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I was born to shine, I was born for this, I do what it takes | Ren
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Keiji woke up to a high-pitched screaming of his alarm. The man rolled over in his bed with a loud groan, blinking. He squinted at his night table, searching for his wand, barely awake. He then murmured a silencing charm to shut the hysterical thing up because it was starting to give him a headache. He fell back onto the pillow in relief once the piercing sound stopped and the room sank back to a pleasant silence. He really needed to find clock which would play a piano ballad to him or something, he was too old for hearing this first thing in the morning. In that moment Keiji really just wanted to crawl under the covers, curl there and go to sleep again. He wanted to but couldn't, work was calling. He needed to get there, he needed to be able to pay the bills for everything, plus he would go crazy, if he stayed at home the whole day. With a sigh Keiji opened his eyes again and yawned, stretching on his bed like a cat. He rolled over again and slowly sat up, running a hand through his messy black hair. Standing, he then padded to a bathroom to run through a shower, brush his teeth and shave. He found himself staring at his face as he cleaned his chin from any facial hair that had peaked out during the last few days. He stared at the blue ring around his left pupil that didn't have a twin on his right eye. He used to put covering spells on it despite Kozume complaining about it all the time but after his death...he just didn't have the strength to hide this anymore. Some people stared, it was unusual, especially here in Japan where basically everyone had none other but brown eyes. Keiji knew it was because of his father, a lot of things in his life were influenced by him despite the fact he was never present. All Keiji knew, all his mom ever told him was that his father was cursed, that's why he didn't stay, came from Russia and his name was Iskandar. She never allowed him to know more and Keiji never thought of reading the letters she exchanged with him. He was probably scared to. He was scared of knowing more about his dad, that Iskandar. Still, he asked this question every morning he saw the blue circle around his left pupil...who was this man? What was so special about him? Why had he never written to him instead of mom? Could he not know about him? Had his mom never told him about his son? If she didn't, then why?

Keiji looked away with a gulp, pushing all those questions away just like he did every single morning. He picked up his wedding ring, sliding it onto his had been only few months but for Keiji it had already became a habit wearing it. He knew that now that Kozume wasn't here he could just leave the finger without it but...he couldn't. Too early to do that, he wanted to remember. He never thought life would strip him of the things he cared for the most so quickly, so mercilessly. What more, his mother was next. She tried to pretend in front of him that she was feeling better but the medical files showed something else. Doctors were giving her two years and few months. Not much time left and Keiji was trying, really trying, to come to terms with this. He knew he couldn't change what was bound to happen...but he still wished for a different reality, despite knowing the truth. Another person would leave him in such a short time, he wasn't sure he could take that. He was awfully depended on Ryou after the accident and felt guilty for that. Ryou had his life, his wife and affairs, his band and carrier, he didn't need his friend and ex in one person to baby-sit. Yet he couldn't help to seek out the other's company, it felt less empty with him in the room. Less dull.

Keiji washed his face and dried it before walking back to his bedroom to dress. He checked the time, relieved when he noted he still had enough time to prepare breakfast and that's also where his steps headed next. He made his mom's favorite food, quickly eating it off his plate, then heating up the other portion to make sure it was warm enough. He came to knock on a door on the other side of his house and waited for her tired 'come in'. He smiled warmly at her, when he saw her tired grin. She tried so much to look okay for him, he just wanted to cry and tell her it's okay to stop pretending sometimes, that it was okay to not to be okay. He hasn't told her that because he knew she wouldn't do that, she wanted to remain strong in his eyes. So Keiji just greeted his mom with a kiss on her forehead, then helped her sit up and gave her breakfast. They talked briefly but mostly she just stayed quiet and focused on her food. Keiji took the plate once it was empty, pleased that she ate everything and went to wash it back into his kitchen before coming back to her. "Did you take your pills mom?" He asked, she nodded so Keiji let it be. He went to open a window to let some fresh air inside the room and then checked her bed, if everything was clean and she wasn't sweaty or too hot. He kissed her forehead again after that, "I'll take you on a walk once I'll come back from work, mom." He promised her, happy to see her smile before he left the room, closing the door after himself. He took his bag and case with violin that needed a new string and left the house for work.

He got there in time and changed into the waiter's uniform, initiating a small talk with one of his co-workers before his shift started. It wasn't really an adventurous job and sometimes it was pretty boring but working in restaurant was better than working in dusty shop with potion ingredients. Plus Keiji was aspiring to try and climb higher eventually, he wanted to try his hand in the kitchen...not just serve people but cook the food he gave them nowadays. Apart from music, food had been one of his passions sice he was small...well he loved to eat since he was a toddler but cooking grew onto him a bit later. He always wanted to try his hand in a professional kitchen, he bet it would be amazing as well as hard. One of the cooks was his good friend, not really that close but Keiji liked to hang out with him, it was fun. He had a few breaks during the day before his shift came to an end and he was free to go. He changed swiftly back into his clothes...but instead of heading home, he headed for the tiny music shop that was in this village to buy the string he needed. The shop keeper already knew him well and greeted Keiji with warm smile as he entered the small room. The man looked around the instruments that were all around him, his smile growing bigger and he padded to counter to ask for what he needed. His puchase was quickly done but he found himself talking with the shop keeper for a little while. There weren't may people in his love that were so into music like him with whom he could talk, knowing they would understand the happy glint in his eyes, or that would have the patience to listen to him for hours, on and on, as he told them about this new idea he had or new type of guitar he so wanted to get for himself, or to spent their free time listening to him singing or playing on drums, piano, whatever he at the moment felt like. It was Ryou who was like that as he was the same maniac as Keiji and this man, the owner of this small shop, although he could basically only speak with him. They didn't really know each other that well, Keiji played him on guitar once but that was about it. Yeah. Keiji tried out the new string as he attached it to the violin, pulling out some of his songs he was working on or songs that were already out there in the world. He always brought these things with case a bit of muse came.

The artist took his leave eventually, stopping on the way out to admire few things, the case with violin tugged under his arm, notes and papers in his hands. He probably should have hide them because in the moment he was about to leave the shop, the door flew open and a person came like a lightning through the door. Keiji was caught by a surprise, well, he didn't really have enough time to move before the stranger bumped into him and his notes and papers came flying down to the floor. His eyes widened, then narrowed and he hurriedly bent down to gather them up. "Goddammit, my songs." He cursed loudly.

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