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    Resubmitting app with some added parts ^^

    ~ most species bare their teeth as a threat ~

    Name: Lwineah
    Character name: Ezekiel "Zeke" Rzhevsky
    Feature you are applying for: Unregistered Werewolf

    ~ as a display of aggression, of leadership ~

    The Prey: Ezekiel is a Muggleborn wizard, who in his early years struggled to find his part in society. He always felt out of place, different than others and having bad luck stuck to his feet.

    His older brother Iskandar was their parent's centre of attention which left him feeling lonely and invisible. Like he's not enough. He really wanted to hate his brother for this but Iskandar was the only person that really paid attention to him.  The only person that really cared for him. Iskandar always protected him, played with him, simply always stood by his side, while Zeke followed him around like a lovesick and clumsy puppy. He fancied him, envied how strong he was and crawled into his bed whenever he was haunted by bad dreams. He was a quiet and fragile kid with growing brother complex.

    Then came the letter, throwing this sensitive pipsqueak into a new huge world that had him clinging to Iskandar's side tighter than before. However, he was also hoping. He felt like he got a new chance to find where he belongs and make some friends. His brother's friends weren't the best choice, he found out soon. Eventually though, he managed to find a female and bubbly companion who helped him with studies as much as possible. He was clumsy, shy, his magic was weak, making Zeke struggle in classes greatly. Basically all of his grades were barely average apart from Marine Animals & Forest Beasts, where he always excelled. As if this wasn't already enough for him, his classmates and older students started to pick up on him, tormenting his already grey days. He felt even more out of place and lonely than before. Before he became a stupid wizard. He didn't like this gift at all, he hated it. He hated everything and everyone except Iskandar.

    Then his brother went missing. It was before Zeke's sixth year, when Iskandar graduated and their father took him to a hunting trip. They never returned that Holidays and Ezekiel almost didn't attend another year at school. His grades dropped even lower, the boy was barely hanging in the school. He became more distant and introverted and pushed away everyone who at least tolerated spending time with him. He spoke rudely to anyone who stepped closer than he liked, making others dislike him even more. At least he wasn't bullied anymore, being one of the oldest students in Koldovstoretz at that time. His magic was due to his mental state even weaker than was usual for him which only made the boy want to snap his wand in half and leave. He wanted to forget about ever being magically gifted. He planned to go back to a non-magical life in a non-magical world and live normally after graduating. Muggle life might not have been perfect but it was lot less of a hell for him.

    When Christmas during his seventh year came around though, Zeke was given a miracle. His brother, breathing and alive, showed up at the door of their house. Ezekiel wouldn't ever admit it but he cried, when he saw Iskandar before him. It was one of the best things that ever happened to him. For a while, his world had brightened, became better. But this all came to a stop, when a full moon came around and a horrific creature barged into their house. His mother was killed without mercy that night and Zeke almost ended up the same. If it wasn't for the solid and sharp object his hand brushed against as he was pulled, he might haven't survived. The night was full of moments that were a pure luck on his side which gave him the opportunity to see sun again.

    Zeke was able to escape the creature by using the sharp object, hitting the wolf into head with everything he had. He half-ran and half-crawled into another room and locked himself there and blocked the door with other things. He snuggled into a corner then and waited, weak and wounded. The smell of blood provoked the creature, it banged on the door the whole night, little by little until it was able to get inside. For Zeke it was hell. Longest minutes of his life before, even though it was just a few minutes, the sun slid inside the room and the creature above him started to change and shrink, shape into something else. Someone else. Zeke was terrified before but it was nothing compared to the second he recognized the person. He never felt so hurt and betrayed in his whole life like in that moment. Iskandar had always been his safe heaven, someone he could trust and give his life to. Someone who would never hurt him. In one painful moment everything he believed was shattered to pieces.

    Zeke was shocked to find out his brother did all this to him. He assumed his father probably didn't come back for the same reason. He didn't let the other touch him, didn't want him to, he was terrified of him. His brother seemed to be weak though and Ezekiel found himself standing on his feet and heading for his room to pack his things. He ignored everything else in the house, his stomach doing dangerous flips, and left, despite his wounds and the fact he himself was really weak and exhausted. Of course, it didn't take him long till he blacked out. It was another pure luck on his part that a young healer found him there and treated his wounds. At that time though, Zeke wished to die instead as he found out what had became of him.

    The Wolf: When Zeke was turned, it was a real curse for him at first. He was frightened by the realization that he was going to transform into such rabid animal once a month, every full moon. He was seeing the creature as a monster. He tried to find somewhere to stay, went from city to city, muggle or not, but everywhere he felt like he was being watched. He felt like everyone could tell upon looking at him. Like everyone was judging him. Him, the freak of nature. Zeke desperately tried to find a place to stay. Find himself a job but eventually he was always fired, or he left from fear of really being discovered after a night of full moon, when his jaws got color by red. He also came to despise people a bit for their prejudice against what they feared, which later made him leave the civilization completely. He withdrew into deep forests and stayed there. Alone, he was finally able to focus solely on himself. He was able to calm down and think. He was able to get to know his own being and this curse. His wolf.

    What he hated, he came to love in the end. The bite opened him another way to different corner of this world, where the boy finally found himself. The longer he lived with the wolf the more he became comfortable in his own skin. The more he learned how to coordinate his body and use the abilities, like better senses of the wolf, to his advantage. He came to love the night, when he could transform, and run around the dark forest, no problems on his mind. He came to love nature and wild. He came to understand his wolf, took it as himself.

    Zeke grew stronger and more independent. From a fragile boy became a brave wild man. His hurt turned into bitterness, loneliness and the feeling of betrayal into anger. He spent out of cities years before he was driven away by Werewolf hunter that found him. He came back to civilization but has a hard time blending in. Sometimes, when he's not careful he acts more as an animal rather than wizard.

    He doesn't know how to act, when he talks to people, and to say the truth he would rather not to have to talk to them. He's still very reserved and quiet. He doesn't trust people. Being himself, not taming his wolf, being free doesn't mean he's a monster like many believe. Previous experience proved him that majority say about Werewolves to be dangerous bloodthirsty things that are too dangerous or not as high standing as others. He got to feel what fear of Werewolves in people can do to his kind. He got burnt and learned not to get close to the fire. Despite holding back, keeping himself isolated, Zeke is still, just as wolves are, sociable creature that likes the presence of others. He wants friends and physical contact, he's quite needy and hungry for it, had always been.

    Sadly, Zeke is also easily hurt, which usually makes him bare his teeth instead of trying to act civilized which burns down any possible opportunities on making friends. He has serious problems with anger. Those bottled up feelings from years, hurt, unfairness with which he met as werewolf had made him not only bitter but also moody and quite aggressive. He is led by his primary instincts, survival ones, that tell him to fight or attack where's a threat. He puts his everything into what he does, never does anything half-assed but leaves what doesn't have any purpose. He is very judging, quick to jump into conclusions, and serious. His humor is quite morbid and dark, if it could even be called like that. A smile is rather rare thing for the Werewolf.

    Zeke has strong sense of loyalty and sticks to people he cares about and trusts. He would give up his life for them, to protect theirs. Even if he's hurt by a person he cares about, he can't help but still feel responsible for their safety and wouldn't be able to hurt them any seriously. His wolf is very moody just as Zeke himself is. Black fur, smaller but sturdy body that gives advantage in speed, sharp canines and claws. Eyes burning ember with flecks of blue that show a humane intelligence. He has a great memory for scents. Some provoke the animal, bring out the beast, some though can make the wolf act calm, a bit domestically. The wolf respects familiar scents as it knows they don't mean harm. Being around though, is still like walking on a minefield. One wrong or suspicious move and it ends.

    ~ it is a reminder that these clenched jaws ~

    After my last application, I though the next time I would sent one will be for the same character, Zeus Tolyniev, and his deformed curse with some edits I needed to do. Instead I ended up going for an “ordinary” werewolf with a completely different nature, in their core. As far as I can compare these two, the only thing they share is that these two men are both Russian and have some wolfish characteristic features.

    Ezekiel is a Werewolf who embraces his wolf, while Zeus was supposed to fear it and fight it. He was supposed to suffer and live in concern of him hurting the people he loves. But as I sat down to edit his application I somehow couldn't bring myself to do it. I felt like something wasn't right there. I didn't have a single good idea how to fit his differences into werewolf's body so it wouldn't be too abnormal and non-werewolf. How to explain why I didn't want a normal werewolf. I even considered just making him without any deformations few times but it went nowhere, it didn't seem right and I was stuck either way. I couldn't put the finger on it though. Why?

    Then I started brainstorming on Ezekiel. I just wanted to know a bit more about him, he had been lying in my sandbox for a while. I can still remember how he suddenly jumped out of bush at me, totally out of nowhere, as a black rabid wolf. Then I read this fanfiction about a boy, a guy who lived in wild from his birth and didn't know how to act human, and somehow this clicked with Zeke's character. That was my primary image of him, a raw idea.

    Then Katya wrote me about plots for Iskandar, asking about Zeus. Sadly, I didn't really have any ideas plus Zeus was supposed to be bitten by his mother not an unknown werewolf. I decided to offer Zeke, and somehow those two ended up becoming brothers. It was the breaking point for Ezekiel because suddenly the whole history and his character and why he is how he is started making sense to me. He grew in front of my eyes, so I focused on him and decided to make application for him first, putting Zeus aside for a while.

    When I started working on the app I came to a realization about Zeus that made me see what it was that seemed so wrong about him and why I couldn't get any ideas on him. I realized I was trying to fit Zeus into something he wasn't. I simply took the black veins and his other differences, that are what he is, and tried to fit him into a wolf's coat. A wolf's coat that belongs to someone else, precisely Ezekiel Rzhevsky. I was really surprised by how easily Zeke and his feature came to me, how perfectly he fitted the image of werewolf and how quickly he developed. Most importantly, how comfortable I felt about writing all of this. I didn't have to sit and think for hours about how to fit him into this, how to write his application and what to say - until I got a headache from it and done just a one crappy paragraph. With Zeke I sat down and simply wrote, it all came to me as my fingers ran over the keyboard. I gave up trying to force Zeus into something else and dropped the idea of him being werewolf, putting him aside to figure out what the hell he really is. And I finally gave all my attention to Zeke and this application.

    The Change:  Becoming werewolf allowed Zeke many things. He found his freedom and started getting to know himself. This allowed him to grow. To become strong and confident. To become his own person that doesn't have to depend on his big brother in everything. To have his eyes opened with harsh reality of having to fight for everything. Of having to live his own life not his brother's. Of having to stop pitying himself and whine and hate all useless detail instead of the real threat. Stop being a crybaby and trying to make himself his own grave. It allowed him to see what he wants from life, what's really important and what not. The bite made from a fragile and weak boy that was scared of the big world out there, a samurai. Not a soldier that listens to orders, but an independent warrior of honor.

    All I can say is that everyone has a way of getting to know themselves. Everyone has a way of learning and growing. Everyone has a way of searching for the things they want from life, where they want to go, what do they strive for, how they'll cope with what the future offers them to their content and how they'll use mistakes and dark moments to become even stronger and most importantly...happy. How they'll learn from bad experiences? The bite was a start of this.

    Being a werewolf is Zeke's path of finding and learning that keeps his eyes open to reality.

    The Wolf-qualities: In a lot of ways, becoming a werewolf changed Zeke's nature but there are certain things that were present even before, even if subtly, that helped the man become so at peace with his inner beast. Zeke had always been a social person at the core despite his introverted nature, someone who craves affection, unlike Zeus who is very introverted and more of a loner. Wolves have the need for company and being a part of their society or hierarchy which is written in their genes, and Ezekiel is the same. Despite all of his bitterness he craves the attention and feels the need to belong somewhere. His heart is more passionate than Zeus overall is as well. For a wolf or werewolf that's again more fitting.

    He is naturally wild, possessive, protective and doesn't like people touching the things he counts as his. He acts very territorial, if someone endangers his belongings or space...and this goes even without the  effects of Werewolf curse, God-forbid, if someone tried to hurt person he is close with and considers friend or family. Zeus was a soft persona at the core, more stable and sophisticated, which didn't really fit to the lycanthrophy image either despite his anger problems. Zeke on the other side is more rough around the edges and naturalistic. His way of seeing the world is pessimistic, darker, exactly like I would imagine a 45 years old werewolf who's scarred by past bad experiences to approach his life and surroundings. His, let's say pure nature, makes him see many things differently than other people do...and value especially bonds, trust and physical closeness. He expresses himself through his body, definitely isn't a logical and wise person like Zeus was again inclined to be, although when it comes to his brain and battle strategy or survival instincts he definitely is anything but dumb. Over the years spent in wild he managed to get hold on his intuition and instincts, as well as learned how it feels to be free. He got accustomed to the feeling of freedom, had always craved to be...wolves might be a social creatures but they are still very strong and independent and need their space. They are not to be tamed as taking away their freedom can make them rabid. Zeke is exactly like this. He is independent and very powerful, however, at the core the man feels the need to find just the right person he could trust and submit to. Zeke doesn't respect anyone and doesn't bow to anyone who he doesn't trust but that doesn't change the fact he isn't a naturally born leader but more of a follower. A Beta. He needs both comfort and leader but one who will not try to control him.

    Coming to London will make Zeke more cautious, as he knows too well the discrimination that goes around about Werewolves, especially Muggleborn Werewolf. He hates only the simplest thought of having to register somewhere like some kind of criminal so he'll have to learn quickly how to blend in, if he doesn't want to uncover himself. He will grow to be more worried about his safety and second guess a lot of things before jumping into them, which could be in a way really good for him...but the man will still remain the rough ball of wild fur and teeth at the core and especially in place he doesn't have to hide who he is. If Zeke end ups making friends, he's gonna learn what it means to feel protective and worried about them, or hurting them, or the feeling of loyalty which every wolf has in their bones.

    The Damage: Being a Lycanthrope had always meant problems and damage to a certain level no matter how much the person embraced his inner beast. Zeke isn't any exception, what more, in some ways he is very possibly damaged and broken beyond repair, however, only time will show. The transformation itself is a process that greatly exhausts his body and health no matter how much he loves the night of the full moon. Zeke is more prone to catch an illnesses, although his ability to regenerate is faster and stronger. A simple thing like cold is able to make unable to function for several days, if he doesn't get a treatment soon enough. He is already hard to be around normally, but ill Zeke is a huge pain in the ass, especially since he tends to drive himself until the point of exhaustion, and even then he still claims he's absolutely fine. He also gets feelings of nausea just before the full moon and quite frequently, especially if he feels emotionally unstable or someone managed to tick him off. He has a bit of problems with his back which is both connected to the transformation, the toll it's taking on his body, and his natural aging and is the reason why he exercises so much. There are of course his scars. Zeke's body never healed from the wounds inflicted on him that time, when Iskandar attacked him. He has multiple bite marks and some marks after claws as well that were treated but not soon enough to heal perfectly. He's not only self-conscious over his body due to that but these scars tend to ache and itch from time to time, sometimes they even hurt a bit. Zeke also tends to fall tired after a few days of regenerating from his last transformation. He's usually very weak and sick right after the night of full moon for about two or three days and often ends up wounded and bruised and has to seek out a healer, upon returning to the city. Recently he had been also taking some potions before and after his transformation to ease a bit of the pain he feels, if nothing else. Of course, the negative effects don't involve only his physical side but the mental as well. Trust issues, emotional explosions, nightmares are a daily part of Zeke's life, despite that he wouldn't change who he is.

    ~ can and will open your yielding throat ~

    General plot: Is about Zeke and how he will continue to grow. How he copes with being back in cities, having job and the need to talk to others. It's about him learning again what it means to act as human but don't loose himself. It's about him trying to blend back in, find a life. He isolated himself to grow up, get his own person together, now he needs to start making the life he never had before. Friends, maybe some old familiar faces, and a partner, having the chance to finally explore his desires. I’m eager to see how he will cope with his hate towards wizards and learning manners along the way so he wouldn't be suspicious to the outer world. Healing his lonely and dried out heart. I feel that this offers many kinds of potential plots and threads with various characters and situations. I want to start with Zeke almost from the beginning, few months after he started living in London. Freshly after he worked out the contract with the Ministry and found a tiny place to live in so he wouldn't have to sleep homeless on streets.
    Iskandar Rzhevsky: Will try to search for his brother and that will have him come near the London. During the full moon he will come across his younger brother in his wolf form but they will not recognize each other. Because Iskandar will be on Zeke's "territory" and the other will feel threatened, he will attack Iskandar. They are going to fight, both will live and one of them is going to win, both injured badly after. Later, Iskandar will find his brother and upon their first bump-into-each-other they will recognize the other's scent which will result in Ezekiel being angry and hurt once again (probably throwing a fit), bringing out the pain from years ago. Iskandar won't give up on this, trying to make his brother trust him again. He will hung around him, making the other only annoyed at first. The future where this develops is uncertain but I'm pretty sure it's gonna involve this special feature and bits of it rather often.
    Dante Boscono: Is a Healer at St. Mungo's. He works with creature induced injuries and is gonna meet Zeke after he comes to the hospital to treat his wounds which he got during the full moon. Dante will bump into Zeke after a while again, as he gets injured during the full moon pretty often, and eventually figures out who Ezekiel really is. He's not gonna tell anyone though and that will make the Werewolf trust him and open up to him a bit. Those two will probably become friends. There's a one more plot for later, when Zeke gets into fight with his brother Iskandar in his wolf form, he will try to apparate to his apartment but injured and weak ends up somewhere unknown. By a lucky coincidence he will end up at the door of Dante himself who will take him in and treat him.
    Niska Zukov: Will definitely know about Zeke being a werewolf. Niska is the one who took him under his wing and is going to help him with blending in. He is a strong fighter, able to handle Zeke, when the wolf flips and have enough patience to cope with the stubborn wizard. He probably helped him with searching for a job or what he could look for in the first place, so it would fit his persona and his abilities. He will teach him how to act like a human not a wolf, put a bit of social sense into his head. Possibly teach him better English since Zeke's ability to use languages has turned pretty imperfect over the years of living in wild. There is a lot of possibilities of what could happen during his time with Niska as well, considering this special feature.
    Medusa: Lives on an island alone. During his first years in wild Zeke traveled a lot and was able to visit the island and meet Medusa. Since she isn't completely human he feels closer to her and is going to come back to the island to visit her. He will probably tell her about being a werewolf willingly, maybe even show her what he can do without the full moon. And who knows, he might visit her more times than once. 
    Ashley Morigan: Is a Vampire hunter just as Zeke is. They will work together on hunting them and along the way will become friends. Zeke is going to develop a strong feelings of friendship towards him, trusting Ashley. Eventually though, Ash is going to find out about Zeke being Werewolf which will make Ashley hate him and Zeke feel betrayed and angry once again. Ashley is probably going to try to kill Zeke eventually. That only makes questions like 'will they ever be friends again' arise and another plots will have to find answers for it, which will definitely involve Zeke's wolf side as well.

    ~ and i want you to think of this the next time i smile ~

    A loud thwack predicted the arrival of a bloody clothed man. An elegant robe, falling from his shoulders was covering majority of his body, revealing only dark jeans that hugged his legs. He was barefoot and his face was hidden under cowl. The man slowly started to walk down the meadow, nearing a forest that towed far away from where his eyes could see.

    Zeke stopped before entering the woods and sat down, pulling the cowl away. He looked up and just watched the sky for a while as the sun that was slowly lowering, colored horizon to shades of red and orange. The left corner of his mouth lifted up slightly for a quick second. It was a beautiful view.

    He leaned against a tree, blue eyes trained upwards, while his fingers ran over the grass. He took a long deep breath, enjoying the fresh air and the sound of birds singing. Those were one of the many things he missed since he started living in city. Also the smell of needles or flowers. They were things that were really rare in London. Smog and other foul smells only killed his nose. On the other side, if he wanted to go back to living in wild he could. Only, he didn't want to. He wanted to have a life, wanted to know how does it feel to live like others. Maybe then, if he'll see it’s not for him he'll leave. But he wanted to know what he already forgot and what others had on daily basis.

    Tonight though, he was going to be all by himself. Will be himself. He could feel how his wolf was restless. How much the animal, the beast wanted to get out. He couldn't wait either even though he never knew what he did during the full moon. But the feeling of running through the forest, the light of the moon, always came back to him in dreams. He called them memories. Fragments.

    Zeke didn't wait until the sun disappeared, leaving the earth in the clutches of night. He wasn't able to sit there for so long. He slid off his robe and jeans, leaving his skin bared. He folded his clothes into a pile and placed it beside one of the trees. Kneeling, he then gave one last look to the aggressively colored horizon before he ordered his body to move. He leaped from the ground in a one swift movement, feet digging into the dirt, and he was disappearing in the forest's depth.

    As he ran, the trees around were only dark shadows to him. They were passing him every second like a neverending crowd of spectators. He zigzagged between the tree thunks with ease, used to the feeling of sharp things hitting his bare feet. Used to the sting, if a thin branch slashed his skin. He ignored it, it wasn't a pain worth attention. Instead he focused on the feeling of freedom as he ran. The wind against his bare skin that made his heart flutter in happiness. He got to feel it much less than before and he missed it. He missed running miles of wild nature, race against the wind, fight against a fiery river. That was a real feeling. That was a real ecstasy, something that the people in cities were robbed off. He pitied them for it. For being so blind. They weren't able to see what they had right under their noses. But people were blind to many other things. Led by fear.

    Ezekiel stopped.

    He looked up to the sky that was now almost dark. He looked around, breathing wildly, everywhere only trees. He could feel sweat trickling down his back as he continued deeper into the forest, now simply walking.

    The dark came soon, the moon as well and Zeke found himself scratching the bite mark on his left peck that started to itch. It was all going fast. His body was buzzing and heating up. Zeke closed his eyes to focus on the feeling. The heat slowly increased and soon his muscles started to burn. He could feel the light of the moon on his skin.

    He growled, feeling the strong pull inside his gut that was telling him the transformation was starting. A second later his eyes opened, revealing a bright ember orbs that hungrily stared at the white planet on the sky, asking for more. He groaned as he felt his teeth growing into sharp canines. He opened his mouth to take in the scents surrounding him better. He inhaled sharply, when he heard the first disgusting cracks, followed by a sharp pain. The man cried out. His mouth soon turned into muzzle, limbs shaping and lengthening. All along the man sniffed in pain, black fur sprouting from his bare back. Suddenly, his neck snapped sharply to the side in a unnatural way, a loud crack echoing. There was a long terrifying silence.

    Then a howl cut the stillness open.

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    Name: Michael

    Character name: Mihkkal Huuskonen

    Feature you are applying for: Discipulus Hor

    Description of the character: Mihkkal is a member of a village of Sami wizards and elementals who live in the Sami Domicile Area in Northern Finland. His family have been herding reindeer for many years and have one of the largest herds in Scandinavia. In addition to their successes as reindeer herdsmen, Mihkkal’s father has served as a member of the village’s leadership council due to his status as an elemental. A lot of Mihkkal’s life so far has been dedicated to learning about, helping out with, and protecting the family assets, reindeer. The village that Mihkkal and his family live in was founded by a group of travelling elementals and wizards several hundred years ago.

    Mihkkal showed signs of elemental magic at an early age. The normal course of action for elemental children is that they are removed from their families and placed under the care of one of the elemental families in the village to be instructed in elemental magic and raised as leaders of their home. While his father is one of these elementals in a leadership position, his mother was afraid to have her son denied the opportunity to receive a standard magical education and began influencing his father to lie and hide Mihkkal’s elemental magic so that he could attend Koldo with the other children of the village. In an effort to appease Mihkkal’s mother, his father took to the books and did some research, finding a suppression rune that could be used to hide his powers from others in the village but would also prevent him from using or showing his powers as well. Turning the rune into a necklace, Mihkkal’s parents impressed on him the importance of wearing it on a regular basis. The rune, plus making sure that Mihkkal knew to avoid situations in which his elemental magic could manifest, his parents suppressed the signs of elemental magic until his 11th birthday when he was able to receive admission to Koldo. Koldo was Mihkkal’s first exposure to the wider wizarding world. The people in his village dealt almost exclusively with each other, providing the things that each other needed in their community. Being relatively sheltered through the younger part of his life compared to many of his classmates made his first year or two seem rather awkward while he tried to figure out what was going on in a non-communal society and had to do his best to learn Russian.

    Life in the high arctic has helped breed elements of a hard nature into Mihkkal. He is calculating, practical, logical in the ways he approaches problems, because where he comes from, indecision and foolishness can cost one their life. The boy’s hard nature and cold exterior are just a consequence of his work. When with his family or those from his village, the young Sami is a very enjoyable person to be around. He cares deeply for the bonds of village and community, especially guarding the culture of the Sami people. The one area of his life that is somewhat different from a normal Hor elemental is that Mihkkal is prone to lust or jealousy. This is the one emotion that gets the best of him. Having had little by way of leisure time or items during his early childhood, the boy’s eyes were opened upon his arrival at Koldo. He does his best to keep his jealousy and lust under wraps, but isn’t always able.

    Now that he has attained admission to, and has begun his studies at, Koldo; instead of hiding his elemental nature to avoid drawing attention to something people don't know anything about and exposing the elemental order, Mihkkal does his best to hide his elemental nature to prevent being found out by the leaders of the village. If they found out that his parents had purposely kept his elemental powers a secret, they could be in serious trouble.


    I have been on MH for many years now and my first character, Kyle Gibbes, eventually retconned from his humble Hufflepuff background to an Madin elemental. Apart from Kyle, I have never had a character with an SF and had never really considered the option of creating a character dependent on the SF for their character. Mihkkal is somewhat different. Mihkkal snuck into my head as I was working on Mattias and noticed the need for more Koldo students. Jared had Volya at Koldo and I thought it would be an interesting dynamic to see a student master relationship actually play out as opposed to the so often done NPC for elemental training or students getting together and helping each other. That being the case, originally I saw Mihkkal as more of a nomadic / gypsy character background, but as I did some more research I found a lot of information about reindeer herding and the Sami people of Scandinavia. Fascinated by them and the prospect of a more rural character, I kept reading and researching and as I did, Mihkkal grew into a more defined being in my mind.

    Mihkkal is different from most played elementals on the site as he was born an elemental and identified by his parents as such before ever leaving for school. The dynamic of a village with an elemental caste came about after talking more with Samm about some possible plots. Working a little bit on the background, I developed the idea a little more and came up with the village of Karkvikog; a village founded by wizards and elementals working together with a somewhat ambiguous past shrouded in legend passed down orally. Key to his development will be the idea of having kept his elemental nature under wraps through his childhood and into his time at Koldo. He is incredibly secretive to avoid the chance anyone from home could find out he is an elemental and the leadership of the village retaliate against his family for hiding him.

    Mihkkal is also somewhat advanced in the theoretical stages of his elemental knowledge. He has a vast understanding of how things work, at least from the tradition used to train in the village. Because the village is not quite council, they have not adapted in the same ways the council has. Some of the magic used is slightly different and Mihkkal had no understanding of Gaelic at all. However, seeing his father and some of the others in the village use elemental magic, Mihkkal knows the incantations and the basics of how to manipulate water. This makes him more receptive to the training and he is able to pick up on things faster as a result. As of now, he is at a fourth year level in spells, about a half year ahead; and is able to hold the basics of a morph. He will undergo his initialization during his third year which I hope to play out.
    Other than that I would like to thank everyone for the help and willingness to plot and thread with Mihkkal. I know that there are not a lot of future plots listed out, but there are some very in depth plots that will play off the village idea and the opportunity to have more elemental threads with council connections and school will open plenty of new ideas once the young lad has moved outside his comfort zone of sheltered life in Karkvikog.

    Future plots:

    I have talked with Jared and his elemental Volya will have been the one who “discovered” Mihkkal. Mihkkal knows what being an elemental would mean if the village found out he was one so he has worked with Volya to keep everything done for training done at school. We have talked about doing training threads around the school from time to time.

    A big part of any elemental’s life and development is their initialization. Since Mihkkal is somewhat hidden from the people of his village, this is an even more interesting piece. In the village, the Initialization, or Vuoch'chân ceremony is a culminating event for an elemental. Family is invited, friends are there and it is a full coming of age party. The village truly sees you as a member of the community at this point. Mihkkal’s rune necklace and family protection has prevented the village from finding out about him. While his parents have explained why nobody can know he is an elemental at home, as he gets closer to his initialization in the elemental order, Mihkkal starts to want to be honest with himself and his village. His initialization ceremony will be done in secret as a protection to him and his family but Mihkkal is also going to end up letting his secret slip to one or two of his closest friends, not being able to deal with the internal struggle of hiding it from everyone anymore.

    One of the people that Mihkkal tells about his secret will be Konrad Lidström. Konrad has a protectors mentality that will help Mihkkal feel safe about his secret being in his hands. In a way, Konrad will take on the role of a big brother for Mihkkal as he is away from family and no one back at home outside his family even knows the real him. Konrad and Mihkkal will be a close pair from the time around his initialization until after Konrad leaves school.

    Dylan ’s Kanat and Mihkkal will have run into each other at the council in Mihkkal’s history. This will have been an opportunity for him to learn about other magical schools since he doesn’t know much about the magical world besides his little village. After getting along favorably, Mihkkal handled the Durmstrang merge better than many of his classmates from Koldo. Now Kanat and Mihkkal continue to thread at the council from time to time for extra training and general life as an elemental advice.

    And here is the big one. Samm's WIP Ramazan was important in the founding of Mihkkal’s village of Karkvikog. During the founding, the people of the village made a deal with Ramazan, who the villagers now know as The Founder, that they would isolate the children with elemental powers to train them to lead the village and instruct them in the elemental magics as children. This deal was all fine and well as long as there were no more than 5 elementals in a generation. After the 5th one, Ramazan was entitled to return to the village and collect any additional children to train on his own. Mihkkal’s parents didn’t really believe the legend anymore as no particular generation had had 5 elementals in it so they decided to hide his magic so that he could get a Koldo life. As a result, Ramazan is going to find out that there is a 6th in the generation and end up coming to collect him. There will be a fight and ultimately much of the village will be killed off / have its Madin protection removed.

    After learning more about the deal that exists between The Founder and the village, and finding out that it is real, Mihkkal is going to spend quite a bit of time scouring the library. During this time, he will work with his friends who know about his elementalism to help search more books, believing that time is of the essence. His secrecy will likely draw the attention of professors and staff, but with the danger that his home is in, the only person he can trust is Volya. In addition to research threads, Mihkkal will relay his concerns with Volya and will discuss going back, revealing himself to the village, and what he can do to prevent anything too damning happening with Ramazan.

    RP sample using the feature:

    Mihkkal  was exhausted, physically and mentally from last term. His elemental training was now in its third and arguably most difficult year, and his course work was picking up. It was sheer willpower that had gotten the young Sami through the last few weeks and into winter break. The break could not have come at a better time, and yet, winter break didn’t mean the same thing to Mihkkal  and his family as it did to most others. To Mihkkal , winter was the most dangerous time of year for his family and their prized herd of reindeer, the family livelihood. Living as far north as they did, Muggle related accidents were uncommon, but predatory, drowning, and freezing accidents were far too common. As such, Mihkkal  and his family spent as many hours a day as was safe outside with their herd, ensuring they had access to fresh, unfrozen water and a plentiful supply of hay to keep them fed.

    Three days into his “holiday” Mihkkal  woke and began his ritual of preparing for work in the frozen north. Fastening his gákti, Mihkkal  checked his pocket to ensure a few rune stones were still present. The young man cradled the Lapis Lazuli in his hand before dropping it back into his pocket and heading to the door of his cabin. Stepping into the bitter high arctic winter snow and winds, Mihkkal began his rounds as quickly as the weather would allow.

    The first paddock was only a few hundred yards from the cabin, but in this weather, it was a struggle not only to reach it but even to see inside once there. Hopping the fence  Mihkkal  moved to the central structure that provided shelter to the reindeer in the harsh conditions. Once under the semi shelter, Mihkkal  pulled down some hay and checked the water trough. Realizing it was nearly bone dry, the young man removed a glove and reached into his pocket for one of the small blue runes. His family had practiced water manipulation, and even some base forms of elemental magic for years, but now that he had been identified as a true elemental, Professor Nikolov insisted that he use his magic properly. Focusing on the trough full of warm, drinkable water, Mihkkal  uttered the incantation “Hor Maximo” and immediately watched as trough filled itself. Tossing the dust from the expended rune aside, Mihkkal  gloved back up and made his way to the next paddock.

    During the summer, the second paddock was his favorite. It bordered the river and was far enough from the cabin that it was hard to keep a careful eye from the porch and yard area. During the winter, however, the river provided an extra enemy. Predatory wolves and lynx were common enough through the winter, but the frozen river would annually claim several head of reindeer if not carefully monitored. As Mihkkal  approached he could already tell what was going on. The wooden post of the fence had been knocked off its fastening by one of the bull calves. Quickly retying the fastening with the bailers twine he had stashed in a tree stand nearby, Mihkkal  began the search for the missing calf. Moving towards the river, the search took next to no time for as soon as he reached the bank, Mihkkal  saw the young reindeer near the middle of the river, one foot stuck in a hole of ice, probably his own making. Taking a tentative step towards the calf to test the river, Mihkkal  found a path that led him to within a few feet of the injured calf, but he could go no further for fear of dropping both of them into the frozen water.

    After a few moments thought, a crazy idea came to him. The calf was only a few feet away and he still had a few runes. The last spell hadn’t taken much out of the boy, so grabbing a second stone, Mihkkal  concentrated on the new spell Professor Nikolov had been teaching him. The water whip would allow Mihkkal  to wrap around the calf and, hopefully, jostle it out of the ice and to safety. Focusing on a steady stream of water, the incantation “Hor Cubo” was barely audible of the wind. The whip of water that appeared almost instantly was now under Mihkkal ’s control. Easing it around the calf, Mihkkal  pulled gently on it, loosening the hold the ice had on the calf’s hoof. After a few more pulls, Mihkkal  was able to pull the calf free and began moving back to the paddock. He still had a lot of work ahead of him, but at least this young bull would be safe tonight.
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