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Daisuke smiled shyly at his favourite professor. Kikuchi-sensei was right with what he said - Daisuke felt a lot more confident now after this private lesson than he had for the last weeks. He had expected to make progress and learn more about the art of summoning but he had not expected that this would make him feel so much better. The boy felt exhausted now that the lesson had come to an end and yet he had rarely felt more at ease, more satisfied with himself than at this particular moment.

"I won't let you down, Kikuchi-sensei," Daisuke said eagerly. He really didn't want to let his professor down. Kikuchi-sensei was such a great professor and a very skilled wizard. That a man like him had taken the time to give him a private lesson made Daisuke feel overly proud and grateful.

"Thank you again for taking the time to work with me. It's been an honour and it really helped me a lot." Daisuke bowed again and watched as the snowflake origami rolled into his professor's open hand. It filled him with pride to know that the spirit would still recognise him as his summoner. One day he would maybe be almost as skilled as his professor. He'd just have to keep working hard and never give up.

"I will watch out for him," Daisuke said, smiling at the snowflake origami fondly. Then he watched as Kikuchi-sensei left, leaving him alone in the dojo. Now that the private lesson was over, Daisuke did not want to stay either. So, with a little delay, he followed the older wizard outside. The cold air filled his lungs and he felt relieved and refreshed. He wasn't ready to meet his mates just yet so the boy decided to take a little walk in the winter scenery and dreamed about his future as skilled summoner.

[Daisuke out]