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Colours of the Wind [Rin]
« on: November 16, 2016, 04:11:08 PM »
Yuki had needed to get away from the castle.

Ever since she had returned from Christmas break Mahoutokoro had begun to feel more oppressive as the end of the year approached. Not only did she have her end of year exams to worry about, but the ambitious fourth year was determined to pass the Seishin no Mezame at the end of the academic year. She was not overly worried about the Body and Magic portions of the exam, as she had always excelled in physical activities and considered herself to possess a natural survivor’s instinct. However, the Mind portion was definitely a concern. While the auburn-haired girl was not stupid, she also knew that she was not as academically gifted as many of those she would be competing against. It was for that reason she had spent the last month or so practically living in the library. She had went to bed the previous night with every intention of spending another day engaged in studying, but when she woke up that morning the fourteen year old found she couldn’t stomach the idea.

It was for this reason that Yuki was stood in the green valleys that were home to the wizarding town of Takamagahara. The fourth year had styled her light brown hair so that it was up in a bun, and she was clad in the customary light pink hakama robes associated with a student of the second rank. Slung over her shoulder was a clasped purse, which contained her wand and the allowance money from her parents she had saved up. Since she hadn’t been to the village in over a month Yuki had more money than usual and she intended to spend it on an obscene amount of sweets, something healthier for lunch, and to possibly buy a new note book and similar equipment for class.

The fourteen year old glanced at her watch and smiled as she noted that the time to meet her twin sister Rin was approaching. Although she wouldn’t say it out loud, she missed her sibling. As the two of them got older they had begun to pursue their individual goals and this left them with less time to spend together than the lighter haired twin would have liked. She didn’t blame her sister. It was a natural part of growing up, but she couldn’t deny she was very much looking forward to having a catch up with the other Sakamoto girl.

The auburn-haired girl made her way to the fountain nestled in the centre of the wizarding village quickly. Her head was held high, her shoulders were straight and she strove to radiate the aura of one moving with purpose. When she arrived at the fountain she moved to sit at the foot of her favourite statue. The statue depicted the image of a Japanese witch who had once been hailed as a hero for her role in defending a wizarding town from the followers of a dark wizard. Yuki had always been an admirer of the witch. She saw her as an example of a powerful woman capable of holding a prominent role in society. The young witch suddenly snapped out of her thoughts when she caught sight of her sister. A squeal, which had earned her dark looks from those nearby, escaped the fourth year before she rushed to hug her sister. “I’m so happy you made it... It’s been ages since we have seen each other out of class” she exclaimed in her typically blunt manner.

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