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The Sorting Hat / Re: Character changes & retcons!
« Last post by Jasper Janus Thorne on Yesterday at 06:11:02 PM »
Character's name: Jasper Janus Thorne
Changes made: updated to 2nd year - added 1st year to history. Rest is pretty much the same.
The Sorting Hat / Re: Sort me!
« Last post by Victoria Yetneut Yazova on September 23, 2017, 07:40:12 PM »
Character's name: @Victoria Yetneut Yazova
Link to character's EFBs (if applicable): -
Does this character have an approved special feature? If so, please link to the application: -
The Sorting Hat / Re: Sort me!
« Last post by Cassiopeia Fawley on September 23, 2017, 10:04:11 AM »

Character's name: Cassiopeia Luna Fawley(Used to be Joy April Bailey)
Link to character's EFBs (if applicable): N/A
Does this character have an approved special feature? If so, please link to the application: N/A

I'm posting here again as I have made some major changes to Joy, such as changing her name and house. Her history and personality have also changed.
Questions & Answers / Re: Muggleborn struggles
« Last post by Sophie on September 21, 2017, 01:59:38 PM »
I don't think azkaban is likely. Remember the "wandless" in the seventh book who were begging in Diagon Alley? I think an underage muggleborn without a wand (like your guy) would probably have just been told he was forbidden from attending school or obtaining a wand.
Questions & Answers / Re: Muggleborn struggles
« Last post by Lwineah on September 21, 2017, 10:05:59 AM »
So basically
a) they didn't find out until the next year, if somehow Ministry forgot them but I kinda think that's unlikely they would let them be
so basically better possibility or more realistic could be
b) some ally that helped these kids like @Amy suggested
c) or they were thrown into Azkaban?

so far? :D
Ceremony Hall / Re: [BoT] to stay seven years on a rock (open)
« Last post by Akiyama Rei on September 21, 2017, 02:29:53 AM »
Yes… she was definitely still sunburnt.

Rei grimaced slightly as she pressed on different parts of her shoulder, trying to re-assess as discretely as possible. She’d done a meticulous job of shielding her face from the sun during her summer in the Caribbean – but the Kitsunebi had unfortunately neglected the tops of her shoulders one too many times. It had mostly escaped her notice over the past week, what with wearing loose-fitting summer clothes, but it had been brought sharply back to her attention this morning when she’d settled her bag over her shoulder and let out a muffled squeak of pain. She certainly missed the island already… but it was nice to be back, too. Perhaps the Hospital Wing would have an ointment she could use to speed up the healing process.

The Fourth Year was distracted from her musings as her wandering gaze fastened on the Class One Yokai present, and her dark eyes nearly bugged out of her head with excitement. How had Headmaster Ogami managed that? Before she had an opportunity to dwell on it further, though, a familiar figure crossed into her line of sight.
Rei compressed her lips slightly. Ren had told her just before they’d left the Academy that he and Natsuo had reconciled and were on good terms again… but Rei wouldn’t be so easily convinced. Natsuo had said some awful things to her brother last term, and Rei for one was not quite prepared to forgive and forget that in a hurry. But Ren had asked her to be nice… so she would. At least, she wouldn’t instigate anything – Rei felt more comfortable promising that. And then there was the fact that both boys had been made Tengu, – at the thought, her heart swelled with pride for her brother – which meant they’d need to work together more closely, and without issue. Perhaps that was the reason behind their reconciliation.

Cutting her gaze away from the older Kitsunebi so he wouldn’t have a chance to read her less-than-friendly expression, she refocused on the entrance to the hall just in time to see the First Years arrive. Resisting the urge to clap her hands together excitedly, Rei immediately began looking for her cousin and was successful within all of ten seconds. She tried to catch Misaki’s eye and waggle her eyebrows playfully, but her little cousin wasn’t paying attention. The small Japanese witch had her chin thrust upwards, behaving in her usual fashion – as though she were above such silly matters as pre-Sorting nerves – and all the while sneaking covert glances to see who was watching her. Rei resisted the urge to roll her eyes but couldn’t hold back a small smile. Misaki was famous – and she loved the attention it drew.

Headmaster Ogami called them to attention then, and Rei obediently whipped her head back around to the front and listened respectfully. When the Sorting Ceremony began, she couldn’t help but wonder where Misaki would end up. Her family had been Mizuchi – but if Rei was a betting woman, it wouldn’t be on that. Her poor cousin had thought otherwise, though, judging by the expression of sheer disbelief on her young face as she emerged from behind the folding screen to cheers from Rei’s own table. Beaming, the Fourth Year shifted over to make room for her little cousin beside her.

“Welcome to the best House!” she whispered to Misaki with a grin, nudging the younger girl’s shoulder playfully. The Sorting ended shortly thereafter and Rei gave a small sigh of relief at the appearance of food, helping herself to a little bit of everything within her immediate reach.

@Akiyama Ren @Sono Natsuo @Miyahara Misaki Let me know if the mentions/content are okay! <33
The Sorting Hat / Re: Sort me!
« Last post by Yoel Baird on September 20, 2017, 06:42:49 PM »
Character's name: @Yoel Baird
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The Sorting Hat / Re: Sort me!
« Last post by Devasha Koranda on September 20, 2017, 06:39:54 AM »
Character's name: Devasha Koranda
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Questions & Answers / Re: Muggleborn struggles
« Last post by Amy on September 20, 2017, 04:02:32 AM »
Total random suggestion, but maybe we could have some sort of mh!canon to make things a little more clear like an npc who was an ootp member/ally/sympathiser working in the commission who was identifying the ickle muggleborns and tipping off folks to help spirit them away for their protection? or falsifying papers, helping divert them to another magical school like bb, etc??
Questions & Answers / Re: Muggleborn struggles
« Last post by Olivia on September 20, 2017, 02:54:57 AM »
Agreed with Helena in that canon is veryyy murky on this hahah.

Yeah to my knowledge, Eilis is the only Muggleborn we have played that should have matriculated that year - I remember we posted an announcement advising new drivers against making a Muggleborn character for that term because things were so topsy-turvy, and I don't think anyone has since created a Muggleborn that should have matriculated during DH.

My original thoughts on this (I think, at least) was that Muggleborns that would have matriculated that year wouldn't have gotten a Hogwarts letter in the thought that the Ministry might just let them live as Muggles and never tell them they were magical. But then they wouldn't have gotten a demand-for-Muggleborn-registration letter so idk what exactly I was thinking there.
But now that I'm thinking about it more, what if the "roster" of magical children doesn't give their blood status or any other information? If that's the case, they may have gotten a letter and then gotten grilled in Diagon Alley. Unless the Ministry literally researched these new Muggleborns and then selectively sent or didn't send letters... idk.

In summary - I have nothing useful to contribute haha. I think we need to decide on something in admin for a protocol going forward... I'll look back in the posts from when I Sorted Eilis to see if I brought it up at that time, pretty sure I did but can't remember if we ever came to a consensus.
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