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  • [Announcement] 14 Years of Magic
    « on: July 15, 2017, 03:29:25 PM »

    It's time to celebrate 14 YEARS OF MAGIC on Magical Hogwarts! This year we're celebrating the reasons that brought us all here in the first place: writing and Harry Potter. This thread will serve as the central hub for Anniversary information and questions.

    Now you have the chance to get sorted! Head over to this thread to get started. After everyone has had a couple days to submit their choices, houses will be announced and then the real fun begins! Participate in the various Anniversary activities to earn points for your house and earn the House Cup (to be announced at Anniversary's conclusion)! HINT: It will be greatly beneficial to your House if you participate in everything the Anniversary has to offer.

    Get your game shoes on! Fan favorites are back, as well as a few new things!
      -- Jeopardy!
      -- Anniversary Polls
      -- Name that Driver
      -- Movie Group Watch
      -- Where Was Your Character When...
      -- If I Were Magical...
      -- The Sound of MHers
      -- Your HP Pics Go Here
      -- Race to Finish the WIP

    Writer's block? Just plain out of ideas? We're excited to announce a slew of workshops to get the creative juices flowing! Jump over to the following boards and threads to get started:
      -- Character Workshops
      -- Writing Workshops
      -- Member-Made Lore Workshop
      -- Graphics Workshops

    This Anniversary brings with it many opportunities to roleplay! Participate in the Driver Discovery Challenge, the Thread Thunderdome, or the special edition Threadfests. And don't forget the Anniversary Plot! Introducing: Yggdrasil's Net. Suddenly wizards all over the world, despite being complete strangers and living hundreds of miles from each other, find themselves supernaturally connected– able to share knowledge, thoughts, and even magic with one another. Please see this thread for more information about this exciting plot.

    Most importantly, thank you for being a part of this community. MH would be nothing without its members.

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  • Re: [Announcement] 14 Years of Magic
    « Reply #1 on: July 15, 2017, 06:32:55 PM »
    Not sure who made the banner / graphics this year but my wig is officially SNATCHED


    yay anni

    you thought you got away with murder

    left me at a loss for the words

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    The sheer effort that has gone into this Anni is immense - I love you guys <333

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    Roughly 3.5 hours left to PM me
    your choice of House for sorting!
    I promise you don't want to miss out
    on a chance at winning the House Cup
    and proving why Slytherins are the best

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    whoooa this anniversary is so cool.

    happy birthday mh <33