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[bunkasai] a ship is always safe at shore.. [eilis]
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but that's not what it's built for.

It had been two months since Jaspar had spent time with Eilis at summer camp but it had felt more like two years. The more he learned about her the more he yearned to spend time with her. It was a strange feeling for the young boy, something he was unfamiliar with but completely enjoying. Anytime something happened at school his first and strongest thought was always 'I've got to write Eilis about this'. He enjoyed having someone he could share every detail with with out fear of judgment. He didn't have to pretend with her or try to be cooler than he really was and it was refreshing. He didn't worry about what she might think partially because they had returned to writing letters when the term began but mostly because he trusted her. Jaspar had few friends and he was happy to count Eilis as one of them now.

With his father working in the magically liaison office with the French ministry Jaspar had heard about the Bunkasai event before it was announced at their school. Sure the idea of seeing another school, travelling some where new, and experiencing new magic was enticing but really the only thing that had sold him on the idea was that students from any school could attend. Which meant Hogwarts. That night he had written to Eilis to tell her about the event and basically plead with her to join him in Japan. And since he had sent his feeble owl off with the letter he had been looking forward to today with an eagerness that was nearly swallowing him whole.

Despite the fact that they had been writing for more than half a year and they had spent a good bit of time together during the summer Jaspar still felt nervous as he arrived at Mahoutokoro with the rest of his Beauxbatons classmates. They were the second group of students to arrive which meant Hogwarts couldn't be far behind. Jaspar tried to calm his nerves as he placed the light blue colored stole over his shoulders. The magic bound in the soft fabric was wonderful and he was suddenly able to understand the words of the Headmaster. His palms were sweating as they moved into the next room to hear about the rules and Jaspar took a seat by himself at a table. Partially because he was socially awkward and tended to sit alone but also because he hoped it would set him apart from the crowd and make it easier for Eilis to find him.

His stomach was doing somersaults as he ran his hand through his hair, messing it up in the usual way and making himself look like a bit of a lost fool. He tried to busy himself with his map of exhibitions and was pleasantly surprised that he could actually read the characters in the pamphlet. Removing his stole for a moment he watched as the etchings became foreign to him once more. He spent the next few minutes putting on and removing the enchanted cloth just to watch the magic work.