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France / Re: [paris] in our bones | • a r i
« Last post by Ariana Laurier on Yesterday at 09:51:07 PM »
Prosper's overly neutral response to her comment about Jeremy made her feel slightly foolish, as though underlining that she hadn't totally through her actions. The reasons to say yes had seemed to clearly outweigh the reasons to say no, yesterday, but a good portion of those reasons had been related to just...going on a date, for once, not necessarily the person she was going with. She hadn't magically manifested more than friendly feelings for him in the last twenty-four hours, and to hear him described harshly but realistically only highlighted her reservations. She loved his company, but his image fizzled and faded in any future she imagined.

Ari merely looked down with a little smile in quiet noncommittal assent, not wanting to linger on the topic, encouraged by their movement away from the bright center of the exhibit. Instead she glanced towards him in the intervening moment between her casual question and his response. She blinked, taken aback. How much more forward was he thinking of being? "Mmm," she murmured in response to his list of characteristics, eyes cast left in thought, struck by how they were things that she doubted would make the list of Freya, or Camm, or Jeremy, whose lists probably had something about a level head and advice and fighting. They weren't things that were false, although she thought she was more restricted to art that was written than he might have assumed. Was this the glimpse of who she could have been if she'd gone to Beauxbatons? Ari didn't think she'd have become captivated by DADA if she hadn't been raised by parents who had lived through the First Wizarding War in a country that idolized The Boy Who Lived.

"Oh--" Ari looked back up to catch Prosper's grey eyes, surprised. It was one thing to be told something like that at sixteen, dressed in a formal gown, everyone from multiple schools on display. She'd assumed it was just the kind of thing Beauxbatons boys said, especially to girls they were never going to see again. It was another thing entirely to be told that in plain language by him now, speaking like old acquaintances, both older and him surely more experienced. She'd have to be naive not to still assume he said this to all sorts of women, but her breath still caught in her throat. It wasn't the kind of thing people told her much. Ariana tucked her hair behind her ear, gaze drifting away from the classically handsome young man uncertainly before she caught herself in an avoidance pattern, admonishing herself. Looking back up determinedly, she smiled, holding her voice firm and genuine. "I mean, thank you."

She was thankful that the next statement broke the tension, and laughed out loud, gesturing with her glass to the side and back, as if to the past. "I think we've been there already, if I recall," Ari smiled, deciding to verbalize the thought she'd just had. "I thought maybe that was just the kind of thing French boys said to girls they were never going to see again."
New Player's Guide / Re: Welcome to Magical Hogwarts!
« Last post by Olivia on Yesterday at 07:19:14 PM »
Just yet xDDDD Thanks and I will, thank you. I'm fortunate enough to have a friend that has been playing this game for over a year so she helps me a lot. <3 Also I wouldn't mind connecting with your characters, just bear in mind that I'm quite slow-witted and it will take me time to learn my way around on this website xDDD

You got it - spamming sandboxes and exploiting my characters for connections is one of my favorite pastimes haha. No problem, happy to help!
Judging from the above interaction I'm going to take a wild guess and say it's Lwin?! xD Great!

Don't worry, you'll catch on in no time!! It may seem overwhelming at first, but we've got a great group of people here and we're all about cheering each other on. ;) Also there is absolutely no rush whatsoever in the character-creation process - I've been known to take over 2 years on a sheet oops. >> Write at whatever pace works for you!
New Player's Guide / Re: Welcome to Magical Hogwarts!
« Last post by Rune on Yesterday at 06:47:44 PM »
Hi and welcome, @Rune!! I'm Olivia, one of the admins and head of the Mentor Team. ^^ Like Tye said, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions as you get oriented, or if you'd like to be matched with a mentor for more one-on-one help!
I won't spam your sandbox just yet in case you'd like to save some more space, but you're welcome to connect with any of my characters. :)

Just yet xDDDD Thanks and I will, thank you. I'm fortunate enough to have a friend that has been playing this game for over a year so she helps me a lot. <3 Also I wouldn't mind connecting with your characters, just bear in mind that I'm quite slow-witted and it will take me time to learn my way around on this website xDDD

The Sorting Hat / Re: Sort me!
« Last post by Nour Arundell on Yesterday at 06:34:21 PM »
Character's name: @Nour Arundell
Link to character's EFBs (if applicable): N/A
Does this character have an approved special feature? If so, please link to the application: N/A

London / Re: too late to fixate [darla]
« Last post by Darla Boyd on Yesterday at 04:21:24 PM »
“Listen.” Darla said on a particularly stingy and annoyed voice, as she hit the desk as hard as she could. “For the thousandth time, I am not part of the Wo Shing Wo and this – “ the former Gryffindor pointed towards her Montrose Magpies tee, which had a picture of the most esteemed captain and actual light of Darla’s fangirl eyes, @Circenn Kekoa Teague. “ – is not your wanted Shanghai Tsai.” She felt like exploding; while the healer was generally quite the calm person, right now every nanometer of her patience was being put to the test. “And he’s not even Chinese, and neither am I for that matter. I’m bloody Scottish you darn retard. And you even call yourselves Scotland Yard, for fuck’s sake.” Perhaps that wasn’t the best way to address a muggle police officer, however, this Scottish girl had run out of polite words to say.

To rewind a bit, that day had been a complete disaster. It was Darla’s day off and she had wanted to spend it with Edith, so they would catch up and just have fun together. However, it seemed that her friend had other plans: a Manchester United game was airing, so Darla had found herself forced into a Manchester United hoodie and invited to a pub in the middle of the day, to watch Edith yelling and swearing at a television set. While Darla herself hadn’t initially been into football, spending time with Edith throughout their years at Hogwarts had gotten the Scottish as passionate for football as she was about quidditch, so she perfectly related to Edith’s desire of watching the match with a friend. However, since her maternal family was from Chelsea, Darla rooted for that team, and not Manchester United. But it wasn’t something which Edith will find out anytime soon, or ever for that matter, as Darla planned to hide this fact until she would die. However, she had to admit that part of her wasn’t enjoying per se the fact that she was forced to wear the enemy’s clothes.

In addition to that, Edith seemed to dislike that fact that Darla wasn’t the type to get drunk very easily. Actually, the healer didn’t ever recall to have gotten drunk, no matter how much alcohol she’s had. For that reason, she disapproved of Edith drinking par to her that day, but who was she to deny her friend a little pleasure, especially while Manchester United was dramatically losing the entire season. It would be better, in her opinion, for Edith to drink and just wake up the next day half forgetting that her favourite team was doing so badly.

However, it seemed that Edith had been too lose with her comments regarding the match, as a West Ham fan soon responding to her. Darla had hoped that the others in the pub would notice that her friend was too drunk for her own good and not take her seriously, but she had seemed to have forgotten that football as a very serious issue in both her countries, the United Kingdom and South Korea equally. She could not escape pub fights regarding football no matter where she went, however, Darla had hoped that if a brawl would start, it would be only verbal. Little did she know that the next moment, Edith would hand Darla her wand and punch the male West Ham fan, hitting him right in the jaw. Darla’s own jaw dropped as her eyes widened in shock. “Edith, stop!!!” She yelled as loud as she could, putting her friend’s wand right next to hers in her jeans’  back pocket, and getting up as quickly as possible, to see if she could stop her friend from being beaten to a pulp by angry West Ham fans.

But before Darla could even do anything, Edith was pulled off to the side by an officer, who had been in the pub since the very start. Darla could only assume that he was also a West Ham fan and things wouldn’t be in Edith’s favour. The officer took Edith away, and Darla quickly approached another one of the bunch, and pulled him by the arm, so she would ask what is there to do in such a situation. The police man, obviously a West Ham fan, told her to fuck off and pushed her away while disapprovingly looking at her Manchester United hoodie. Still, Darla insisted and eventually the man told her to come at the station, so she would complete some paperwork for her friend.

And she had done so. As soon as she arrived there and approached the on-duty inspector, Darla had been handed a ridiculously huge amount of forms. Initially, she had found no problem in filling them out, however, upon realising she had to use a pen and write everything manually, the former Gryffindor felt like dying. As she reached the sixth official form to fill, Darla had been so enraged with the useless bureaucracy that she literally felt too hot. She took off her hoodie, revealing her tee with the Montrose Magpies captain on it, which, in combination with her more-ripped-than-actual-jeans jeans and some old vintage boots she had borrowed from her future sister-in-law, gave her possibly not the most trust worthy appearance. In addition to that, her curly hair was all over the place that day, making her entire look even wilder than it already was. However, little did Darla know that her attire and overall appearance would cause issues at the muggle police station.   

As soon as she finished completing the forms, which stated that a generous fee of 300 pounds had to be paid, and that Edith would also have to do a month of part-time community work, Darla stepped towards the inspector’s office. She had all the money prepared as well, and initially thought that the procedure would go on smoothly, and that the inspector would release Edith immediately. But, it seemed that the inspector had wanted to have a chat with her. The man was annoyingly thorough and went through everything Darla completed, asking her quite suspicious things about her job. Naturally, she had lied and said that she was a medic for Doctors without Boarders, a cover up she learned from one of her older brothers, Iain. It had always worked for him, so she found it only normal that it would work for her as well.

However, her attire, her having 300 pounds cash in her wallet like it was nothing, combined with her overall appearance, soon had the inspector questioning if she was indeed a respectable doctor as she claimed. Darla lost it at that point, particularly when the man had asked her about a famous Chinese triad which got fear into all of the muggles of London. Truthfully, Darla didn’t know what offended her more – the fact that she didn’t seem like a doctor when she actually was, or the fact that the officer just assumed she was Chinese just because her Korean features inherited from her mother were more accentuated.  Darla literally facepalmed, not even knowing where to start. Confusing a Korean for a Chinese was literally as bad as confusing a Scottish for an English, a French for a German, a Lithuanian for a Russian. Her rage culminated however when the inspector dragged into the conversation her beloved Montrose Magpies captain.

Eventually, Darla just took the paper out of the inspector’s hands, signed it, and threw the 300 pounds in his face, before grabbing her bag and hoodie and got out of the station. Of course, this all didn’t happen until Darla also yelled out loud in Scottish. “Yer bum’s oot the windae, ye fuckin’ bampot.” Meaning, 'You’re talking rubbish, you unhinged tit'. Thankfully enough, Edith’s act was classified as an offense and not as a crime so, right now, Darla couldn’t even care less if the muggle police started investigating her own person as long as Edith would get out of that darn rat hole muggles prided themselves with. Scotland Yard, what a joke. They brought shame to the proud name of Scotland, those retarded blokes.

Reaching the outdoors, Darla didn’t even feel the cold, despite being just in her very thin t-shirt. She took a deep breath, running both her hands through her hair as she tried to calm down. But she couldn’t; if only Edith hadn’t gone punching that West Ham retard, then Darla herself wouldn’t have been in the situation where her most precious team captain had also been offended. A few minutes later, Edith came out of the station, but just to pass by her. That ungrateful little brat. Darla had the temptation of cursing at her friend, however she noticed Edith didn’t have her glasses on and assumed she just hadn’t been noticed.

“Ye’ve got a face lit a melted welly.” She wasn’t lying, Edith did look miserable. However, Darla hadn’t realised she had still spoken in Scottish. Probably because she was too annoyed at Scotland Yard that her inner Scottish persona just surfaced without her even realising. She approached Edith, pulling her tightly by her wrist, and making her turn around so she would face her. “Listen here, you three year old immature child.” Darla was fuming. Seeing Edith all miserable would’ve been all nice if Darla wouldn’t have known that it was her own friend who got herself into a West Ham pub and started swearing at everyone, later on punching a man. She was guilty and there was absolutely no excuse,

“I paid 300 quid to bail you out and I also signed as a guarantor that you’ll do a part time community service for a month. If you don’t do it, I will set your damn ass on fire myself.” She threated Edith, before letting go of her arm. “I gave them your address, so you’ll receive a notice from the Prosecution, and you’ll not ignore it if you know what’s good for you, young lady.” Darla couldn’t believe that she was literally talking to Edith just as she did with one of the children of the Paediatric Ward whenever they stole candies from her robes’ pockets, thinking that she wouldn’t notice. This day still had so much going on in it, Darla was fuming even at the thought that perhaps her work with the muggle police was not done yet.

“Let’s go.” She gave Edith a nudge on her back. “If I see one more police officer around, I’ll spit them in the face.” Worst part? She wasn’t lying. That’s how much Darla had hated her own experience with the muggles today.
"What can I say, cousin?" Jane smiled. "I'm good at acquiring things." Growing up the way that she had, all too often she had stolen things --food, mostly, though there were times when she had stolen other's possessions to sell for money-- out of sheer necessity. Her mother was sober and more stable, now, and she was thankful for that if only for her little brother's sake. She never wanted him to go through the things that she had endured, and she swore that she would do everything in her power to ensure that he would be spared her pain.

She moved to the bar and poured herself a drink. Working at Ace's as well had improved her bartending skills. The blonde woman took a drink before strolling to a seat in front of Aeric's desk and sitting down. "I've been good." She smiled again and took another drink.

"Working, mostly. Mum's good. She worries too much. What did you tell her?" Aeric worried too much, too. That was his curse, but also his blessing. He was the ideal patriarch for the family, in her mind, in spite of his young age.

"Charlotte's good, too. She graduated from Hogwarts this past summer, and she's going for healer training at Dilys Derwent now. I forget what sort of specialty she said she'd wanted to pursue, but I'm tremendously proud of her."

At the sight of the pouch, Jane's smile widened into a grin. "Thank you. It's always a pleasure doing business with you, cousin." She leaned forward, took it from the desk, and leaned back in her chair as she inspected its contents. It was, indeed, what they had agreed upon.

"Nah, not now. Ryan and I just had a bit of a fight, that's all." She turned a little pink at the memory of how dramatic she'd been about it. "But, thanks anyway. Good looking out."
New Player's Guide / Re: Welcome to Magical Hogwarts!
« Last post by Olivia on Yesterday at 03:18:17 PM »
Hi and welcome, @Rune!! I'm Olivia, one of the admins and head of the Mentor Team. ^^ Like Tye said, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions as you get oriented, or if you'd like to be matched with a mentor for more one-on-one help!
I won't spam your sandbox just yet in case you'd like to save some more space, but you're welcome to connect with any of my characters. :)
Oceania / Re: [melbourne] old sport [hefin]
« Last post by Hefin Howell on Yesterday at 02:33:45 PM »
“Housewife?” Hefin repeated after Zacharias, immediately bursting into laughter. The comparison his friend came up with was much more than just simply amusing, and it reminded the quidditch played how he had missed spending time with his friend. In his opinion, Zach had the talent of permanently having a touch of sarcasm whenever he talked, and it always had the best of effects with Hefin. He really enjoyed the slight dryness in his friend’s words, Hef himself being a very ironic person. However, it’d have been much more opportune to him if, this time, Zacharias took his words a bit more literally. In the end, having him around more often if not always, seemed perfect.

“I don’t know, I mean housewives tend to work and all that boring stuff. You’d be more of a trophy husband than anything else.” The former Hufflepuff winked teasingly in his friend’s direction, before taking a sip out of the cold lemonade. Its bittersweet taste was heaven to him at that point, Hefin not having had anything yet that day, his morning routine having occupied all of his day so far. Thankfully enough, the maids have planned it all well, as the combination of lemonade with fresh fruits was just perfect for him at that point. Hefin placed the glass on the table and took a fork, with which he picked up a freshly cut small piece of watermelon.

He took a small bite, before turning his gaze at his friend and smirking in his direction. Hefin shifted in the armchair, taking a more socially appropriate position, having his back leaned against the cushion as he crossed his legs, gently swaying the one above. Thankfully enough, this time, he had everything private covered up.

Zach’s reaction to his question had been undeniably sweet. While Hefin wouldn’t openly state it to his friend, he really did believe that. His reply however, had been a bit in too much contrast to the previous snort. He tried his best not to laugh as well, however he failed, his own laughter being quite similar to Zacharias’. “You know what though, mate.” He said, between two laughs. “I’d bet you a million galleons that when you’ll get laid, I’d be the very first person you’d tell. Like, not even five minutes after you split ways with your partner, you would undeniably contact me.” He paused for a bit, playfully biting his lower lip. “But alas, now you know so such a bet would be pointless.” He shrugged, finishing up the small piece of fruit in his fork. “Anyway, while you’re here, it’s deffo my mission to get you have a naughty. Get you have a taste of what Australia's made of.”

There was one thing Hefin really did not understand though, which was why Zacharias wasn’t even more popular with women than he was expecting. In the end, he was handsome, attractive, and also very intelligent. Truthfully, Hef was sure that probably half of the female population of the British Ministry was hopelessly in love with Zach, and the issue at hand was that perhaps none of them was actually his friend’s type. That, or he was too focused on not messing up paperwork. Either way, the idea that Zacharias wasn’t successful in his love life simply didn’t click with Hef. He doubted his friend lied about it, but still maybe it was his own choice of being single, rather than the lack of possible partners.

Running a hand through his still damp hair, Hefin placed his fork back on the edge of the silver platter, and let his left elbow rest of on his knee, chin also ending up relaxing on the palm of his hand. “Talking about keeping things private.” Hef started, his tone being a more serious this time around. “You should know that while I have a lot of things planned for us to do, we’ll have paparazzi on our tail all the time.” The part Australian sighed, not really knowing if Zach would particularly enjoy that specific aspect of his visit. While Hefin didn’t want to make his friend uncomfortable while staying there, that was a side of his life he couldn’t control, as much as he would have liked. Paparazzi had always followed him around since he’d been a child, but for someone with perhaps minimal experience with them it could be problematic. Hopefully, Zach won’t be too bothered by that aspect.

It had been quite funny how Zach emphasised on privacy; while Hefin did want to keep his life as secluded as possible, it had never been a possibility for him. Then again, their notions of what privacy meant were very different most likely. For Zach, it could imply that nobody would know anything about him unless he desired to share; for Hef, privacy meant being lucky enough for a newspaper not to publish what he’s had that morning for breakfast. Part of him was slightly jealous of the life Zach had, really.

Hefin let out a deep sigh, realising that this was possibly not the ideal of situations. “I’ll make sure you won’t be bothered by them too much though, you have my word.” He nodded in assurance, hoping that the fellow former Hufflepuff would realise how serious he was regarding the matter. “Anyhow.” Hef continued on a much lighter tone, straightening his back again while snapping his fingers with excitement. It would be a pity to let that issue get to them, as Hefin had planned out this visit's schedule ever since they’d agreed on Zach spending more time in Australia, and had been very detailed about everything he wanted to do with his friend. “I’ll also take you do all the awesome Aussie things. Within the list there's also hugging a kangaroo and surfing. Both of which, I'm sure you'll love.” He let out a soft laugh, picking up the fork again, to have yet another piece of watermelon.

“Also – ” Hefin paused for a second as he took a bite of the watermelon. “ – let me know if you also want to go sailing for a day, I’ll arrange for a very nice boat.”
New Player's Guide / Re: Welcome to Magical Hogwarts!
« Last post by Rune on Yesterday at 02:13:16 PM »
Hi Rune and welcome to Magical Hogwarts!

If you ever need any help with the character creation process feel free to let me know.  I hope you enjoy your time here.

Thank you! I will! ^^
New Player's Guide / Re: Welcome to Magical Hogwarts!
« Last post by Peter Alva Tannenbaum on Yesterday at 01:18:35 PM »
Hi! Nice to meet you guys! You can call me Rune! (=^w^=)/

welcome! hope you'll have a great adventure here.
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