In short, yes.

However, both twins must be played characters, where the twin sibling is played by a different driver. Twins will not be approved otherwise. Additionally, twins will not be approved as extra siblings unless both twins are played.

Also, this policy is the same for triplets/quadruplets/etc. All must be played by different drivers in order to be approved.

If you have any questions, please ask an admin.

Yes. Each new user account must also be registered with a different email address.

Your character is considered a pureblood if ALL of his or her ancestors were also pureblood. Any combination of pureblood, halfblood, and/or muggleborn wizards in the history would make the character a halfblood. If both parents are muggles, then the wizard is a muggleborn. Please see the Blood Status Guide for more information.

An adoption is when you play another person’s character and intend to keep this character permanently. The original creator of the character will relinquish all control and you will be responsible for the character’s sheet, design and role play posts.

Some characters offered for adoption may already have a sheet. This may have been made by the original creator (if the character isn’t played) or the previous driver (if the character existed before and is changing hands for one reason or another). As a general rule you are not required to rewrite the sheet. However, it needs to be resubmitted with a new role play response written by you.

Borrowing is taking over another person’s character for a certain period of time.

Borrowing creates unnecessary upheaval in the RP community. Aside from generating administrative effort for the sorting admins and Gringotts team, it also is confusing to the members and leads to instability in character. Borrowing usually leads to OOC and IC conflicts if the loaned character is not played according to the creator’s wishes. With that being said, borrowing is not allowed.

If you plan to go away for a while and are worried about your characters being deleted, please contact Mateusz Dąbrowski, or better yet just save your sheet to your hard drive. There is nothing stopping you from resubmitting a character after an extended leave.