mahoutokoro was true. Unfortunately, most of Carey's friends were serving detention during the Japanese weekend. Some rotten-pumpkin prank that made the misfortune of hitting the wrong target. An event Carey was sorely missed. Although not being in detention with them, meant he was on the list of Hogwarts student attending “Mahoutokoro Institute of Spirit and Magic First International Student Visitor Weekend,” (or some other long-winded name Headmistress McGonagall likely invented.) To comfort his sulky friends, Carey promised he would bring them something back for them. Carey was so excited, he had a hard time getting to sleep the night before and was very tiered when he awoke for the 2:30 am gathering time for the 2:55 am port key time.

          Fitch stood at the door way of the entrance hall, checking in the sleepy students off on the list before they entered the torch lit entry courtyard. While in line, Carey got pulled a side by his Head of House. His Head of House warmly reminded Carey that while there, he is a “representative” of Hogwarts and was expected to behave as such. Carey thought his Head was overreacting… it was not like Carey had a Portable Swamp or plan a case of Wildfired Whizz-Bangs. (Although he would kill for one of them!) His small school bag just had a set of pajamas, an extra set of school clothes and his toiletries. He wanted to bring his broom but it as expressly forbidden.

             A large Ship’s wheel were enchanted as a port key, and placed on holder in the courtyard. Carey went to his instructed position around the wheel and waited patiently as a professor examined their watch.  Suddenly they were all told to grab the wheel. Then within a minute, Carey felt a pull in his stomach, the ground slipped out beneath his feet and he found himself laid out on a different colored stone. Carey got up and looked around, clutching his nauseous stomach. At first, he was confused seeing bright sun light and the strange wooden beams surrounding him surrounding.

          Then it hit him, “Woooh WOW!” He was here. A He turned to his class mates, many of which were just getting off the ground.  Carey joyfully announced, “Welcome to Japan,” while he helped another student up. A very old Japanese professor greeted them in almost perfect English. He first instructed them to grab a translation charmed instilled stole from professors standing in a semi-circle around them. There was enough professors that only short lined form in front of each stole giver. Carey waited for his turn eagerly. He watched them bow in greeting, the othering the stole and a short estranged of pleasantries.
           “These are bloody brilliant!”  Carey ecstatically announce as he stepped up and quickly exchanged a bow. 
          This was met by a smiling professor who stated,“Kore wa, kōchō no akarui aidea no hitotsudesu.” As lifting the purple and green stole to place it on Careys shoulder.

          “Wah? I didn’t quiet catch that.” Carey immediately replied.

          As the Professor restated the statement as he laid the stole on Carey shoulders and the words became understandable, as proper English words rang through Careys mind. “Kore w.... It is one of the headmaster's brightest ideas.”

        “Nice!” Carey proclaimed examining the stole, which the professor took to understood that the student did correctly hear him. With a hand wave and the next student approached. 

         Carey was tempted to ask for extra for his friends that had to stay at Hogwarts… but did not feel right to ask, well not just his second. When there was still a line still behind him. “Um,… Thanks.” They once again exchanged bows.

        Still in English, “You are welcome.” Although Carey noticed that the words did not match the professor's lips.

         Although registration was over quickly, Carey was impatient, inching to go exploring. Looking at the exhibit list and map, he did not see anything that said “Flying Fogs Farm”, or “Way to core of volcano”. The nice but boring professor circled the dorms he was staying in and the location of the upcoming Garden exhibit. What Carey really need was a local guide, some one that knows wear that true marvels are located.

          The headmaster of Mahoutokoro addressed them again. With his mention of “Dinning hall” and “rules,” Carey had a feeling that Mahoutokoro was not much different then Hogwarts. A student next to him gave a groan, that match Carey's internally dialog. Carey turned to his classmate, with a small twinkle in his blue eyes. “Mate, wana to slip out and go exploring with me?”   
Special Features & Items / Re: Special Feature Applications
« Last post by Lena on December 12, 2017, 09:08:21 PM »

Name: Lena
Character name: Volker Blauvelt
Feature you are applying for: Garth Advocate
     First affinity: Ice
     Second affinity: Rebirth
Description of the character: First of all, I would like to briefly mention in this section my history with Volker and how his personality has mostly evolved and changed through the interaction with both students at Beauxbatons and elementals at Inverness throughout the years that I have actively played him in the past.

Volker Blauvelt… How do I even being to explain Volker Blauvelt?
“Volker Blauvelt is flawless.”
“I hear his hair’s insured for $10,000.”
“I hear he does sunglasses commercials… in Ibiza.”
“One time, I returned a library book late and he made me apologise to the book page by page. Then he froze my foot to a tree. It was awesome.”
“He’s like sunshine without the heat.”

The element of ice, as known, is the most powerful element and the most difficult to master. However, because it is quite powerful indeed, I have made Volker extremely conscious of the dangers that come with his ability, which resulted in him being up to date with all of his elemental studies, sometimes even studying further ahead on his own. His desire of being in control of his abilities as quickly as possible had given me the opportunity to roleplay Volker as a rather skilled ice elemental for his age during his teen years. My possibilities became even wider upon the happening of the Beauxbatons rogue attack in the past, and since that incident specifically, there hadn’t been any occasion in which I hadn’t reflected Volker’s elemental skills in threads. Several Harbingers were fond of him, which indirectly influenced even more his desire to give his studies more priority. He particularly had a natural talent at morphing and I always put an emphasis on that, especially when Volker felt cornered – on several occasions, I have also played that out.

I will now present Volker’s personality as a whole, with bits from his sheet – however, please take note that he is not the typical ice elemental, meaning that he does not share some core characteristics of the typology. This is why his second affinity is something that explains the contradictions between the element of ice and his personality. I will go further into that in the application section, but I felt the need to mention these things here as well, with the risk of repeating myself. This is all because Volker is a complex character in my opinion, and from 2007 to 2012 had evolved a lot on his own, which, I state yet again, strengthened my need to place this slight explanatory introduction here.

Even though he may not seem like that, Volker is a critic. He dislikes it when people don’t do it his way, usually considering that it is wrong and a little too complicated for his tastes. Usually sticking to what he knows from books, as Volker is very well read, the boy considers that he sometimes knows more than others, therefore, he sometimes might act as if he were superior to others, especially people he dislikes. As he is reserved sometimes, the boy is certainly not timid. He doesn’t fear to express his own opinion, no matter how much trouble that might cause him. Also, compromise isn’t something he agrees with. One must fight if they believe in something. Easy-going and sometimes extroverted, Volker surely hasn’t any problems in communicating with people. As long as he doesn’t find anything wrong with them or they don’t talk certain problems he does not approve of, Volker can be a nice companion.

More intuitive than rational sometimes, Volker can be very impulsive. He likes doing things right away, since he has the impression that waiting might be considered rude by some, even by himself. Even though he reads a lot and sometimes gets his ideas and beliefs from some books, Volker is creative and imaginative himself, writing being one of his best skills. Philosophy being his favorite, Volker does enjoy reading it, even though it can be very hard to understand sometimes. Creating some inclination to go to extremes, Volker is sometimes stubborn as well, thinking that he is always right and trying to stick to his own ideas.

Sometimes too serious, Volker rarely stands jokes unless he makes them. Sarcasm is sometimes part of his personality, so as time passed by, the boy got used to getting answers to his somewhat critical replies. As much as he dislikes it, he considers that people who contradict him and actually get into a verbal fight with him are very smart and respects them for that. Also, violence isn’t something he likes. Volker is very peaceful and tries to avoid physical fights as much as he can.

Being rather patient with the people he knows very well, Volker enjoys helping his friends, although he always takes the place of the leader. But on the other hand, since he sometimes knows more than some people, he doesn’t see anything wrong in it. Also, he is an artist. Writing, playing the guitar, photography and sometimes drawing have always been part of his life, so he is very sensitive when people pick on him because of this. Also, he tends to see the best in people he likes. As a last trait, the boy is reserved with people he does not know. As much as he is very nice, kind and helpful to his close ones, it takes a lot to gain his trust and friendship. He might talk to a lot of people, but that does not mean that all of them are his friends, which reveals a double-faceted pattern within his personality.

As you notice, Volker is very much within the pattern of an ice elemental, but he lacks the introversion, shyness and desire of withdrawal which are generally encountered within this element. He is also very keen on having physical contact with individuals; I don’t like to stereotype, but he is a typical European – he likes both hugging and kissing when meeting a person for example, generally not giving a lot of philosophical meaning to such gestures. To him, they merely represent the notion of having good manners.

His previously approved second affinity was rebirth. I will divide the explanation of this between all the sections, but here I would like to bring this into the light: while Volker always associated himself with a dangerously powerful element, during his 7th year at Beauxbatons, he would have discovered his second affinity, something which would counterbalance the ice element’s introversion and desire of solitude. As I planned it out before with Julie, rebirth wasn’t something he had particularly decided to study, but Volker had discovered it as being his second affinity through a small incident (which has been played in character before). While this explains his not complete compatibility in personality with the ice element, it would also make him behave in such a way for the time first time; he wouldn’t know who he is anymore, therefore shutting himself in, even if he would not go into a deeper kind of isolation from most people until after graduation.


     Discovery & History:
Volker’s discovery never was something truly special. Since when I first applied for Volker, there weren’t any elemental students at Beauxbatons, it was agreed that he was discovered by an unknown older student during his first year at Beauxbatons. The story that had been established before was that Volker and older sister, Vanessa, had an argument on the school grounds (because they’re so dramatic they can’t wash their undergarments in private like normal siblings) and his older sister got so upset at him and wanted to cast a spell, to play a prank on him. However, Volker felt threatened and somehow made ice appear out of nowhere, scaring away his sister and her friends. The NPC older student witnessed everything and took the then eleven year old boy to Professor Peter Alva Tannenbaum, who explained to Volker that he was an ice elemental and what that implied, including the possibilities he could have if he were to train and join the Elemental Council. Volker immediately decided that he would join the Council and work hard to nurture his talents, now that I think about it, most likely due to the fact that he admired Peter Alva ever since day one. Also, Volker decided that he wouldn't tell anyone about his special abilities, not even his close ones, as he wouldn't want to be regarded as different.

Since he was discovered quite early, Volker didn’t have time to realise he wasn’t a talent with wand magic, therefore he just resigned from the start he wouldn’t do well in that area, consequently focusing his studies more in the artistic subjects, aside from his private elemental classes.

Fast forwarding to the Beaxbatons rogue attack during his fifth year, at that time Volker was Musketeer of his house and had just started his process of wooing beautiful, older and charming Émilie Côté. Because he had his eyes set on her, Volker even did ridiculous things, such as searching for her stolen cat, or joining the Quidditch team despite hating flying. Within this context where Volker took care of his reputation as one of Beauxbatons’ elite students, the rogue attack at Beauxbatons happened. As he didn't want people to get hurt, Volker had to use his powers, along with other elementals there, to get rid of the rogues. In the end everything was fine, as they received help from the Council, but everything had come as a complete shock for Volker, from his sudden reveal as an elemental to the fact that people actually died during the attack. Feeling both guilty and depressed, Volker showed signs of withdrawal despite his generally flamboyant attitude. Despite having his close friends and Émilie particularly understanding regarding the matter, Volker couldn’t get over the issue easily, and started socialising more with fellow elementals at Inverness. From the ones still around since back then, Memphis is one of the older elementals Volker is close to, and also admired quite a bit. He felt lonely at Beauxbatons even if he wasn’t alone, so for the first time he was truly grateful to his eleven year old self for admiring Peter Alva to the extent of joining the Council without even processing it. I think for Volker this was the exact moment where he extended his loyalty from Peter Alva to the entirety of the Council and elementals there.

His introversion had manifested itself until him and Émilie officially became a couple, which also coincided with him finding out he would once again be Musketeer and, in addition, co-captain on the Quidditch team. I wanted to specify the latter to show his devotion to something he puts his mind to doing even if he doesn’t like it (Quidditch), and also to reveal the extent to which Émilie can influence him. The expression “love is blind” truly applies to Volker in what regards Émilie, as everything she does is perfect to him, and ever since she had become his girlfriend, she had priority in his life, even over himself. The reason I mention this will make sense in a bit.

During his sixth year at Beauxbatons, I had always brought up his elemental abilities in his threads. It was also an important year for Volker, as his younger sister, Anke (at that time being played), who had stopped talking to him upon finding out that he is an elemental, had opened up to Volker again. They were very close before the attack and I think Anke became anxious around Volker due to his withdrawal tendencies after the attack, but upon seeing her brother acting normally again, the girl decided to bring their relationship back to normal. During his sixth year, Volker also realised Émilie was his other half – he had an awful accident during a Quidditch game, which was very bad and made him understand that life was pointless unless Émilie was there with him, always. He made up his mind to propose.

During his seventh year, he actually did propose. However, this was before him figuring out his second affinity. One day, as he was patrolling the school grounds (he was yet again Musketeer in his seventh year), Volker had noticed a small, little sparrow lying on the gardens, dead. He picked it up and kept it in his hands so he would bury it somewhere next to a tree, but before he could have the chance of doing so, the little bird started chirping again. I’m unsure whether or not Volker kept the bird to show it to Peter Alva, but from what I played and planned later on with Julie, Volker realised something was amiss, and went directly to talk to his mentor.

Peter Alva would have realised Volker’s inclinations towards rebirth, and would suggest to him how to approach the situation. Throughout the year, the two would meet and discuss things, ending up to the conclusion that Volker needs to learn to control and nurture his second affinity, Peter Alva also pointing out the fact that Volker, upon graduation, would especially have to dedicate himself to his elemental studies, and also pursue the search of runes, artefacts, and any kind of materials which would contain knowledge about the element of rebirth. It’s not in my notes from back then if Volker would have told other elementals about this, but I assume hopefully correct that the Harbingers would at least know at this point in time.

Up until here, everything had been played out, and from now, I will focus on how Volker’s adult years so far would have been.

     Adulthood & Plans:
As soon as graduation was over, Volker would’ve moved directly to Inverness, to both start his Advocate studies and prepare for his travels. It was then when he realised that he had to make himself the number one priority in his life, and move Émilie to the second. Not because of selfish reasons or because he didn’t love her anymore, but because he considered himself a dangerous presence around her, particularly when he knew very little to almost nothing in what regarded his second affinity.  Volker would’ve told her all of that, including about his second affinity, and would have asked her to postpone their wedding until he would be back. Naturally, he assumed that Émilie understood all of that, and left without thinking they’d have problems, so a lot of spectacularly awesome dramatic events will evolve from this.

I plan on saying Volker has visited and researched about rebirth in Japan, India, and Egypt so far, and at this point in playing he would have started studying the Maya civilisation, having already been in Mexico and Guatemala, and still having to visit El Salvador. In between his travels, he'd be at Inverness, catching with his Advocate training. The way I thought it through would be that Volker would have researched about yōkai in Japan, and would have probably gone to visit old temples.

What I would like to do if accepted, if also possible, because I am most knowledgeable about Japan out of these countries, is maybe have Volker discover (by complete accident, beginner’s dumb luck, really) an ancient wizarding temple (perhaps the magical equivalent of a Shinto shrine) in Japan, as that would be really awesome for everyone (and also helpful to me). He’d have obviously gone through everything bad first, be the target and victim of all curses, spiders, lizards and every mollusc Japan has, taken the artefacts and parchments he needed, and later on anonymously let the Japanese Ministry know about the discovery, so it would become an attraction to the wizarding community there. If I get accepted and anyone’s keen on this idea, I’d really love to evolve on this with the collaboration of the Mahoutokoro team.

For India, I would say he did a lot of exploring in temples, in search of runes and artefacts in general, and in Egypt he’d have revisited the sphinx and pyramids. Regarding the Maya civilisation, I plan on saying Volker would research particularly about their astronomical knowledge and their three-way division of the world into the celestial realm, the earth, and the underworld.

In the future, I wish for him to explore Eastern Europe, particularly Romania, since there’s the Romanian sphinx which supposedly hides the secret of immortality as perceived by the Dacian god Zalmoxis and I believe it would be better for me to play it out in an area I know by heart, and therefore could expand on that a whole lot. 

I have worked out connections in all of these areas, or at least the continents. Volker would have beforehand contacted academics which either specialise in what he’s looking for, or others who would guide him in the right direction, and would constantly keep in contact with them, even now and in the future. I will mention the drivers I contacted and their respective characters in question in the future plots section, for the sake of not repeating myself and making this application even longer. In addition to that, Memphis would be Volker’s guide and mentor through his travels, giving him advice and helping Volker with whatever he needed to survive.

Furthermore, many more exploration opportunities are ahead if this feature is accepted, as Volker would get back from Guatemala, he’d also want some sort of source of income after mooching off his parents for three years, so he would officially start working with Memphis and do explorations and research for a living.

I realise I have emphasised more on the second affinity rather than on the ice elemental part, as I admit, it’s hard for me to even imagine Volker as anything but an ice elemental after having played him as an ice elemental for so long. I can assure you however that I can do this feature justice, as I hope to have proven it in the past. I have experience with both special features and roleplaying within strict parameters which must be respected. I have shown my dedication to constantly and actively playing out special features through the characters I have had in the past: Volker Blauvelt previously having had this feature, along with its second affinity, Pandora Preda who was a Colour Hor, Georgia Fletcher as a metamorphmagus, and Ruadhán de Róiste as an unregistered dog animagus; the fact that I can respect the parameters that are given to me were reflected by the canon characters which I had, Viktor Krum and Gwenog Jones, and, in addition to this all, I’ve also had Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter with both canon restrictions and special features (both at the same time, if I may add). I’d like to believe I was trusted with all of them because I did them all justice, and proven my reliability and capability when having characters with special features, and can only hope you can trust me again with Volker’s. 

Future plots: In all honesty, I truly believe Volker’s main plot is himself. He has evolved so much through his elementalness and he will continue doing so. The psychological evolution is something that I really intend to reflect in all of his upcoming posts, should he be reapproved. From the flamboyant teenager, he becomes a reserved adult, devoted to discovering whom he is and what he can do with his life. I plan on saying that this time around, when he comes back, he hands all his discoveries to the Council (naturally to Peter Alva, so I assume the Harbingers first, and later on to everyone else) and I can see his second affinity possibly being a source of plots or mini-plots for the other elementals in the Council. As Volker was among the few first elementals on the site, he’s connected with a large majority of elementals that applied after me in the past, and therefore without even me actually getting involved personally (as in posting) in a thread or possible plot, I can see a high possibility of Volker’s actions affecting elementals at the Council, if that makes sense.

Volker’s only constant is his love for Émilie and this will also be played out properly. Me and Christine intend to have the two back together and have planned out many new events for them as a couple. Most importantly, after a three year break, it will be particularly interesting to see how the two of them evolved and how getting back together will affect both of their personalities. I am hoping Émilie will once again become a good influence on Volker, and that her presence will make him feel both at ease and help him define himself, but I want this to evolve on its own, as we play it along. Volker has always developed through his threads, without anything concrete planned out beforehand, and I truly enjoyed this and hope to keep this slight element of surprise (for me as well) still.

Volker’s main connections to the Council at the present would be Peter (he’s very close to Peter Alva, at least from Volker's point of view, and when Julie is around, I will 110% contact her for plots), Memphis, and Luciana. Samm’s Memphis Gredel is a friend of Volker since forever, but because Volker was a student before, we didn’t have many threading or plotting opportunities. Now, Samm and I established that Memphis would’ve helped Volker with his travels, give him tips and suggestions, and overall be the mature adult which Volker aims to be. Aside from the plots resulting from Volker’s second affinity, we planned out that Volker will start working with Memphis, and so they will have a lot of threads of visiting tombs, pyramids, temples, looking for artefacts, doing research, and overall being two awesome Indiana Jones boys (with matching outfits of course). While I haven’t gotten into detail with Lowri, we agreed that Volker and her Luciana Bertinelli will be “rare opposite besties”, which will definitely be both fun and interesting to play around with. We previously had such a relationship with Volker and Morgan, which was also amazing to roleplay, so I have confidence their relationship will also evolve into something special to see around.

For the connections I’ve planned out with academics that helped him during the trips, it is a mostly similar pattern, which I hope to customise with the respective drivers as we will start threading. Basically, Volker contacted said professors or researchers with the hope of getting help, which he got, and I suggested we could have Volker hide his elementalness and just state he would introduce himself as an epistemologist, so that, if accepted, we could play out “the big reveal” which would be an interesting twist to all the connections I have established, depending on each’s personality and beliefs. I will list Volker’s connections by country so it would be a bit easier to follow.

     Japan: I have contacted Lwin about her yōkai specialist, Akashi Keiji, and we agreed that he would have given Volker private classes regarding the subject. Their relationship would be a close one, having a lot of common interests which include the arts, and Volker would regard Akashi as a very reliable mentor.

     India: My main connection in India is Samm, as Memphis would have facilitated Volker’s stay there by telling him places to search, along with her professor Nazreen Ajay. Nazreen would’ve helped Volker with finding a place to stay and would have given him tips on the Indian society. Nazreen is familiar with elementals, so I can see her relationship with Volker being a closer one than with his other mentors, as he wouldn’t have to completely hide whom he is from the very start.

     Egypt: My connection here is again Samm (she seriously is one of the best bae) and Memphis, who would arrange Volker’s stay in Egypt, along with her WIP Nkechi Al-Busuri Amata, who is a west-African Vodun witch working as a Khopesh in Egypt. Basically, her job is to people like Volker out of the pyramids and away from artefacts they might break or even steal, so Nkechi and Volker would be natural enemies. This will be really fun to play out, especially since I think that Volker would dramatically and completely victimise himself around Nkechi.

     Americas: Volker’s main connection in the Americas would be Sophie’s Ernest Franklin. While Sophie and I will evolve on this more once she has more time, we established that Volker and Ernest would be student and mentor. I see things being particularly fun, because Volker wouldn’t expect to have many cultural differences with an American, but there would be so many so for me this will be particularly enchanting to play out. Ernest would also guide Volker towards the Akashic Scholars, offering me more roleplaying opportunities. Regarding Akashic Scholars connections, me and Christine are looking forward to having Volker and Luna meet. Just saying, it will be an epic combination.

     Europe: Rinn’s Zaharina Zafirova and Lyall Trickett would be Volker’s main connections for the East and West particularly.  Zaharina would aid Volker in the Eastern European area, by helping him with finding artefacts and old books and parchments. Lyall would be a constant connection of Volker’s at Hogwarts, and since Volker has to be at Inverness a lot, or in the United Kingdom in general, I can see Volker being particularly closer to Lyall, which would offer us wider options of approaching their relationship. Lyall is in research himself, so he would often guide Volker in the right direction when confused.

Regarding other elementals in the Council, once she’s back and free, I do intend to follow Fee around until she and I will have a plot with her Harbinger Rozenn Seznec. (Putting this here so she also knows I will bother her<333)

     Rogues: I have talked to Inga and, if Volker gets approved, we will work on something for Volker and Nolan Cairns. Nolan studies time himself, so this will be an interesting situation to approach. Another plot would be with Samm’s WIP Ramazan bin Mercan, a Colour Madin, whose second affinity would be death. If both he and Volker are approved, Samm and I have thought to have Ramazan approach Volker and try to convince him to go rogue, which would also result into awesome fights so there’s a chance we could also have a lot of plots for other elemental characters from this. Volker and Ramazan’s relationship would be really complex and exciting, as they would be connected by their affinity to one of the outer three elements, but they would also be very different in their beliefs, as rebirth and death would be opposites (or I assume they are from the guide, even if it’s not explicit?). In my head, rebirth and death are opposites and time is the balance between the two so, that’s how my logic around this went. Either way, this entire plot would be very exciting and amazing to play out.

These are the plots I have discussed so far, but naturally more would develop if Volker is approved. He’s always been one of my most active characters, and I intend on still having him be so, should you trust me with his special feature once more.

RP sample using the feature: “Garth demonus.” Volker whispered whilst focusing on a small ice statue in front of him. The ice statue he had previously formed was the one of a little bunny; not by choice as much as that the ice elemental needed a little one, yet also very well-defined in order to make it animate. While he was on the right track, it came as difficult for him to have the little ice bunny move, as the best he could do so far was to have it wag its tail for a little over a minute. Perhaps it was because he didn’t completely devote himself to learning the more advanced spells after graduation, or perhaps because the element of ice was one of the most difficult ones to master; Volker didn’t even consider that the source of his ice bunny not moving properly could be his concerns and exhaustion.

Volker had been at it for approximately four hours now, without taking any kind of break. The ice elemental sighed deeply, as he laid on the ground his gaze turning towards the little one which would still not move. It definitely had a personality of its own; Volker tried to make himself believe so, but soon realised that such excuses wouldn’t work tomorrow, when he would be reviewed on this spell. Normally, it took quite long to perform such spells, but having it done on a tiny little bunny was supposed to be rather easy, at least comparing to having it done on an ice statue of a human, or perhaps an even bigger specimen, such as a giant. It definitely should be something Volker should be able to do after a little over two years of training. Garth figura had been decent enough, but this one was definitely much harder.

“Just move already.” Volker said to the bunny before gently poking its ear. The statue looked realistic enough, so why wouldn’t it move was beyond him at this point. Maybe it was a bunny that only liked to wag its tail. “Maybe you like Ricky’s Shake Your Bon-Bon too much.” He laughed, deciding to try one more time before going to get some lunch and perhaps change from his trousers into some shorts – while he had expected Inverness to be cooler, it wasn’t as great as the elemental’d have wanted.

Volker rolled over and straightened his back and crossed his legs, assuming a meditative position. Taking a deep breath in, the young man tried to liberate his mind from all other worries or thoughts, keeping his focus only one the small statue in front of him. Garth demonus. He said this time round in his mind, in order to perhaps be able to focus a better energy within the spell towards the bunny. Soon enough, the little one started shaking its tail again, but this time around, it also lifted one of its ears and soon enough started to scratch itself with its tiny leg behind it.

Volker instantly took both his hands to cover his mouth, not wanting to let out the most inhuman of noises, something between a squeal and a cry of joy. The little ice bunny soon stopped scratching and straightened its back, focusing on the figure of its creator. “Aww.” The boy let out, reaching out for the now animated statue. Volker touched its nose gently, as the bunny appeared to mimic a real one and started to sniff the elemental. However, it was actually reaching for Volker’s amethyst bracelet, and eagerly began to chew on it.

The ice elemental rose his eyebrows in surprise. “Well, now – “ he started, letting out a soft laugh. “ – I must admit you’re right, this bracelet definitely doesn’t match my attire today. Thank you for noticing, fashion police.” The bunny soon took off Volker’s bracelet and started playing around with it, rolling around while munching on an amethyst stone specifically. It was definitely a nice sight to see, especially after stressing over the matter for so long. He could barely wait to show off with the little one to the other Advocates.

       The Dining Room was filled with students from around the world. Sylvia grabbed a spot near the front so she could hear and take notes on every rule this amazing magic school had. She tried to imagined what strange things might cause her to get sent home.  She wondered if she could possible do something so bad here, that would even get her expelled form Illvermorny. Sylvia shook the thought out of her head. But some thing started to really, get her attention.

           She really, really, really had to pee. She tried to remember, if anything she read anything about the proper procedure of being excused to the ladies’ room. No, nothing. She wished sometimes books can be more wide-ranging. She sat squirming, debating. Well, the last thing she wanted to do is miss the rules, get in trouble and get kicked out. But the sooner she left, the sooner she got back.  Making up her mind she quickly turned to the closet person and asked “Can you save my spot?”

          She quickly walled out of the room. She stopped at the closet person that were wearing a Japanese style clothing, bowing and asking for the way to the restroom. A line she memorized in Japanese, although now with the stole was not necessary. As Sylvia turned the corner she re-opened her notebook and checked her agenda page, noting the time of the formal reception. Sylvia checked her watch, and became alarm that it was still set for 14 hours behind. She tucked her notebook under her arm and then attempted to adjust her watch.

       Preoccupied, Sylvia accidentally bumped into a tall, green and black robed student ( @Damien Conway ), Sylvia automatically preformed the phrase and bow that she repeatedly practiced,  “Moushiwake arimasen deshita.” The moment she finished it, it hit her. The stole would translate what she said  to “I am so sorry.”  Or maybe it was the other way around. She wasn’t sure how it worked. Maybe it was better if she spoke in English anyways. It would be less confusing.

      She looked up to the group of students gathered around the trays of food. “Oh,.. I mean, I am sorry. By chance can any of you tell me where can I find a restroom. They pointed this way, but I don’t see a door. Is it down stairs?”
         Carey and his accomplice was sulkily heading up a stair case to the Dining hall.  They tried to slip out of the Main Keep, but a chaperone professor caught them. Under the Chaperones watchful eyes, they now caught up with the group who was filtering into the Dining Hall. How was he now going to explore? How can they find out if the school was actually in a cloud? (OOC:See Welcome to Our World ) All that Carey got from his few mins of exploding, was that it did not look like the school was in a volcano, instead it looked like they were in a walled complex and apparently exploding for you a very stern look form a chaperone professor. A Professor who did not believe that they got “turned around.”

         If there is anything Carey was good at was finding a way of entertain himself, when he was in a ‘naff’ situation. Carey looked around, when he turned the corner, something else caught his eye. He forgot the first step in the plan. A guide. If they had a Japanese student that could show them around then… well it should be a good enough excuse to really look around. Carey made a v-line to a group of kids who looked like they were holding colorful trays of food.

         Carey slipped in front of an older Slytherin ( @Damien Conway ) and grabbed around ball of food form a tray being held by a bright clothed Japanese Student ( @Akiyama Rei ) that seamed around his age. “Oh, man theses look good.” He was hoping food will settle his empty stomach, so he stuffed it in his face. He was immediately impressed with the taste, so he grabbed another. “I’m Carey.” He directed the informally introduction to the girl, before completely swallowing. “It is nice to meet you.” 

"Thank you, Chae-sensei," DJ said simply to the professor who gave him a map of the grounds, inclining his head before scurrying off to examine his documents more closely, and decide whether to find his lodgings or go look at an exhibit first. As he meandered toward the outside of the main keep, he saw a gaggle of Mahoutokoro students out of the corner of his eye and looked up, seeing that they were standing a polite distance away but had smiles of greeting on their faces, as well as apparently some food trays.

Not one to pass up a snack (especially because he still wasn't 100% awake yet), DJ stepped over along with a few other visiting students from the various participating schools. One of the female students wearing an extremely bright shade of lipstick, apparently the group's spokesperson, said "good morning" to them and DJ noted that, while it certainly was morning for another three minutes or so (Hogwarts was the last group to arrive, he had determined), he wasn't sure just how good it was until he managed to awaken to a much more coherent state. As he made these jetlagged observations, the girl and her friends all introduced themselves by name, and then offered them some sweets called mochi as a welcoming gift. The sugar would certainly help him regain some energy, so--- wait, what?

"Uhhh," DJ said intelligently. A sweet... made of rice? Somehow that just didn't make any sense in his head and for a moment he was absolutely terrified about what it would taste like. But, wasn't that the point of coming on this trip? Experiencing new things, getting a taste (apparently both figuratively and literally) of how students in another country lived?

"Thank you," he finally said coherently, bobbing his head toward Raisin (which he was sure was actually Rei-san but it was a bit more fun to think 'Raisin' in his head) and delicately taking a piece from the tray that she held. Cautiously, but trying to look like he wasn't being cautious, he bit into the circular rice cake. The texture was a bit crunchy and the taste was... surprisingly good. The rice itself didn't really have a taste, but rather the filling which was something like pods of jelly contributed to the sweetness. It really wasn't that bad after all. "Thank you!" he said again, and his improved enthusiasm seemed to be the trigger for other students who were also as hesitant as he was to try their own mochi. "Rei-san, I'm DJ. Uh, san. I think," he introduced himself awkwardly. "It's wonderful to meet you and we're grateful to all of you allowing us to visit your school."
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Hello and welcome to MH's Gingerbread Grab Bag event!

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