In short, yes. However, alterations to your profile must be submitted for administrator approval. If you're planning to make big changes (such as changing your characters age by several years) you need to contact an administrator before making edits to ensure your plans can be accommodated. Smaller changes, such as height or hair color, can be edited straightaway. Once you've made the edits to your profile application, submit them for review via this thread.

The application for your character is contained within your account's profile page. You can access it by selecting Profile > Forum Profile from the menu bar, or by simply clicking here. On this page, go through and fill in the applicable fields, making sure to click the 'Change Profile' button at the bottom when you are finished or ready to take a break. This will save your work! When you are finished filling out the fields, head over to this topic to let the admin team know you're ready to be reviewed. Once you've posted in that thread, a team member will review your profile and let you know if there are any alterations to be made. After that, you will be approved and ready to roleplay!

If you would prefer to connect with other users and take some time to fill out your application, you are welcome to use the sandbox. Create a new topic on this board and use this application as a guide; it matches the fields you'll need to enter in your profile. The sandbox is an excellent place to make connections for your characters as well as to brainstorm your ideas.

Generally the administration responds to new sheets within 48 hours. Should you find yourself waiting longer, please BUMP your topic by replying to the thread with the word "bump." Please keep in mind that admins do have lives outside of MH and that we do our best to get to sheets as soon as we can.

Yes. An employment directory is available in the Established Family Backgrounds board with an updated list of the types of jobs that wizarding families on the board currently specialize in. The list is sorted by the status of the family and category of work for convenience.

Established Family Backgrounds, or EFBs, are a way for the administration to keep track of families on MH and their class status and occupation. All characters from pureblood families are required to submit an EFB for both sides of the family when they submit their sheet for sorting. If your character is a halfblood (where one side of the family is pureblood), you are required to submit an EFB for the pureblood side of the family. While you are not required to submit an EFB for halfblood lines, you are welcome to.

All characters who would like their character to be rich or influential must also submit an application for admin approval prior to submitting their EFB. This application can be found in the Rich / Influential Applications topic located in the Established Family Backgrounds board.

Once your EFB has been approved we ask that you only edit it to add in additional characters and connections. We ask that history alterations to EFBs be run by an admin or resubmitted for approval. Do not alter the colors or the EFB code in any way.

If you have any additional questions, please read through the Established Family Backgrounds Guide or post your question in the Questions & Answers forum.

In order to age your character, you must contact an administrator with a legitimate reason for aging the character. Once you've gotten approval for aging the character, revisions to your profile application must be submitted and approved via this thread.