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    Beauxbatons is a boarding school, and usually the students of the academy are from wealthy backgrounds. The quality of the rooms and food at Beauxbatons is excellent, the school's equipment and furniture is in top condition, and its students are used to certain luxuries. Despite first impressions, however, Beauxbatons is not raising spoiled brats. As a matter of fact, the Beauxbatons staff aims to educate the children into responsible and kind young adults. To this aim the concept of services was introduced early on in the school's foundation.

    As Beauxbatons places great emphasis on interpersonal skills, it is common for each student to provide a service to their school and their house or the neighboring wizarding community, Chatoeil, in addition to their school eduction. Those services can include working in the school gardens, cleaning the school building, helping out old wizards, or working in the school library. Failure to provide the service and join in the collaborative and gentle spirit of the school is frowned upon and sometimes even punished with detentions.

    Each of you is free to select a service you would like to be involved with. You may change services from year to year if you wish. A list of possible services is provided. Note, however, that this list is not exclusive, meaning that you can design your own service and present it to an administrator for approval. The purpose of services is to teach students about community values and responsibilities. Each student will be required to help out in an area of the school, or alternatively the students can choose to help out in Chatoeil village. Those that want to have a Chatoeil service should be older than 13 years of age in character.

    The service will require you to complete one role-play topic doing your service per term, whatever you choose it to be. You will receive 25 class posts for it, and if you wish to graduate this is something well worth doing. You are allowed and encouraged to role-play additional topics, which will also be rewarded with a varying amount of class posts as determined by the Beauxbatons staff.

    Failure to complete your service for the entire term will lose you 25 class posts, and yes it is possible for you to regress a year that way. If this happens we will say that you “failed the year” in character, so you probably don’t want to meet these consequences. Seeing how a term usually takes at least six month in real time to be played out none of you should suffer this fate. Any exceptions should be cleared with a senior Beauxbatons Administrator.

    The stable service entails looking after the school’s horses. The stables need to be cleaned. Horses need to be fed and brushed. Saddles and tools needs to be cleaned and maintained.

    The library service entails sorting the bookshelves in the school’s library. New volumes need to be cataloged and old ones need to be mended and repaired. Library records need to be updated, and howlers have to be sent to those who fail to return the books.

    Those that sign up for the gardening services are expected to weed the flowerbeds and water them on hot days. Bushes need to be cut back and the lawns need to be mowed.

    Those that sign up for the storage service are in charge of filling the schools supply cabinets. They are required to identify potions and ingredients and put them into the appropriate places. It is their duty to update the list of stored materials.

    These are really up to you to design. They can be any form of community work. Maybe you would enjoy working with old people or young children? Or perhaps you would like to help maintain one of Chatoeil’s lush parks? Maybe you would enjoy giving a free tour of one of the town’s museums? It really is up to you. Note however that it should be possible to play this out, as you will be expected to complete your services.

    Your service will normally be chosen by you upon character creation. However, older members may find that they are without a service or signed up for a service they no longer wish to do. You are not obligated to remain on the same service each term. You may change services from year to year if you wish. Therefore, if you would like to sign up for a service or alter the service you are enrolled for, you can do so here.

    If you are having trouble completing your student service thread due to difficulties in finding someone to thread with you can either pm people with the same service as you on the following list, or you may read and perhaps post the thread requests in this thread.
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