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  • [Announcement] The Broomsticks' Break
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    British & Irish League Standings as of
    End of Round Twelve (16 June 2001)
    Appleby Arrows
    Pride of Portree
    Montrose Magpies
    Gravesend Griffins
    Wimbourne Wasps
    Wigtown Wanderers
    Falmouth Falcons
    Holyhead Harpies
    Caerphilly Catapults
    Kenmare Kestrels
    Puddlemere United
    Tutshill Tornadoes
    Ballycastle Bats
    Chudley Cannons

    East Slavic League Standings as of
    End of Round Ten (9 Jun 2001)
    Zhytomyr Ironbellies
    Ryazan Re'ems
    Moscow Metalmen
    Mykolaiv Shields
    Lviv Kings
    Ivanovo Bricklayers
    Donetsk Miners
    Kursk Panzers
    Smolensk Diamonds
    Homyel Lynxes
    Minsk Saints
    Kiev Castles

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    British & Irish League

    Griffins overtake Falcons in heated match
    Game hailed as best battle of entire season
    Holyhead breaks their losing streak
    but at Chudley, so really no surprise
    Magpies downed twice in a row
    Tornados' win pulls them out of last rank

    Next week, Round Thirteen closing games: Kestrels @ Catapults, Pride @ Arrows, Tornados @ Wanderers, United @ Wasps

    East Slavic League

    Ironbellies solidify position before playoffs
    Diamonds not prepared for home team's ferocity
    Sorry Kings, Re'ems bow to no one
    Saints finish out regular season with a loss
    Next week, Round Eleven closing games: Miners @ Metalmen, Bricklayers @ Lynxes, Panzers @ Castles