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[EOT] Happy Endings Make Great Beginnings (open)
« on: April 10, 2017, 01:30:59 PM »
The courtyard was abuzz with noise and conversation, as the student body of the Mahoutokoro Institute of Spirits and Magic filled the seats of the numerous tables that had been conjured up for the occasion. In keeping with the feeling of unity that the school had long espoused, the student tables were not divided by House nor by Year; friends across years and mons sat with each other, chatting across the surfaces from each other and including the various yokai, or school ghosts, in their conversations. Several half-visible kami wisped their way through the gathering, the congregation of so many magic users making it easier for them to manifest; others were in Makimono bodies fashioned by Nakajima-sensei and Kikuchi-shokanji, and were being doted on by both younger students and serious summoners. Headmaster Ogami Toshiyuki looked out over the semi-chaotic throng with a pleased look and a contented heart. Such joyful exercise was a true reward for the delightful school year that was just being finished out.

Once he was certain that all students were in attendance, he stood up from his seat on the staff platform. "Silence, please," Ogami held up a hand, and the children all ceased their chatter immediately, looking up at him. "We gather now at this feast to thank one another for another academic year together. I look across all of your faces and cannot help but express my pride at your performances throughout our time here. Once again you have all brought honour to Mahoutokoro and all those who attend, and have attended in the past. None more so than the graduates who are sitting among you for the last time, and I wish us all to applaud their achievements. Mahoutokoro Class of 2001, rise and be recognised by your School." Witches, wizards, and yokai alike cheered and applauded loudly as those who had completed their seventh year stood, some blushing, some bowing, and some grandstanding. Ogami chuckled at this, and then signalled that they should sit again.

"Furthermore, we celebrate those students who have undertaken the Seishin no Mezame. I am now happy to report to you all the names of those students who have passed the test and will be officially recognised as First Rank students when they return this fall."

"Quyền Linh Hyunh Nghia," he intoned. "Rise and be recognised by your House. You are now a student of the first rank, a genbu (black tortoise)." He applauded again with the rest of the faculty and students, and then found his second target.
"Mori Daisuke, rise and be recognised by your House. You are now a student of the first rank, a byakko (white tiger)." As more applause filled the courtyard, he nodded at a helpful yokai who was already pointing and hovering behind the Mizuchi he was looking for.
"Sakamoto Rin, rise and be recongised by your House. You are now a student of the first rank, a seiryu (water dragon)." Many continued to clap, and Ogami let it go on until their hands were sore before proceeding with the final bit of business.

"New first ranks, you will meet me in the Shinseina Pagoda at 11:30 tonight," Ogami went on. He would not say anything else to the assembled student body, though nearly all but the youngest and newest students knew that the selected students would be undergoing a special ritual that would change their uniforms from the light pink of second ranks to the gold of first ranks.

"Now that the exciting news is out of the way, I invite you all to participate in the traditional sharing of food as we celebrate the ascension of these students and the completion of another year at Mahoutokoro. Otsukare sama deshita (Thank you for your hard work)," he spread his arms wide, along with all the faculty, as they conjured the food from the kitchens onto the tables in front of the students. He took his seat again and began pondering what he would like to eat first, confident that all the souls around him would soon be doing the same.
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Re: [EOT] Happy Endings Make Great Beginnings (open)
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2017, 12:24:29 PM »
It was worth applauding the new first ranks, especially since Nyima knew the first three that Headmaster Ogami had announced fairly well - as well as she knew anyone outside of her house and year. Quyền she had known the longest and yet the two had comfortably not shared much with each other. It was more like they were two old souls that simply enjoyed each other's company. Daisuke she had known for a few years now, starting initially as an Ofuda tutor for the Tsuchi boy and then giving him a few pointers for this test. Rin she had just met at the beginning of the year, having been approached by the Mizuchi because Nyima had herself just passed the test, and they had spent much time together over the last eight months working on her presentation and preparation.

As Nyima was wearing her gold robes herself, the pine mon not only on the back but also embroidered on the front, she knew exactly what was going to happen in Sacred Pagoda tonight, but like all the first ranks before her she was sworn to secrecy about the process and would not want to spoil the surprise anyway. The fleeting thought of clueing someone in only occurred because Daisuke was already sitting at the same table as Nyima, and it would be easy to let some little tidbit of information slip. For anyone else, perhaps. Nyima was rigorously controlled and steadfastly relaxed, and while she was not immune to the thoughts, she certainly felt herself immune to the actions.

Grateful to Headmaster Ogami and the rest of the staff, as well as the kitchen elves and yokai who had prepared it, Nyima automatically removed her wrists from the table and folded them in her lap just before the actual End of Term feast was conjured in front of them all. As usual she was awed and delighted by the result of group magic, something Mahoutokoro was known for teaching better than any other wizarding school in the world.

For a quick moment she bowed her head and uttered chamsoe, the Buddhist grace prayer before meals to the Three Jewels. Then she gracefully looked across the table at Daisuke and asked, "May I get you anything, Mori-san?" While she had already spied some of her favourite thukpa, in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition she had been raised in, taking care of the well-being of others was more important than her own. And while she might not be a hostess for this school feast, she was still going to exercise maturity and restraint at the dining table with her fellow students. @Mori Daisuke
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Re: [EOT] Happy Endings Make Great Beginnings (open)
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Daisuke was nervous when he went to the End of Term celebrations. He had taken his first rank test and today was the day when the result would be announced officially. The young Tsuchi hesitantly approached the courtyard, feeling his heart beat quicken while his steps got slower and slower.

He took a seat, feeling like in trance and not even realising who else was sitting at this table. As the headmaster began to speak, Daisuke held his breath for a bit until he gasped. His palms were sweating and his stomach felt weird. The boy applauded when the other students applauded as well, acknowledging the successful graduates. He would soon be a fifth year himself but the end of school seemed still so far away for the boy. Three more years of education and he felt like that wasn't enough to amass all the knowledge he might need in the future.

Again he held his breath when the headmaster spoke bout the first rank test and those who had passed them. He sighed in relief when his name was mentioned and got to his feet, bowing down a little. He felt both excited and proud as well as humble and almost ashamed that he got so much attention at this brief moment. It was flattering and embarrassing to be singled out.

As Rin's name was mentioned, Daisuke sat back down again. He was excited to meet Ogami Toshiyuki in the Shinseina Pagoda at 11:30 pm and wondered what the ritual would be like. The speech was over, Daisuke's cheeks were burning from excitement and he watched with delight as food appeared on the tables. Only now the boy felt able to take a deep breath and try to enjoy the feast. He looked around just in time to realise that he was sitting close to Nyima. A smile spread across the boy's face. He really liked, even admired the older student. Nyima had helped him a lot in the past and his success today was also partly hers.

"Thank you, Nyima-senpai," Daisuke said, blushing even more. "I think I'm still to excited to eat but I'd like to try some thukpa. It looks delicious. May I offer you some rice wine?"