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Announcements / Re: [Announcement] The Broomsticks' Break
« Last post by Evan Reavley on Today at 01:13:30 AM »

British & Irish League
Portree proudly keeps top rank
Puddlemere strong showing against Bats
Bottom-ranked Tornados over Cannons

Next week, Round Ten closing games: Arrows @ Wasps, Falcons @ Kestrels, Magpies @ Harpies;
Round Eleven opening game: Catapults @ Bats
East Slavic League
Ryazan rises up with Moscow drop
Zhytomyr lose lead with loss to Shields
Kings conquer Castles in royal flush
Next week, Round Nine opening games: Shields @ Bricklayers, Panzers @ Lynxes, Kings @ Diamonds
Questions & Answers / Re: Error Reports
« Last post by Fee on Yesterday at 04:47:51 AM »
Hmm, that's odd, because registration isn't disabled right now.
Try registering an account again. If it fails again, PM me with the username and email address you want to use for the account.
Questions & Answers / Re: Error Reports
« Last post by Muninn on February 24, 2017, 10:22:14 PM »
I seem to be having trouble registering a new account (for the character I'm creating). The error message I get is "Sorry, registration is currently disabled."

Questions & Answers / Re: Nimue potioneer
« Last post by Ashton on February 24, 2017, 05:25:19 PM »
Yay! Thanks Toya!
Questions & Answers / Re: Nimue potioneer
« Last post by Toya on February 24, 2017, 12:42:04 PM »
As long as the character meets the other requirements of the previous levels of mastery, I don't have a problem approving it. Let me double check about if the vaccine was claimed and i'll get back to you within the day.

Questions & Answers / Re: Nimue potioneer
« Last post by Harlan Bellamy on February 24, 2017, 04:44:38 AM »
Questions & Answers / Nimue potioneer
« Last post by Ashton on February 24, 2017, 03:37:00 AM »
Hey all!

I've been entertaining the idea of creating a nimue potioneer and wondered if a vaccine for the influenza that killed a bunch of people and was spread during the victory ball had been claimed by anyone's character or anything of the sort and if it hadn't, if I could use it for this character's nimue qualifier? It's my understanding that something like that would qualify for that status, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Special Features & Items / Re: Special Feature Applications
« Last post by Zviad Gogoladze on February 23, 2017, 06:21:02 PM »

NAME: Inga
CHARACTER NAME: Zviad Gogoladze
FEATURE YOU ARE APPLYING FOR: Magpie (Pica pica bactriana) animagus

When I've created Zviad I had not given a special feature any thought. He was just going to be a "normal" student character who has some strengths but also many weaknesses. He is a guy who does not follow rules. He is a very independent and headstrong person who might not be a model student but sets goals for himself that he strives to reach. When he wants something there's nothing that can hold him back.

Currently Zviad is a fifth year student, originally a Rayasov and now sorted into Klyk Vampira. He gets into trouble frequently and doesn't fear the consequences. He is a free spirit, an independent person. He is no gregarious animal and does not give in to group pressure.  Zviad does not trust people easily and is no teamplayer in general. There are things that he prefers to do alone or with one partner if anyone at all. Other people's feelings are of little interest to him unless these people are among his very few good friends. He is curious, enjoying to put his nose into things that are not his business and  likes to find ways to punish people who he feels did him wrong.

The boy is both imaginative and rational, making him a good problem solver and someone who is well equipped to reach the goals he sets for himself. There are no limits for him when he wants to reach a goal, he manipulates, steals, blackmails, bribes... He does not shy away from crimes and always tries to exceed his limits.

Zviad wants to get the biggest piece of the cake but his background does not allow that. He is not much into competitions or into comparing himself to others but he definitely fights for what he wants.

Despite the fact that he is not the most diligent student, Zviad likes to read and study things that interest him but that's nothing he shares with others. He is also inclined to philosophy.

Zviad is able to adjust to changes quickly and likes challenges as they give him the chance to prove himself. He likes to take risks as that makes him feel alive.

While playing him, he developed a crush on Rumjana, wanted to learn how to play Quidditch, found that he disliked Oksana Viktorovna and decided he wanted to steal a dragon. While not a diligent student per se, Zviad sets himself goals and has ambitions. He is very stubborn, not giving up easily even when his endeavors prove to be difficult.


Zviad as an animagus
While plots for him come easy and the character works well with and without the feature, the idea of the feature came up and although I put it off and tried to forget about it, it never really went away. It popped up again and again and at some point I decided it was time to give in and write this application despite the fact that I have never been into special features so much, thinking that characters can usually be interesting without them. However, the animagus feature is a perfect fit for Zviad.

He is individualistic, imaginative and intelligent. The boy is freedom loving and likes a good challenge. His passion for flying and the fact that he cannot help but steal shiny things from others make it a logical development for him to choose the magpie as his 'spirit animal'. While Zviad is not attempting to stick out in particular he does not like to feel average and be like everybody else. Him studying something special like becoming a magpie animagus suits him well and makes a good hobby for him.

Zviad is generally happy with who he is but sometimes being a boy and being known for his inclination to steal is a hindrance. He would like to be able to fly without a broomstick and to change his appearance so he could sneak in somewhere without being recognised.

In case this feature gets approved I won't play him as already being able to transfigure himself fully. He will have reached the stage where he can transform parts of himself into parts of a magpie and will study hard to complete the full transfiguration soon. Zviad will work on his skills all summer so that, hopefully, he'll be able to turn into his animagus shape in one of the following playtime months.

The Magpie - Pica pica bactriana
The magpie is probably the kind of flying animal that suits Zviad best. While there's no evidence for the rumours that magpies are thieves, they are known as that and are curious and clever animals with a play instinct, picking up things to study them. There have been stories, plays, even an opera (Rossini's La gazza ladra) about the stealing magpie which is one of the reasons for their bad reputation. This trait can be used for thievery at the very least.

Magpies are known to look for food on the ground and they like to steal the crop from the field, which makes them quite unpopular with farmers.

Generally magpies appear in the mythology of different cultures. In Europe the magpie has a mostly negative reputation as the bird of the Germanic goddess of death and as a messenger of doom. It was also infamous as gallows bird in the Medieval times. In Asia, however, the magpie is considered a good luck symbol. This ambiguity works well for what I have in mind of Zviad as he is both black and white just like the feathers of the bird).

A magpie is part of the crow family and 45–60 cm (18–24 in) long (head to tail). The bird's plumage looks almost black and white on first glance but on closer inspection the blacks have a iridescent shine of greens, blues and purples. The tail feathers of this kind of magpie have a slight bronze shimmer.

The striking feature and distinguishing mark for Zviad in his magpie shape will be the bird's eyes which are of a bright shade of blue-green just like the boy's natural eye colour.

The stages of Animagus Transformation
Stage One: Zviad has already started working on transformations in the past few months. He will manage his first full transformation sometime in the summer and will have to learn how to move as a magpie. This will prove rather difficult considering he will have wings instead of arms. While learning how to move on the ground won't take him long, he will have to work out how to use his wings to fly which can lead to some quite funny scenes which I'd love to play out as well. Besides he will have to learn to seize things with his beak or feet rather than with his hands.

Stage Two: He will have reached this stage by the start of the new year at school and will try to use his animal shape for the first time in order to steal. At this time he might also try to interact with other birds and might get in trouble with them for being 'different'.

Stage Three: With the end of his time at school, Zviad will also have reached stage three of his animagus transformation and will feel as comfortable in his animal shape as in his human shape and use his ability to turn into a bird more and more. He will also partly identify as magpie. The more progress Zviad makes on his way to becoming an animagus the more traits of the bird he will take on. I'd imagine that he will also start to enjoy the kind of nutriment (worms, insects,...) that magpies like.

Stage Four: Transformations will come easily by this time and Zviad will be an adult by then. He will be able to communicate with other birds and maybe find a magpie lady to charm just for the fun of it.

Of course there's the problem that Durmstrang does not offer a Transfiguration class and that there are no played animagi in this region yet. However, Zviad can study from books and I'd like to introduce an NPC (who would be up for adoption then) who is older and an animagus who could offer some assistance. Furthermore I've spoken to @Taed and we've worked out connections with his chars Gauvain Améliore and DJ Conway but that's something to rather speak of in the next section of this application.

Gauvain Améliore: When Gauvain was appointed as Métamorphose professor an article about him and his work appeared in an edition of the magazine "Transfiguration Today" which Zviad has been fortunate enough to read in the Durmstrang library. The boy decided to write the Transfiguration expert, hoping to get some advice and help from him. It turned out that Gauvain was actually interested in being involved in the project of the boy becoming an animagus and ever since supports him with advice mostly per owl mail.

DJ Conway: Damien is an aspiring animagus himself and due to the penpal programme he and Zviad started exchanging letters. They became the sort of friends Zviad never thought he'd have. With DJ he felt he could share his thoughts about becoming an animagus. They will write each other about their progress and their problems with their studies as well as talk about their chosen animal shapes.

Oksana Viktorovna Krylova: Once Zviad manages to transfigure himself fully he will try and fly into Oksana's office and meet Karl, Oksana's pet / mini dragon. This will lead to him getting some burns which affect him in his human shape as well. However, he'll snatch a precious item from her room which will lead to further plots as it might be some magical item with special powers (we'll figure the details out later).

Mihaela Lupesco: Mihaela is Zviad's partner in crime. These two like to break rules together and Zviad will confide in Mihaela about his ambitions. She will support his endeavour and when he encounters problems he will come to her. There'll be one situation when he manages a part transfiguration of himself and doesn't manage to reverse it again alone. Then he'll come to her, hoping that together they can get it sorted out together.

Rumjana Kalishnikova: While Zviad does entrust Mihaela with his secret, he won't go to Rumjana to tell her. However, one day she will surprise him when he thinks he's alone and see either a part transformation or a pile of books on the matter and will confront him about it. He fancies Rumjana but their relationship is still rather difficult. Therefore, the boy will have to figure out how to explain himself and how much to tell her.

Further ideas:
  • Another plot that could involve Rumjana or any Quidditch playing or practising chars is that Zviad will, once he manages a full transfiguration of himself, chase a snitch and catch it before any of the players can.
  • He will steal from people in a more sneaky way than before and there are plenty of chances of people seeing the stolen things with him or seeing the magpie steal valuable items.
  • Since Zviad likes to feel in power, he will use his animal shape to spy on other students. The secrets he'll find out will help him to blackmail others into doing his homework or whatever else he needs. He might even try to find out things about staff members and work on blackmailing them into giving him passing grades. If that works or not does not matter. He can get detentions or other punishments for that of course.
  • Seeing how a magpie is not exactly a big animal and cannot defend itself very well against people, especially witches or wizards, I'd be happy to develop a plot where someone catches him in his animal shape and he has to see how he can escape again.
  • Once Zviad manages a full transformation his next task will be to figure out how to fly. This has potential to lead to some awkward (and for him painful) situations which other characters might witness.

Zviad was sitting outside under a tree as far away from the school building as possible. Books were covering the grass surrounding him. While the boy was not a diligent student, he was a talented young wizard who was eager to learn more about one particular branch of magic. He was particularly intrigued by human transfiguration, studying the subject whenever he had some time.

He could transfigure things easily by now. He even succeeded when it came to changing one animal into another. What he desperately wanted to do though was to transfigure himself. It would come in so handy. With some months of practice the boy managed to let feathers sprout from his skin but he had not yet managed to transform fully into what he wanted to become.

Zviad wanted to fly. He wanted to be a bird and not just any bird. The Georgian wanted to turn himself into a magpie, thinking that this particular bird suited him well. The feathers he was now admiring on his left arm were a very dark shade of blue, almost black and white. If only he could already spread his wings and fly...

Aside from the mere pleasure of being able to fly without a broom, Zviad wanted to use his animal shape to get through open windows, spy on people and steal small things. Turning into a bird would open up doors for him that were usually closed for the boy Zviad.

He stroked his left arm/wing with his right hand, running his fingers over almost glossy feathers when he heard steps from nearby. It was too late to quickly retransfigure his wing into a normal arm. He tried to hide it behind his back, looking around suspiciously, hoping that whoever was approaching would either pass quickly or be one of the very few people he trusted.

@Taed @Rinn @Samm @Dermod Larkin Morfessa 
Announcements / Re: [Announcement] FPP Restart
« Last post by Rinn on February 21, 2017, 05:28:42 AM »
~bumping this~


Don't forget to claim your prizes or use your FPP Power Ups before the FPP restarts on March 1st.

Prizes from this round of the FPP will be forfeited if not claimed or redeemed before March 1st!

Questions? Post them here <33
Announcements / Re: [Announcement] May Mini Plots!
« Last post by Jared on February 20, 2017, 08:52:22 PM »
Mateo wants to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. <333
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