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Dedication is our Policy

Magical Hogwarts is run by a team of experienced administrators. Each of them is working on a voluntary basis dedicating their free time and resources to Magical Hogwarts. Below you can meet the members of the staff and learn more about them.

The Admin Team:


Position: Head Administrator
About: Fee is a 28 year old Israeli who currently resides in the USA, specifically Texas. She is a freelance web designer by day and a Netflix junkie by night. In school she studied Computer Science, and she's worked as a Software Engineer before. She's a lover of languages and is fluent in quite a few. She owns four dogs, and in her free time she likes to pretend she lives on a puppy farm. She loves listening to music, making art in photoshop, reading and writing, traveling, and watching tv. Her favorite tv shows are How to Get Away With Murder, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Agent Carter, and The Librarians.


Position: Hogwarts Main Administrator
About: Toya is a 26 year old Blaxican American from the proud city of Detroit, MI. She was born in Texas, and have lived in at least 12 different cities. She likes Sailor Moon, Harry Potter crossover fanfiction, makeup, and Pikachu. She works full time at Lids, and might be obsessed with tea. Black Mamba loves chicken, might even be obsessed. Drop off any of those things at her Beyonce altar, and she'll love you for life.


Position: Durmstrang Main Administrator
About: Rinn is a curly-haired, 25 year old from Philadelphia. When she's not at work for the NHL Flyers, she can be found writing, making graphics, reading, hanging with friends, or going to zumba. She likes Disney Princess movies, chicken, and the color teal. She uses the word 'dude' way too often, loves Tom Hiddleston and all things Loki, and would love to work at Disney World when she grows up.


Position: Beauxbatons Main Administrator
About: Sioban is a 25 year old lady girl from the north of England. She's currently studying for her Masters in Chester University and she works both as a florist and for a greetings card company part time. She has one cat, a love of travel, languages and a battered old camera called Mimi that she takes everywhere. She likes art and cupcakes, blogging and has a deep obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch for which, she had reliably been told, there is no cure.


Position: Mahoutokoro Main Administrator
About: Meridian is a 21 year old goblin who is constantly afflicted with all the feels. She is currently a university student, wondering why she sold her soul to molecular biology and is now preparing to sell whatever's left to law school (if she survives that long). When not on MH (which is pretty rare) she likes drawing, reading, writing crazy stories, surfing, and cleaning things. But more than anything, her favorite pass-time is "blobbing", which involves laying in her bed in her underwear and watching tv, while consuming boba or nachos. She loves, loves dark characters and insane plots, probably a little too much.


Position: Graphics Administrator - Beauxbatons Team
About: Tori is a 24 year old woman-child from Washington. When she's not creeping on random threads on the MH boards, she can usually be found in her bed, watching Netflix or playing outdated Xbox 360 games. She spends the rest of her time taking general schooling courses and photoshopping pop-stars heads onto Disney Princess's bodies. She has one too many cats and a dog, all of whom she loves with all of her heart. Indie films are sort of her thing, and her favorites are Safety Not Guaranteed, The One I Love, and The Way, Way Back.


Position: Events Administrator ~ Durmstrang Team
About: Samm is a 25 year old from Michigan who's been on MH for nearly 10 years. She works long hours as a retail sales manager and loves her job. She enjoys painting, graffiti, sharpies, loud music, the color purple, elephants, cars, & writing. She has an unhealthy obsession with playing solitaire and binging on Netflix shows. Shes always down for threads and plots so message anytime!


Position: Special Features Administrator, Durmstrang Team
About: Mickie is an 18 year old Bahamian female child thing who is obsessed with Pinterest, The Sims, food, Youtube, and this website. She can usually be found hiding under the covers watching Scandal, or in the kitchen trying out new recipes while listening to Bob Marley. Disney movies are her favourite kind of movies, and when she was younger she wanted to be a cat because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at.


Position: Sandbox Administrator ~ Hogwarts Team
About: Castor is a 30 year old British subject of complicated gender. He works in web development and likes to split the rest of his time between art, amateur dramatics, table-top roleplaying (he DMs Dungeons and Dragons and plays in two versions of Vampire), xbox gaming, being a badass godparent and, of course, MH. He's been knocking around MH for about 8 years, give or take a couple of hiatuses and he loves torturing his characters with plots that push them to their limits.


Position: Community Relations Administrator ~ Hogwarts Team
About: Gavin is a 29 year old Irish guy with an inability to settle, currently residing in various parts of Central Europe and changing his location every few months. When not hanging out on the board reading everyone's posts, he works in a bank and finds it very difficult to stay awake during the daylight hours. His interests include taking photographs with a camera he can barely use, watching long-forgotten BBC horror anthologies from the 1970's, attempting to play the synthesiser badly, and annoying his girlfriend. He sometimes wonders how easy it would be to defect into North Korea, just for the craic. Please plot with him.


Position: Quidditch Administrator ~ Mahoutokoro Team
About: Taed is an almost 30-annuals (and dreading it) living in Michigan with his wife, toddler daughter, and very derpy familiar. They call him a "data entry clerk" at the electric co-operative he works at, but really he does about three people's jobs including programmer and trainer. In his spare time he teaches psionic qi and meditation, records music (about once a year), and studies orthography, philosophy, and religion. Although he's only been on MH for a year (give or take), he can't seem to stop babbling about how much he loves it; when he's not bogged down by work and diaper changing, he's always up for a good plot!


Position: Games/Sandbox Administrator ~ Hogwarts Team
About: Olivia is a 25-year-old Marylander, recently transplanted to Virginia. She is a first-year medical student who joined MH back in 2008/2009 and has been hooked ever since! When she’s not studying until her eyes fall out or lurking about MH, she’s probably reading, attempting to catch up on lost sleep, or playing some sport or another. And desperately trying not to think about the mountain of student loan debt she’s accumulating. She also loves singing (albeit not very well), music, horseback riding, puzzles, puppies/kittens, spending time with friends/ her boyfriend, hot tea, and thunderstorms. Feel free to message her anytime to plot, ask questions, or just chat!


Position: Adult Character Administrator ~ Mahoutokoro Team
About: Taylor is a 24 year old uni student with a seriously unhealthy relationship with the internet. She spends most of her time reading, writing essays, watching tv shows, wasting time on imgur, listening to music, and lurking on MH. When she's not in front of a screen of some sort she's most probably taking long walks alone or hanging out with friends. She's obsessed with everything animated, Wes Anderson movies, torturing her characters plotting, fiddling with photoshop while listening to ebooks/podcasts, things that come in threes, and sending memes to her boyfriend. Feed her and she'll love you forever!


Position: Wiki Administrator ~ Beauxbatons Team
About: Christine is a 26-year-old mother of corgis currently living in south Florida. She collects music and magnets and is mildly obsessed with Wes Anderson and the US National Parks Service. She trains for marathons so she has an excuse to eat carbs all the time (and she is almost always talking about food). She speaks a handful of languages but for some reason German is proving impossible to learn. She's been a member of MH since 2006 and definitely plays favorites with her characters.


Position: Games Administrator ~ Beauxbatons Team
About: Dylan is a 25 year old Slytherin from Orlando, FL who has been lurking on MH since 2007. He works in Security at Walt Disney World, and spends his free time imbibing copious amounts of caffeine and becoming a South Park encyclopedia. He eventually would like to go to grad school for psychology when he has enough money/stops being a lazy bum. He loves adoptable characters, plotting, and sheet writing.