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    Name: JT
    Character name: @Lorelei Faulkner
    Feature you are applying for: Obscurial Shadow

    Obscurials in America: Possible Context

    While hinted in the original books through Dumbledore's sister, Ariana, Obscurials have been fleshed out in greater detail in Fantastic Beasts. Ariana's condition was rare, and indeed the instances of a magical child becoming an Obscurus is highly improbable. Even in the United States, what we know so far hints that Obscurials were considered eliminated long before Seraphina Picquery's tenure as MACUSA President.

    In my perspective, with the United States' extremely large population and dense metropolitan areas, MACUSA would have been extremely proactive in identifying Obscurials to prevent the potential damage they could do and their risk of exposing the magical community. However, there are pockets of communities that have often been ignored or forgotten by society at large. It is in these place where muggleborn children are especially vulnerable to forming an Obscurus. From Rowling's perspective, even if we ignore references to religious conservatism that's unique to the country, the no-maj of the United States have always been more wary, even antagonistic, to any signs of magic compared to other muggle populations around the globe. Worse, they are much more likely to believe that magic exists than to ignore it.

    During the period of Lorelei's birth, a perfect storm of circumstances may have contributed to forming Obscurials. The Cold War and the Red Scare was building, and suspicions toward neighbours, friends, and even family ran high. There would have been great pressure to conform, to hide and suppress anything that hinted of seeming abnormal, for fear of being labelled as an ally of 'the enemy.' Worse, many towns that relied on coal, manufacturing, and other labour industries were finding that the economy could no longer sustain those jobs. As these fields were shifted overseas, the country focused on skilled labour and the service industries. As a result, many communities fell into hard times, falling into poverty, left behind as the country focused its energies to its cities.

    The Appalachian region was one one of the hardest hit during these changes, especially in the small, home-rule cities in Kentucky. Theses cities generally consisted of just about fifty families, and were forced to consolidate resources with neighbouring towns to fund schools and public services. Fairly remote and a great distance from the nearest metro area, these communities were trapped after the collapse of coal mines. High unemployment, limited education opportunities, a lack of competitive service-industry skills, and an increasing dependence on painkillers prevented many from escaping a difficult life. In addition, many of these communities still hewed strictly to American notion that success was made independently, with limited help from the government.

    For the American magical community, MACUSA's strict enforcement of non-fraternization with no-maj was a blessing in multiple ways. As muggleborns were often the result of a latent magical gene, due to a squib or magical relative far in their family tree, this probably limited the number of muggleborns, lowering the risk of a magical child being born from parents who would be antagonistic to magic. However, Scourers who escaped MACUSA's hunt for them may have integrated into no-maj communities, starting family lines that were non-magical, but held onto believing its existence and getting rid of it.

    Feature to Character

    Lorelei would be a muggleborn witch whose lot in life was borne from all these factors coalescing. Born from an extremely poor family, in a town of limited means and opportunity, she is representative of those forgotten by society. If she had been a no-maj, perhaps she would have suffered silently, with the rest of the world going about, business-as-usual. But as her magic awakened, Lorelei's circumstances were made worse. Perhaps if she had some advocate, or some encouragement, she could have been a regular witch. But as she tried to suppress her magic, it in turn formed into an Obscurus, exploding as a dangerous parasitic entity whenever she could no longer bottle everything in.

    Obscurials often died around their tenth year, unable to control or suppress the magic seeking to be released. MACUSA may have intervened long before children ever reached this stage, providing counselling to those young enough to be rehabilitated, or containing those deemed too far gone. For Obscurials identified so late, they did not have the luxury of time that counselling needs to be effective. The most one could do was palliative, to ease their suffering before their Obscurus took every ounce of their magic and life force. For Lorelei, she was near the age when most Obscurials would have perished, and she was already losing control.

    How she managed to survive with her magic becoming a parasitic entity is similar to how some people can somewhat withstand a Dementor's presence while others succumb to them. At the core of Lorelei's personality is her innate belief in the goodness of the world. Despite the neglect and abuse from her parents, particularly her mother, Lori has never blamed the world for her ills. She has always internalised her circumstances as her fault, but she has always held onto the idea that if she tried harder, behaved better, changed herself, her family might grow to love her. While full of self-loathing, Lori had never harboured thoughts about ending her life, or wishing she could disappear. Rather, she believed she could change for the better and rid herself of the shadows. The desire to be a daughter her parents could cherish---or a girl that the other schoolkids could accept---kept Lori going. It wasn't necessarily a happy outlook, nor a healthy one. Indeed, her wish for outward approval meant she seeing current herself as inferior, unworthy, and undeserving. Still, it was a faint hope in her bleak life. It was this core optimism that her Obscurus could not fully consume, similar to a Dementor being held back and even driven away by a focused, happy memory. Instead, it made her resilient, strong enough to live despite being drained by her Obscurus, protecting her life force.

    Being left alone in the woods at a young age, Lori had grown to appreciate the stark beauty of the Appalachian wilderness, and she believes this natural beauty is a manifestation of 'goodness.' Even when parts of the region were destroyed by the formation of mines and logging companies, only to be abandoned when the economy tanked, Lorelei could appreciate the small moments of beauty: dandelions dancing in the wind, a vista of the rolling hills. Even the mine shafts were like scars that gave the mountains a story, something that was part of its history, but didn't define it. She extended that view to herself. She considered herself a bad girl, and why her parents beat her and neglected her. But since they didn't abandon her in the middle of the woods, she felt there was some part of her that could be saved.

    Still, no matter how resilient a child was, as she grew, so did the Obscurus. By the time she was eight, no amount of optimism could hold back an ever-growing magical parasite. After her latest Obscurial episode, Lorelei may have died, had she not been found by Hester.

    Saving her required drastic magical intervention, dangerous magic that many wizards would be hesitant to perform. For MACUSA, the risk of using such measures, which often bordered on Dark Magic, was not worth the trouble. But luckily, Lorelei was found by Hester Park, a pragmatic witch whose views of right and wrong were often grey. She sympathised with those who were dealt a terrible hand at life, and sought to give Lorelei a wildcard. Working with Sampson Irons, an expert in Obscurials, they would have had the experience and the gumption to perform the dangerous magic needed to save Lori.

    Ilvermorny's education is comprehensive, attuned to the diversity of wizards and witches that enter its halls. Magic in the Americas could often be done with the use of wands, channelled into crafts that were more elemental in nature. Sampson and Hester, both highly skilled in these elemental magicks, would have performed a complicated spell to contain Lorelei's Obscurus.

    Forming Obscurial Shadows:

    An Obscurus was essentially a witch's magical ability, transformed into a parasitic entity that feeds on its host. It and the witch are paradoxically the same and different. It is the part of a witch that she denied, wishing to have never existed. Formed from her suppressed emotions, an Obscurus is sentient, acting on those thoughts and feelings that a witch locked deep within herself. While it is ultimately a destructive force, an Obscurus is also a protective entity. Often, an Obscurial is taken over by her Obscurus when she feels powerless and threatened, causing her magic to lash out and attack. As Lori grew, so did the Obscurus, feeding on her until it took over, leeching her magic and vitality. Without the intervention that occurred for Lorelei, the Obscurus would have continued to drain her energy until both were consumed and annihilated.

    To prevent that from happening, the Obscurus needs to be contained. In Lorelei's case, this involves an arcane seal involving Shadow and Oath magicks. The seal is essentially a contract, binding the Obscurus into the witch's shadow. This prevents the Obscurus from becoming corporeal, unable to physically damage its surroundings or harm people. The Oath magic involved is a ritual binding on Lorelei to 'do no harm,' essentially sealing the majority of her magic away. This would have reduced the power of her Obscurus, enough for it to be contained. The magicks of the Americas are famous for its binding and warding, though often channelled through artefacts and fetishes. In this manner, the binding fetish would have to be especially guarded to prevent someone from undoing the seal or using it to control the individual who is bound to it. The danger of it being potentially taken and having someone possessing an Obscurial was not something Hester or Sampson were willing to take. Instead, the fetish used was Lorelei's own shadow. In this case, it would always be in Lori's possession.

    However, the seal also means the parasitic entity has been preserved. Whereas other witches, if given time and support, can accept their magic and eventually rid themselves of their Obscurus, Lorelei is forever bound to hers until her last moment. This means that Lori, despite being mostly at peace and happy with her life, can never fully get rid of the dark thoughts and feelings that originally formed her Obscurus. Like many witches who have survived years of trauma, Lori can never fully erase what she had gone through, and simply lives her life as best she can.

    As an Obscurial Shadow is essentially a witch's magical force, containing it into her shadow means there is often very little magic inside of her. This severely impacts her ability to perform most types of spells, especially those requiring the use of wands or charming objects. Additionally, the Obscurial Shadow is still parasitic and sentient, still leeching magic and energy from its host. This means Lorelei's life span has been considerably shortened. Whereas many magical folk can easily live past a hundred, Lorelei probably will not live past her 60s.

    However, in Lori's point of view, considering that she would not have lived past her 8th birthday without Sampson and Hester's magical intervention, she sees her lifespan as having been extended rather than diminished. The extra time she was given would be enough for the years of therapy she needed to address and move past her traumatic childhood.

    Living with An Obscurial Shadow:

    Like many girls that would later form House Irons, Lorelei required a long time for her emotional recovery. While she never entertained the idea of ending her life, Lorelei had a terrible view of herself. She wanted to be better, which in her mind was being anyone other than who she was. She hated her magic, and while Hester may have been saddened at taking away a young witch's magical potential, Lori saw it as a blessing.

    Still, what was left of Lori's magic needed to be mastered and controlled. Shadow magic was an arcane branch, rarely practised until wizards and witches entered Ilvermorny, and only when they began taking the elective. Lorelei needed to learn it immediately, including the mental and emotional fortitude necessary for the craft. Otherwise, her shadow would be constantly out of control, ruled by the sentience of her Obscurus rather than herself.

    To start, Lorelei's recovery required being her placed in a bright room where no shadows could form. Without the fear of her shadow raging and causing trouble, Lori could focus on herself. While it appeared like she was put in solitary confinement, Lorelei considered the bright room as her safe space, free from the shadows that long plagued her. In this room, she learned the true nature and history of witches. She learned from Sampson and Hester that magic, while potentially dark and dangerous as her mother taught her, was also capable of producing beauty and goodness.

    As she gained better control of her shadow, including the overpowering emotions that fed the Obscurus, Lorelei has been able to 'tame' her shadow. She has grown like witches who have been able to channel the emotions caused by their traumatic past into healthier avenues of expression. Through years of support from House Irons and Ilvermorny, Lorelei learned to accept herself as a person of worth. Her increasing self-confidence, combined with her inherent optimism, keep her grounded and unable to be overtaken by her Obscurus. Instead, she has been able to commune with it, and over the years the two have developed a slightly more symbiotic relationship. While the Obscurus continues to leech away Lori's life force, it posses no danger of taking her life in the near future. The sentience of the Obscurus also remains, which recognises that Lori is no longer in danger. Instead of being a menacing, antagonistic entity, it has slowly become more cooperative, acting more mischievous and even playful than malevolent. Lorelei is also able to draw magic back from her Obscurus in order to perform some limited wandwork.

    Traits and Limitations

    Possessing an Obscurial shadow, Lorelei's life in uniquely situated. She cannot perform wand spells more complicated than what most third years master. However, her latent ability had always been great, now just channelled to very specialised fields. With most of her magic sealed into her shadow, she represents the pinnacle of this branch of magic, all of its benefits and its pitfalls. She can naturally perform Shadow Magic with ease, including the ability to slip and out of shadows. This is how Lorelei tends to travel outside of the the Floo network or a portkey, as she doe not have the ability to Apparate.

    In addition, Lorelei's shadow often acts on its own, like an unruly pet. Over the years, she and her Obscurus have developed a much more symbiotic relationship. Her shadow will often act instinctively to protect her when it senses danger or her distress. In normal situations, her shadow is more playful, changing shapes and wanting to play hide-and-seek. Unlike most Shadow Magic practitioners, Lorelei's own shadow can leave her in great distances, as it is essentially a part of herself. Despite it being a parasitic entity, her Obscurial Shadow is instinctively protective of Lorelei, and may act out on its own if it senses its host is being threatened. While unable to violently attack as it could during Lori's childhood, it can still cause harm through manipulation of Shadow Magic.

    Future plots:

    Lori's SF would play an integral role in all of her lessons as a professor. Her Obscurus functions like most shadow summons, demonstrating the need for skill and control when dealing with shadow manipulation. She often uses it to show what happens if a witch loses control of a summons, as well as what one can achieve when having achieved mastery. As an Obscurus may be considered in the realm of Dark Magic or Dark Creatures due to its inherently malignant nature, Lorelei teaches Shadow Magic in recognition of its use in both benevolent and Dark Arts.

    Ernest Franklin
    Ernest is one of the few professors currently teaching who had taught Lorelei back during her Ilvermorny years. Due to Lorelei's unique case, professors would have been given advanced notice of her condition to monitor her and ensure she poses no danger to herself nor other students. Ernie's kind nature made him one of Lori's emotional pillars during her time in school. Despite being dreadfully poor in his classes, helped her earn passing grades through extra assignments. His support also extended to inviting her to holidays with his family. This has allowed Lorelei to experience what loving households are like, which has helped tremendously with her emotional growth. Later, when Lori first began teaching at Ilvermorny, Ernie acted as her mentor, helping her adjust to her new role. Due to her limited wandskills, Ernie assists her from time to time by preparing the necessary charms in her classroom so she can conduct particular lessons. The two remain on close in both professional and personal terms. The emotional support Ernie provides has helped, and continues to help, Lori maintain the mental stability needed to keep her Obscurial Shadow in check.

    Sampson Irons
    As the person mainly responsible for Lori's recovery, Lorelei is deeply indebted to his efforts saving her. Their interactions will often reference her state of being, how well she's managing her Obscurus, as well has his coven. Sampson is an authority figure on Obscurials, so their threads can be used to further develop MH-lore about it. Based on own Special Feature (pending), the two gain intimate knowledge on the emotions, thoughts, and magic that bring an Obcurus to parasitic sentience, in hopes of using that knowledge to identify young witches who are vulnerable to forming one.

    Iron Witches
    Several drivers are planning to create students who make up the current coven of House Irons. As a professor and the first Iron Witch, Lorelei acts as their mentor during the school term. She also interacts with those staying in House Irons during the summer term, as she helps with its daily operations after the school year ends.
    • Axel's Shimmer Vega: Shimmer came into House Irons when Lori was still helping the coven full time. As an Obscurial, Lorelei also had to struggle with maintaining control, knowing the dangerous consequences when she lost it. Shimmer is a young woman who also struggles with maintaining control, often flying into a rage when she feels things are not going the way she desires them to. Their personalities are very different, but Lori would understand when Shimmer enters one of her rages, and accept her despite all her faults, as both have an unspoken understanding of each other's past. As House Irons tutors witches in elementary subjects before Ilvermorny, Lorelei would have taught Shimmer subjects in English, History, as well as Shadow Magic. Because of their contrasting personalities, their relationship is complicated. Lorelei is aware of Shimmer's tendency to take advantage of others and to make choices that put herself first. Still, she continues to mentor Shimmer in hopes that she can learn to make choices that put others first.
    • Ashton's Alyson Graves: Lorelei would have been living in the coven and teaching students there just before she was hired at Ilvermorny, and like Shimmer, has taught Aly a few subjects like writing, history, and shadow magic. Lorelei isn't precognitive, but as an Obscurial, she knew the things she dreamed was actually her Obscurus taking over at night. She connects with Aly about how it feels when things they 'dream' are actually real. Like with Shimmer, Lori acts as a mentor once Aly began studying at Ilvermorny. She checks in and discusses Aly's dreams, acting as a counsel and as a supportive figure.
    RP sample using the feature:

    The warm glow of candlelight flickered in the room. That was a fact. Whether it gave a comforting—even romantic—atmosphere, or an ominous one dealt in the realm of opinions. Lorelei's feelings felt strongly in the latter camp. She didn't like the long lines of shadows that danced upon the pillars and walls. It felt like walking into a vampire's lair, rather than a classroom. Indeed, without desks or chairs, just a high ceilinged room with various candlelit floor lamps, it seemed better set for a gothic film than an academic lesson. Worse, the classroom was her own. Lori could never reconcile how her greatest magical strength gave her the worst anxiety. She wished she'd been a different type of witch, one who was great with a wand or some other craft where she could teach in beautiful open spaces and plenty of light. But that dealt in the realm of fantasy.

    Lorelei reprimanded herself for such thoughts. There was no point in wishing to be different. She was who she was. All she could hope was to be the best version of herself, and to be comfortable with that. She focused on the facts, and shifting her opinions to one that felt more optimistic. The long shadows meant it was easier to cast magic of an already difficult craft. Her students would need all the help they could get this lesson.

    But then again, even if she dealt with just the facts, it was the absolute truth that she was anxious. Feelings have to be recognised, Lori told herself. Don't push it away. Accept it, and let it go.

    She breathed deeply, but didn't dare close her eyes. Calm, but constantly alert, Lorelei noted that one particular candelabra cast an odd shadow. It was longer than it naturally should be, and even in the curve of the ceiling, the way it warped to look like a cat was unnatural. Lorelei looked down, realising her own shadow was missing.

    'Come on now,' she spoke softly. 'Behave yourself. There's no point frightening the children.' She looked back at the candelabra, noting its arms now cast just four tendrils on the wall. She looked at the opposite side of the room, scanning until she spotted an nondescript area of darkness in the far corner. Without looking away, Lori shook her head and reached out to a small shadow next to her, cast by a single lamp. Her arm disappeared into the thin void, only to appear across the room like some floating appendage. Quickly, she snatched at something, which just looked like air, before she pulled her arm back until she appeared whole again. 'We'll have time to play later,' she said calmly, seemingly to no one.

    At first, it seemed Lori pulled out absolutely nothing, but her gaze was not on her outstretched arm, but to the nearby shadow. It flickered and warped, until a darker mass spread and began to fill onto the wall behind her, mimicking her silhouette, forming her shadow as it normally should.

    'Thank you for listening. Now let's greet our new group of kids this year and give them a fun little hour, shall we?' Lorelei dropped her arm and took a cautious step forward, watching her shadow follow along, with no abnormal shifts or disappearance. She walked to the door, opening it to greet her newest pupils.

    'Welcome,' she said in her usual breathy voice, barely above a whisper. 'Do place your things in that corner, and stand by a lamp. We'll get started momentarily.'

    pending ~ Please check your PMs
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    Name: Meridian
    Character name: Kantalaa Sampson Irons
    Feature you are applying for: Dreamwalker

    Dreamwalking is the practice of entering another person’s dreams for use in intelligence gathering,communication, or therapy. Though it is deeply rooted in divination, many argue that dreamwalking should be classified as a type of mind magic, alongside occlumency and legilimency. Unlike a legilimens, a dreamwalker does not have access to a dreamer’s memories unless the dreamer allows it, though the dreamwalker has far more tools at his or her disposal to steer the dreamer’s mind toward revealing their memories.

    Dreamwalking is, at its most basic, the ability to use dreams as a backdoor into another person’s psyche. And like with other mind magic, there is a spectrum of susceptibility when it comes to dreamers: some people can pick out a dreamwalker in their dreams in an instant, while others could go years without ever knowing their dreams have been manipulated. Dreamers with high emotional turmoil or a lack of self-awareness are the most vulnerable to a dreamwalker’s influence based on their situations.

    Sampson Irons is a gentle man in his late sixties, exuding the wisdom of someone who has seen many horrors and learned many truths from his travels. He is worldly and intelligent, in both academics and matters of the heart. He is soft-spoken and compassionate, with a dry sense of humor and the wry, almost long-suffering, patience of a man who has raised nearly thirty Iron Witches from childhood to adulthood. Many, if not all of them, see him as a surrogate father or grandfather. In another life, Sampson would have done well in a life-long professorship. He is disciplined and articulate, with high-standards and a particular love for almost all forms of literature that he always wants to share with anyone who will listen. That being said, he is also a little bit intense and is usually not the type of person one would want to make an enemy of, as in his youth he cut his teeth breaking people from the inside out for the government.

    The only son of a practiced voodoo priest and a shadow magician, Sampson Irons has always had an interest in unusual magic. There was much about the world he wished to learn about, and unearthing mysteries to expand his knowledge was a huge motivating influence in his academic and personal life. He studied hard in school, always the type to spend his days in the library even on Field Days. He found that he had a particular skill for divination, more specifically Dream Divination. After graduating with top scores on his CHEPIS and WENDIGOS, Sampson entered the MACUSA as an intelligence agent. He carved out his own position as an interrogation specialist, using his skills at dream divination to extract important information for the government’s use.

    For more than fifteen years, from the time he was nineteen until he was thirty-five, Sampson Irons was dedicated to the MACUSA. He was a man of supreme focus and patriotism, never letting anything else in his life get in the way of his work as be honed his rare his craft. He was a government man through and through. In his tenure at the MACUSA, Sampson is credited with saving many lives, despite his methods being somewhat morally ambigious. He would have been content to remain at the government, but a few years later Sampson had started his own family and had a wife and child to take care of.

    Due to his wife’s declining mental and physical health, he eventually left the MACUSA for a much more settled job as the new Dream Divination professor and school counselor at Ilvermorny, his alma mater. Five years later, when Sampson was in his early forties, his wife took her own life and Sampson gave up his position as professor to take care of his children. The circumstances that led to his wife’s suicide shook the famously-stoic man to his core and from that point forward he decided to devote his life to saving other women from abusive homes from meeting the same fate.

    In 1973, Sampson opened the House Irons Coven Home as a safe haven for young witches, who for various reasons were in danger in their own homes. His ability to enter another person’s dreams was no longer wielded as a blunt weapon of interrogation or psychological torture, but rather a surgical instrument used to heal. With the consent of his patients, he was now able to enter their dreams, mold their dreamscapes, and begin the healing process from within the psyche. House Irons became home to dozens of girls, who grew up under his protection. He became like a father or grandfather to many. His decades of experience with the human mind, and his insight into the unique wounds left by abusive homes, informed his future job as someone who dedicates his life to mending what is broken.

    For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own.
    - Albus Dumbledore

    The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure.
    Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by any invader.
    The mind is a complex and many-layered thing, Potter.

    - Severus Snape

    A dreamwalker’s most invaluable skill is mental strength. To enter another person’s dreams requires an immense amount of mental and physical stress, as well as focus and a deep sense of self. Dreams are, by their very nature, unpredictable and deeply affecting. An unfocused or unskilled dreamwalker risks their powers backfiring and their minds becoming the ones affected by their own magic. Dreamwalking is, in many regards, more dangerous than occlumency and legilimency because reality is extremely fluid in the mind, opening the dreamwalker to a host of psychological side-effects and injuries even as an uninvolved bystander. Because of this, dreamwalking is a heavily regulated study and anything more than dream interpretation is carefully monitored.

    Dreamwalking is broken into four levels: Novice, Reader, Invader, and Narrator.

          Level 1: Novice
    Any student who has yet to achieve an A or B CHEPI in Dream Divination is considered a Novice. Novices are limited to dream interpretation and this stage is mostly academic. They are more focused on reading literature and learning how to interpret a dreamer’s self-described dreams. They learn the importance of symbolism and why understanding a dreamer’s personal history and personality is the key to understanding dreams.

          Level 2: Reader
    Readers do not have to rely on a dreamer's testimony. Readers can actually view the dreams of a sleeping person as they happen, though it has to be 1) in real time, 2) through physical contact, 3) during an extensive ritual. Readers need the permission of the dreamer to enter, as they are usually not skilled enough to do so without affecting the dream and waking the dreamer up. They can watch the dream as it unfolds, but they are entirely trapped as a spectator within the dream until subject wakes up, usually six or eight hours later. While they are “under” (a casual term used to describe dreamwalking), they have no awareness of what is going on around their physical body, leaving them in a very vulnerable state.

          Level 3: Invader
    Invaders, sometimes called Affecters by those who think the existing term is too aggressive, are no longer spectators to the dreams they walk through. They are subject to the dreamer’s musings and meanderings, but they are able to interact with the dreamer while they are sleeping. They can speak to the dreamer, or carefully tweak the path the dream follows. Communicating to the dreamer by asking questions or playing as a participant in the dream is relatively normal for a dreamwalker at this level. Changing the path of the dream’s narrative is done sparingly, and is contingent on the dreamer’s mind being receptive to the change. Invaders can usually enter and leave dreams at will, though they are still very much at the mercy of the dreamer.

          Level 4: Narrator
    Narrators are expert dreamwalkers—individuals who have mastered the art of manipulating dreams into convoluted and layered stories unfolding in front of an unsuspecting dreamer. Narrators are nearly undetectable to the dreamers, able to blend seamlessly into a sea of faces or appear to the dreamer as someone they recognize to keep them their mind open and malleable. Though the morals of the practice change from Narrator to Narrator, practioners at this skill level are able to use certain amnesia and obliviating spells to leave no trace of themselves or even the dreams to the dreamers while their influence lingers. The most impressive skill of a master dreamwalker is called dreamscaping. Narrators are able to build and construct entire dream environments (called dreamscapes), turning the tables on the dreamer. Usually, the dreamwalker is at the mercy of the dreamer’s unpredicatable mind’s path as it dreams, but Narrators are able to build entire worlds within the mind and manipulate the narrative to their advantage.

          Character Exploration Opportunities
    I personally find that one of the best ways to get to know your character, aside from playing them out, is taking a magnifying glass to the events and quirks that have shaped them into the character they are now. Since we usually RP in the present tense, there are few chances to play out those important events. Dreams are not constrained to the same reality and time scale, so past and potentially future events, as well as situation that can be dreamed about, are all fair play. Characters can interact within dream memories and discuss them as they unfold. I was really interested in examining the driving forces that motivate certain characters in their daily life, and I think both parties could benefit from it. In addition to this, there is no location restriction, as dreams can take place in any environment, real or not.

    Dreamwalking is not the kind of magic that someone can learn as a hobby. To have any sort of lasting effect on another person through dreamwalking, the wizard has to devote a huge amount of time and study to it. Narrators are usually in their late fifties after a long lifetime of study. There is the possibility that a power like this could easily be too overpowered since dreamwalkers are literally able to build dreams, but at the same time it puts a lot of power into the hands of the dreamer. At all levels, from Novice to Narrator, the dreamwalker is trying to work with or around the dreamer’s existing dreams and are at the will of the mind they are currently in. Unlike with legimens, dreamwalkers are not working within reality per se and at the end of the day, it is the dreamer that holds all of the determination powers if they realize they have it. Dreamwalkers, whose minds become intertwined with the dreamer when they are under, are a high risk of suffering from psychological trauma as a result of magical misfire, or if the dreamer turns on them.

          Fit with Sampson
    Despite the many avenues of abuse possible with this ability, Sampson has no interest in making money or doing harm with his powers. There was a time when he was younger and working for the MACUSA that he dedicated his craft to performing his patriotic duty to the country. He used his powers as government-sanctioned coercion, and has seen how powerful it can be in the wrong hands. But even when he was using his powers for less-than moral reasons, he never crossed the line or used his ability to inflict irreparable damage. He is the kind of character that treads very carefully and recognizes the immense responsibility of his power— constantly reminding those around him that their magic is not a toy, and using it as a weapon will do more harm than good. This becomes especially important when he meets troubled witches who tend to have much more powerful emotion-driven magic capabilities than regular people.

    Currently, Sampson uses his powers for good. He uses his ability as a therapeutic tool: helping victims of abuse, violence, addiction, and other dangers to pull themselves back together from the inside out. There are many walls that the mind will put up to protect itself, but those can be a hindrance when it comes to healing. he is a firm believer in facing one's fears, and dreams are a safe place to do so. His services are not limited to only his wards, but to others as well. He is willing to help anyone who needs it, and can always be found at House Irons.

    With the consent of his patients, he ventures into their minds to help them face their fears and gain their own power. His drive to help others with his abilities comes from the two decades he spent with his wife before she took her own life. She had come from a home of abuse and violence, and even after she escaped, the scars remained. Sampson must have tried a thousand times to use her dreams to help her, but he realized there were some things that were just too deep to fix. This motivated him to focus on helping people when they are young, to heal them before it is too late.

          General Plots
    This feature has a lot of potential, especially when combined with all of the amazing new characters, organizations, business, and plots that have come out after Ilvermorny opened. First and foremost, Sampson uses his abilities to help young witches and wizards. He has used and continues to use dreamwalking as a way to get people to open up and deal with their own problems. He helps the Iron Witches, but is also a mental health expert at Ilvermorny, there to guide and advise anyone who is looking for it. He works at Ilvermorny, meaning he is colleagues with the many incoming professors. Though it is unlikely he’ll use his powers with them, there are plenty of opportunities. And though he is technically retired, Sampson hasn’t lost his patriotic duty and is willing to answer the call.

          Specific Plots
    JT's @Hester Park and Heather's @Natasha Newberry have been hanging out in the same circles for more than half a century. They are all close to the same age and went to school together. They all also joined the MACUSA at around the same time, with Sampson using his dreamwalking to enter the dreams of those who wished to do the nation harm. Natasha and Hester were also instrumental in the building of House Irons. Though the two had a friendly rivalry at work, they joined up to give Sampson guidance when it came to helping young troubled girls. The two women are both still heavily involved in House Irons, donating care packages and offering ministry internships. They also know that if they are ever in need of his skills, they can call in the long-standing favor he owes them, and he'll dust off his interrogating skills to assist the government.

    JT's @Lorelei Faulkner is the unfortunate victim of an Obscurus shadow (pending application), and is one of the original Iron Witches. She came into Sampson's care right after the coven's opening, and has since been helping Sampson better understand the Obscurus nature and the formation of Obscurials. As the Obscurus is formed as a result of emotional trauma, Sampson was often forced to walk in her dreams to help her heal her severe emotional and traumatic injuries from the inside out. He is currently one of the United States' leading experts on Obscurials, as he regularly meets young witches who have a high risk of developing them. Lorelai is now a professor at Ivermorny, and has since learned to live with her shadow, but she and Sampson are still close.

    @Ashton 's Alyson Graves is a dream clairvoyant (pending application), which only served to exacerbate the difficulties of her childhood. Julianne is still in the early stages of developing her abilities, meaning her dreams often leave her confused and emotionally distraught. As a dreamwalker, Sampson would be able to enter her dreams in order to both help her make sense of her visions in the initial stages, and to help her calm down.

    Also part of this plot is Sophie's @Julianne Graves. She is Aly's sister, and unlike Aly, Julianne is very wary of others and does not want Sampson to help her sister, which is going to lead to some tension between all three of them. Julianne is also part of House Irons, and Sampson is not her favorite person. She doesn't trust him with her sister's secrets and does not think he should be involved at all.

    @Dylan 's Christian is the last piece of this plot with the Graves sisters, and is going to be a real problem for Sampson. Christian has dark secrets of his own (aka he's a serial killer / vigilante), and has started to show up in Aly's dreams. Even if Sampson doesn't know the true depths of Christian's darkness, he is wildly suspicious of the younger man is does not approve of him hanging around Alyson-- especially since Aly and Christian are as close as they are. While Sampson is no stranger to disliking the men that come near his daughters, this is going to be an exceptional challenge for him.

    It was on nights like this that Sampson remembered Cora the most. Cora had hated the storms, and every time one rolled through, Sampson and his children prepared for a bad night. It had been more than twenty years since then, but even now the rain put him on edge, as if something bad was just waiting to happen.

    Outside the wind was howling, daggers of rain beating mercilessly against the sides of the house, threatening to wash the roof tiles from their post or topple the nearby trees into the bedrooms. The wind ripped around the house, sending an eerie echo through the halls and rattling the windows in their panes. The coven home stood like a sentinel in the storm, a safe plum-colored cloister that protected its residents from the dangers outside, from the harm of both nature and man.

    Sitting in his office on the sixth floor, Sampson put his quill down, removing his wire-framed reading glasses and rubbing his eyes tiredly. The ancient grandfather clock on the opposite wall ticked loudly as the time approached three in the morning. The light of his flame lamps sent sharp shadows crawling across his bookshelves and along the star-painted ceiling. It had been a late night for him, once again. He was working through a large stack of names from the farthest reaches of the United States, dealing with the impossible task of choosing which witches needed help the most.

    It was…frustrating, to say the least. It seemed the world was no better now than it had been when he had first opened the coven home. The young witches in these files were all suffering-- how could he justify helping one but not the other? One of these girls was already addicted to seraphim through her drug-dealer mother. Another was being abused by her live-in uncle while her parents turned a blind eye because he helped pay rent. Another was pregnant and living with her abusive boyfriend who hit her about as often as he used her body to pay his debts to loan sharks. These girls were all young, vulnerable, and too poor or scared to leave their situations. Extracting them would be difficult, and that was assuming they wanted to leave. There was ugliness lurking around every corner, and it was all he could do to keep these young witches from being dragged into dark rooms they would never come out of.

    A frantic knocking on his door pulled Sampson from his thoughts and he called for the visitor to enter. Ms. Winters, the coven matron of House Irons, entered his study. She wore a silver sleeping robe, and her disheveled appearance out of bed at this hour was enough to bring him to his feet before she even opened her mouth. Apparently there was a problem with one of the newest girls and it was causing a disturbance. Sampson was about to ask who it was, when there was a loud crash somewhere downstairs and the whole house began to shake.

    Sampson pushed past Ms. Winters and rushed down the stairs, his grace as he navigated the tight corners and all but flew down the halls unusual of the imminent septuagenarian he was. His black loafers skidded to a halt in front of the room, finding the door already ajar and a crowd of girls gathered in the hallway. Inside the room, two of the older girls, Belladonna and Morgana, were restraining one the younger girls against the wall as she screamed wildly. Furniture was flying around the room, books being hurled against the walls, and chairs being smashed against the windows in a hurricane that rivaled the storm outside.

    “Ms. Winters, please return the other girls to their rooms,” Sampson said calmly, striding forward through the chaos, narrowly avoiding being struck int he side of the head by a flying bedside table. He came upon the three girls on the other side of the room, and pressed his right thumb to the forehead of the screaming girl. “Lilith,” he rumbled deeply. “Hiberna!.”

    Lilith collapsed like a ragdoll, and behind them the furniture crashed to the floor in a jarring silence. Sampson instructed Belladonna and Morgana to bring Lilith to the nearest stable bed and lay her out. Belladonna pulled up a chair beside the bed and Sampson sat down, thanking her. He pulled his wand from inside his vest pocket, pressing the dark wood to his temple. His other hand rested flat on Lilith’s forehead. Sampson’s eyes slowly closed and he took in a deep breath, feeling the magic dulling his senses and sending him headlong into a deep bewitched sleep to search for Lilith.


    Sampson blinked, feeling the familiar haze that took a moment to calibrate whenever he entered someone else’s mind. Every inch of his body, from the tips of his fingers to the ends of his toes, vibrated with a strange air. His palms flickered in and out of focus like he was a mirage. He looked down, seeing his familiar wingtips standing on a bright-but-worn cobalt-blue carpet. He looked around at the high arched marble ceilings, massive stained glass windows, and wooden pews that seemed to stretch onto infinity. Everything was bathed in an ethereal white light, but rather than being angelic, it felt…blinding. It was too harsh and bright to the point that is was almost uncomfortable. 

    His footsteps echoed in the unnaturally empty space as he walked down the row of pews. He recognized this strange place as a center of worship, a place frequented by no-maj on Sundays. In most situations, Sampson would be nonplussed to find a church in someone’s mind. Many people, magical and mundane, sought refuge in religion for various reasons, and he was never one to judge that need. But in his case— in this mind— the appearance was deeply troubling. Every detail, every piece of wood and glass, was sharp and crisp—too clear to be just a dream. It was a place Lilith went often, whose minute detail was seared into her memory like a brand.

    Lilith Shelley, age eight, was House Irons newest Iron Witch. Sampson had adopted her from her mother less than a month ago, and it had been a long and drawn out battle. Mrs. Shelley was a fundamentalist, a religious woman with a very strict view of what was holy and what was not. When her daughter had her first sign of magic, it had been…troubling…to say the least. Sampson always placed a high priority on witches born to no-maj parents with very deep religious views. Unfortunately, there were still pockets of the country, particularly small towns, where witches were killed for the misfortune of being born into a superstitious family. Sampson and Ms. Winters had dropped everything when they learned about Lilith’s fate, and rushed to get her. The conditions they found the poor witch in were atrocious. It seemed there were still some people who thought magic was an unholy plague that a child must be "cleansed" of, and employed some of the most barbaric methods to do so.

    Sampson wasn’t sure how long he walked down in the dream, but he took great care not to disturb anything around him. Lilith had barely spoken ten words to him since she arrived, and he hadn't pushed her. He wanted to see exactly what nightmare had trapped the poor girl and caused her to go into a dreaming rage. He had seen many victims of abuse suffer the same side-effects, the long-term trauma often manifesting itself through suppressed magical powers. It spoke volumes of the agony and suffering within, and that was where the healing had to start.

    Eventually, Sampson managed to make his way to the front of the room, where he found Lilith. She was strung up, her hands and feet nailed to the wooden structure on the wall behind her. Her skin was covered dozens of cigarette burns and angry red welts. On her head sat a laurel of thorns, each one pricking her skin. The symbolism was not lost on Sampson, who felt his heart clenching with a deep sadness.

    “Lilith,” he called calmly.

    There was no response.

    “Lilith, can you hear me?”

    Still, no response.

    Sampson shook his head in disappointment, then sat back against a railing behind him. He stared at her for a long time, his dark eyes flickering over the horror before him. He sat in complete silence, and they were like two statues facing each other. So this is what the poor girl dreams about. Sampson could try all he wanted, but his voice would not reach her even here. Not yet. There were limitations to his magic, and whatever had hold of Lilith's mind had been there for a long, long time. The dark shadow that was looming around the corner had been given too much time to grow.


    Sampson opened his eyes.

    His mind spun like a top, but he quickly righted himself and grounded his spirit back in the waking plane. Behind him the night was starting to fade into a dull sunrise, red and purple peeking over the horizon. His back ached from sitting so still for the last two hours. Ms Winters was standing beside him, looking at Lilith worriedly.

    Sampson removed his hand from Lilith's clammy forehead, and he shook his head.

    “It's worse than we thought. The existing damage is too extensive," Sampson said, standing up.

    Ms. Winters asked what he saw as she placed a blanket over the now-sleeping girl.

    "Something quite terrifying, I am afraid," he said softly. "She is not beyond our help, but it will be a long recovery for her. Our only hope is to lend her the coven's strength until she is ready to leave that place on her own."

    That was just the way it went with some of the girls who had come from truly atrocious conditions. There was a limit to what his magic could do in a situation like this. But until then, that horror would be her prison.

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    ~ most species bare their teeth as a threat ~

    Name: Lwineah
    Character name: Ezekiel "Zeke" Rzhevsky
    Feature you are applying for: Unregistered Werewolf

    ~ as a display of aggression, of leadership ~

    The Prey: Ezekiel is a Muggleborn wizard, who in his early years struggled to find his part in society. He always felt out of place, different than others and having bad luck stuck to his feet.

    His older brother Iskandar was their parent's centre of attention which left him feeling lonely and invisible. Like he's not enough. He really wanted to hate his brother for this but Iskandar was the only person that really paid attention to him.  The only person that really cared for him. Iskandar always protected him, played with him, simply always stood by his side, while Zeke followed him around like a lovesick and clumsy puppy. He fancied him, envied how strong he was and crawled into his bed whenever he was haunted by bad dreams. He was a quiet and fragile kid with growing brother complex.

    Then came the letter, throwing this sensitive pipsqueak into a new huge world that had him clinging to Iskandar's side tighter than before. However, he was also hoping. He felt like he got a new chance to find where he belongs and make some friends. His brother's friends weren't the best choice, he found out soon. Eventually though, he managed to find a female and bubbly companion who helped him with studies as much as possible. He was clumsy, shy, his magic was weak, making Zeke struggle in classes greatly. Basically all of his grades were barely average apart from Marine Animals & Forest Beasts, where he always excelled. As if this wasn't already enough for him, his classmates and older students started to pick up on him, tormenting his already grey days. He felt even more out of place and lonely than before. Before he became a stupid wizard. He didn't like this gift at all, he hated it. He hated everything and everyone except Iskandar.

    Then his brother went missing. It was before Zeke's sixth year, when Iskandar graduated and their father took him to a hunting trip. They never returned that Holidays and Ezekiel almost didn't attend another year at school. His grades dropped even lower, the boy was barely hanging in the school. He became more distant and introverted and pushed away everyone who at least tolerated spending time with him. He spoke rudely to anyone who stepped closer than he liked, making others dislike him even more. At least he wasn't bullied anymore, being one of the oldest students in Koldovstoretz at that time. His magic was due to his mental state even weaker than was usual for him which only made the boy want to snap his wand in half and leave. He wanted to forget about ever being magically gifted. He planned to go back to a non-magical life in a non-magical world and live normally after graduating. Muggle life might not have been perfect but it was lot less of a hell for him.

    When Christmas during his seventh year came around though, Zeke was given a miracle. His brother, breathing and alive, showed up at the door of their house. Ezekiel wouldn't ever admit it but he cried, when he saw Iskandar before him. It was one of the best things that ever happened to him. For a while, his world had brightened, became better. But this all came to a stop, when a full moon came around and a horrific creature barged into their house. His mother was killed without mercy that night and Zeke almost ended up the same. If it wasn't for the solid and sharp object his hand brushed against as he was pulled, he might haven't survived. The night was full of moments that were a pure luck on his side which gave him the opportunity to see sun again.

    Zeke was able to escape the creature by using the sharp object, hitting the wolf into head with everything he had. He half-ran and half-crawled into another room and locked himself there and blocked the door with other things. He snuggled into a corner then and waited, weak and wounded. The smell of blood provoked the creature, it banged on the door the whole night, little by little until it was able to get inside. For Zeke it was hell. Longest minutes of his life before, even though it was just a few minutes, the sun slid inside the room and the creature above him started to change and shrink, shape into something else. Someone else. Zeke was terrified before but it was nothing compared to the second he recognized the person. He never felt so hurt and betrayed in his whole life like in that moment. Iskandar had always been his safe haven, someone he could trust and give his life to. Someone who would never hurt him. In one painful moment everything he believed was shattered to pieces.

    Zeke was shocked to find out his brother did all this to him. He assumed his father probably didn't come back for the same reason. He didn't let the other touch him, didn't want him to, he was terrified of him. His brother seemed to be weak though and Ezekiel found himself standing on his feet and heading for his room to pack his things. He ignored everything else in the house, his stomach doing dangerous flips, and left, despite his wounds and the fact he himself was really weak and exhausted. Of course, it didn't take him long till he blacked out. It was another pure luck on his part that a young healer found him there and treated his wounds. At that time though, Zeke wished to die instead as he found out what had became of him.

    The Wolf: When Zeke was turned, it was a real curse for him at first. He was frightened by the realization that he was going to transform into such rabid animal once a month, every full moon. He was seeing the creature as a monster. He tried to find somewhere to stay, went from city to city, muggle or not, but everywhere he felt like he was being watched. He felt like everyone could tell upon looking at him. Like everyone was judging him. Him, the freak of nature. Zeke desperately tried to find a place to stay. Find himself a job but eventually he was always fired, or he left from fear of really being discovered after a night of full moon, when his jaws got color by red. He also came to despise people a bit for their prejudice against what they feared, which later made him leave the civilization completely. He withdrew into deep forests and stayed there. Alone, he was finally able to focus solely on himself. He was able to calm down and think. He was able to get to know his own being and this curse. His wolf.

    What he hated, he came to love in the end. The bite opened him another way to different corner of this world, where the boy finally found himself. The longer he lived with the wolf the more he became comfortable in his own skin. The more he learned how to coordinate his body and use the abilities, like better senses of the wolf, to his advantage. He came to love the night, when he could transform, and run around the dark forest, no problems on his mind. He came to love nature and wild. He came to understand his wolf, took it as himself.

    Zeke grew stronger and more independent. From a fragile boy became a brave wild man. His hurt turned into bitterness, loneliness and the feeling of betrayal into anger. He spent out of cities years before he was driven away by Werewolf hunter that found him. He came back to civilization but has a hard time blending in. Sometimes, when he's not careful he acts more as an animal rather than wizard.

    He doesn't know how to act, when he talks to people, and to say the truth he would rather not to have to talk to them. He's still very reserved and quiet. He doesn't trust people. Being himself, not taming his wolf, being free doesn't mean he's a monster like many believe. Previous experience proved him that majority say about Werewolves to be dangerous bloodthirsty things that are too dangerous or not as high standing as others. He got to feel what fear of Werewolves in people can do to his kind. He got burnt and learned not to get close to fire. Despite holding back, keeping himself isolated, Zeke is still, just as wolves are, sociable creature that likes the presence of others. He wants friends and physical contact, he’s quite needy and hungry for it, had always been.

    However, Zeke is easily hurt, which usually makes him bare his teeth. He has serious problems with anger. Those bottled up feelings from years, hurt, unfairness with which he met as werewolf had made him not only bitter but also moody and quite aggressive. He is led by his primary instincts, survival ones, that tell him to fight or attack where's a threat. He puts his everything into what he does, never does anything half-assed but leaves what doesn’t have any purpose. He is very judging, quick to jump into conclusions, and serious. His humor is quite morbid and dark, if it could even be called like that. A smile is rather rare thing for the Werewolf.

    Zeke has strong sense of loyalty and sticks to people he cares about and trusts. He would give up his life for them, to protect theirs. Even if he’s hurt by a person he cares about, he can’t help but still feel responsible for their safety and wouldn’t be able to hurt them any seriously. His wolf is very moody just as Zeke himself is. Black fur, smaller but sturdy body that gives advantage in speed, sharp canines and claws. Eyes burning ember with flecks of blue that show a humane intelligence. He has a great memory for scents. Some provoke the animal, bring out the beast, some though can make the wolf act calm, a bit domestically. The wolf respects familiar scents as it knows they don’t mean harm. Being around though, is still like walking on a minefield. One wrong or suspicious move and it ends.

    ~ it is a reminder that these clenched jaws ~

    After my last application, I thought the next time I would sent one will be for the same character, Zeus Tolyniev, and his deformed curse with some edits I needed to do. Instead I ended up going for an “ordinary” werewolf with a completely different nature, in their core. As far as I can compare these two, the only thing they share is that these two men are both Russian and have some wolfish characteristic features.

    Ezekiel is a Werewolf who embraces his wolf, while Zeus was supposed to fear it and fight it. He was supposed to suffer and live in concern of him hurting the people he loves. But as I sat down to edit his application I somehow couldn’t bring myself to do it. I felt like something wasn’t right there. I didn’t have a single good idea how to fit his differencies into werewolf’s body so it wouldn’t be too abnormal and non-werewolf. How to explain why I didn’t want a normal werewolf. I even considered just making him without any deformations few times but it went nowhere, it didn’t seem right and I was stuck either way. I couldn’t put the finger on it though. Why?

    Then I started brainstorming on Ezekiel. I just wanted to know a bit more about him, he had been lying in my sandbox for a while. I can still remember how he suddenly jumped out of bush at me, totally out of nowhere, as a black rabid wolf. Then I read this fanfiction about a boy, a guy who lived in wild from his birth and didn’t know how to act human, and somehow this clicked with Zeke’s character. That was my primary image of him, a raw idea.

    Then Katya wrote me about plots for Iskandar, asking about Zeus. Sadly, I didn’t really have any ideas plus Zeus was supposed to be bitten by his mother not an unknown werewolf. I decided to offer Zeke, and somehow those two ended up becoming brothers. It was the breaking point for Ezekiel because suddenly the whole history and his character and why he is how he is started making sense to me. He grew in front of my eyes, so I focused on him and decided to make application for him first, putting Zeus aside for a while.

    When I started working on the app I came to a realization about Zeus that made me see what it was that seemed so wrong about him and why I couldn’t get any ideas on him. I realized I was trying to fit Zeus into something he wasn't. I simply took the black veins and his other differences, that are what he is, and tried to fit him into a wolf's coat. A wolf's coat that belongs to someone else, precisely Ezekiel Rzhevsky. I was really surprised by how easily Zeke and his feature came to me, how perfectly he fitted the image of werewolf and how quickly he developed. Most importantly, how comfortable I felt about writing all of this. I didn't have to sit and think for hours about how to fit him into this, how to write his application and what to say - until I got a headache from it and done just a one crappy paragraph. With Zeke I sat down and simply wrote, it all came to me as my fingers ran over the keyboard. I gave up trying to force Zeus into something else and dropped the idea of him being werewolf, putting him aside to figure out what the hell he really is. And I finally gave all my attention to Zeke and this application.

    Becoming werewolf allowed Zeke many things. He found his freedom and started getting to know himself. This allowed him to grow. To become strong and confident. To become his own person that doesn't have to depend on his big brother in everything. To have his eyes opened with harsh reality of having to fight for everything. Of having to live his own life not his brother’s. Of having to stop pitying himself and whine and hate all useless detail instead of the real thread. Stop being a crybaby and trying to make himself his own grave. It allowed him to see what he wants from life, what’s really important and what not. The bite made from a fragile and weak boy that was scared of the big world out there, a samurai. Not a soldier that listens to orders, but an independent warrior of honor.

    All I can say is that everyone has a way of getting to know themselves. Everyone has a way of learning and growing. Everyone has a way of searching for the things they want from life, where they want to go, what do they strive for, how they’ll cope with what the future offers them to their content and how they’ll use mistakes and dark moments to become even stronger and most importantly...happy. How they’ll learn from bad experiences? The bite was a start of this.

    Being a werewolf is Zeke’s path of finding and learning that keeps his eyes open to reality.

    ~ can and will open your yielding throat ~

    General plot: Is about Zeke and how he will continue to grow. How he copes with being back in cities, having job and the need to talk to others. It's about him learning again what it means to act as human but don't loose himself. It's about him trying to blend back in, find a life. He isolated himself to grow up, get his own person together, now he needs to start making the life he never had before. Friends, maybe some old familiar faces, and a partner, having the chance to finally explore his desires. I’m eager to see how he will cope with his hate towards wizards and learning manners along the way so he wouldn't be suspicious to the outer world. Healing his lonely and dried out heart. I feel that this offers many kinds of potential plots and threads with various characters and situations. I want to start with Zeke almost from the beginning, few months after he started living in London. Freshly after he worked out the contract with the Ministry and found a tiny place to live in so he wouldn't have to sleep homeless on streets.
    Iskandar Rzhevsky: Will try to search for his brother and that will have him come near the London. During the full moon he will come across his younger brother in his wolf form but they will not recognize each other. Because Iskandar will be on Zeke's "territory" and the other will feel threatened, he will attack Iskandar. They are going to fight, both will live and one of them is going to win, both injured badly after. Later, Iskandar will find his brother and upon their first bump-into-each-other they will recognize the other's scent which will result in Ezekiel being angry and hurt once again (probably throwing a fit), bringing out the pain from years ago. Iskandar won't give up on this, trying to make his brother trust him again. He will hung around him, making the other only annoyed at first. The future where this develops is uncertain but I'm pretty sure it's gonna involve this special feature and bits of it rather often.
    Dante Boscono: Is a Healer at St. Mungo's. He works with creature induced injuries and is gonna meet Zeke after he comes to the hospital to treat his wounds which he got during the full moon. Dante will bump into Zeke after a while again, as he gets injured during the full moon pretty often, and eventually figures out who Ezekiel really is. He's not gonna tell anyone though and that will make the Werewolf trust him and open up to him a bit. Those two will probably become friends. There's a one more plot for later, when Zeke gets into fight with his brother Iskandar in his wolf form, he will try to apparate to his apartment but injured and weak ends up somewhere unknown. By a lucky coincidence he will end up at the door of Dante himself who will take him in and treat him.
    Niska Zukov: Will definitely know about Zeke being a werewolf. Niska is the one who took him under his wing and is going to help him with blending in. He is a strong fighter, able to handle Zeke, when the wolf flips and have enough patience to cope with the stubborn wizard. He probably helped him with searching for a job or what he could look for in the first place, so it would fit his persona and his abilities. He will teach him how to act like a human not a wolf, put a bit of social sense into his head. Possibly teach him better English since Zeke's ability to use languages has turned pretty imperfect over the years of living in wild. There is a lot of possibilities of what could happen during his time with Niska as well, considering this special feature.
    Medusa: Lives on an island alone. During his first years in wild Zeke traveled a lot and was able to visit the island and meet Medusa. Since she isn’t completely human he feels closer to her and is going to come back to the island to visit her. He will probably tell her about being a werewolf willingly, maybe even show her what he can do without the full moon. And who knows, he might visit her more times than once. 
    Ashley Morigan: Is a Vampire hunter just as Zeke is. They will work together on hunting them and along the way will become friends. Zeke is going to develop a strong feelings of friendship towards him, trusting Ashley. Eventually though, Ash is going to find out about Zeke being Werewolf which will make Ashley hate him and Zeke feel betrayed and angry once again. Ashley is probably going to try to kill Zeke eventually. That only makes questions like 'will they ever be friends again' arise and another plots will have to find answers for it, which will definitely involve Zeke's wolf side as well.

    ~ and i want you to think of this the next time i smile ~

    A loud thwack predicted the arrival of a bloody clothed man. An elegant robe, falling from his shoulders was covering majority of his body, revealing only dark jeans that hugged his legs. He was barefoot and his face was hidden under cowl. The man slowly started to walk down the meadow, nearing a forest that towed far away from where his eyes could see.

    Zeke stopped before entering the woods and sat down, pulling the cowl away. He looked up and just watched the sky for a while as the sun that was slowly lowering, colored horizon to shades of red and orange. The left corner of his mouth lifted up slightly for a quick second. It was a beautiful view.

    He leaned against a tree, blue eyes trained upwards, while his fingers ran over the grass. He took a long deep breath, enjoying the fresh air and the sound of birds singing. Those were one of the many things he missed since he started living in city. Also the smell of needles or flowers. They were things that were really rare in London. Smog and other foul smells only killed his nose. On the other side, if he wanted to go back to living in wild he could. Only, he didn’t want to. He wanted to have a life, wanted to know how does it feel to live like others. Maybe then, if he’ll see it’s not for him he’ll leave. But he wanted to know what he already forgot and what other’s had on daily basis.

    Tonight though, he was going to be all by himself. Will be himself. He could feel how his wolf was restless. How much the animal, the beast wanted to get out. He couldn’t wait either even though he never knew what he did during the full moon. But the feeling of running through the forest, the light of the moon, always came back to him in dreams. He called them memories. Fragments.

    Zeke didn’t wait until the sun disappeared, leaving the earth in the clutches of night. He wasn’t able to sit there for so long. He slid off his robe and jeans, leaving his skin bared. He folded his clothes into a pile and placed it beside one of the trees. Kneeling, he then gave one last look to the aggressively colored horizon before he ordered his body to move. He leaped from the ground in a one swift movement, feet digging into the dirt, and he was disappearing in the forest’s depth.

    As he ran, the trees around were only dark shadows to him. They were passing him every second like a never ending crowd of spectators. He zigzagged between the tree trunks with ease, used to the feeling of sharp things hitting his bare feet. Used to the sting, if a thin branch slashed his skin. He ignored it, it wasn’t a pain worth attention. Instead he focused on the feeling of freedom as he ran. The wind against his bare skin that made his heart flutter in happiness. He got to feel it much less than before and he missed it. He missed running miles of wild nature, race against the wind, fight against a fiery river. That was a real feeling. That was a real ecstasy, something that the people in cities were robbed off. He pitied them for it. For being so blind. They weren’t able to see what they had right under their noses. But people were blind to many other things. Led by fear.

    Ezekiel stopped.

    He looked up to the sky that was now almost dark. He looked around, breathing wildly, everywhere only trees. He could feel sweat trickling down his back as he continued deeper into the forest, now simply walking.

    The dark came soon, the moon as well and Zeke found himself scratching the bite mark on his left pecs that started to itch. It was all going fast. His body was buzzing and heating up. Zeke closed his eyes to focus on the feeling. The heat slowly increased and soon his muscles started to burn. He could feel the light of the moon on his skin.

    He growled, feeling the strong pull inside his gut that was telling him the transformation was starting. A second later his eyes opened, revealing a bright ember orbs that hungrily stared at the white planet on the sky, asking for more. He groaned as he felt his teeth growing into sharp canines and opened his mouth to take in the scents surrounding him. He inhaled sharply, when he heard the first disgusting cracks, followed by a sharp pain. The man cried out. His mouth soon turned into muzzle, limbs shaping and lengthening. All along the man sniffed in pain, black fur sprouting from his bare back. Suddenly, his neck snapped sharply to the side in a unnatural way, a loud crack echoing. There was a long terrifying silence.

    Then a howl cut the stillness open.
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