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Magical Hogwarts - Portal

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Regulations and Guidelines

Before registering an account on Magical Hogwarts there are really only a few general rules of forum etiquette which you should be aware of. You can read them below.

1.) You need to enter a working email address in order to complete your registration.

2.) Your display name should consist of your character's first and last name.

3.) Before you start roleplaying, you will need to fill out a character sheet. The Character Creation Guide will provide you with instructions on how to do so.

4.) All alterations of your sorted character sheet require admin approval.

5.) Please do not copy anything from this site without prior permission from the main admin.

6.) Please refrain from spamming our website with advertisements, or sending advertisement PMs. It is fine to link to your webpage in your profile or signature, however, posting links around the forum will be punished with an instant and irreversible ban.

7.) Please do not advertise Magical Hogwarts on other forums in a way that is not permitted.

8.) Please be polite and friendly to your fellow members. Keep in mind that in-character events are just that, and should not affect your relationship with other role-players.

9.) Do not post any politically or religiously contentious material anywhere on Magical Hogwarts. In addition to that, sexually explicit and graphically violent content is not allowed outside the NC17 section of the board. Please keep profanity to a minimum. Excessive use of foul language, especially in the out of character areas, is considered rude, and offending posts may be removed.

10.) Rare Magical Items and Special Abilities require admin approval.

11.) Your year or position on Magical Hogwarts is determined by your post count. For this reason, only posts made in class or school related activities will increase your post count. When you are sorted, you will be assigned the appropriate post count for your character's position.

12.) God-moding, that is controlling another's character without their permission, is not allowed.

13.) Please keep out of character notes to a minimum in the RPG sections of the board and mark them clearly as such.

14.) Stay faithful to canon whenever possible. Students, in particular, should pay attention to keeping their extra-curricular activities plausible within the world of Harry Potter.

15.) When posting to RP topics, the thoughts of a character may be marked in italics.

16.) Posts should be written in the third-person narrative mode. Please keep your layout clean and readable. If you are unsure of your spelling, the spellchecker should be used. Correct punctuation is appreciated as well. When using direct speech please remember to post it in present tense as if you were talking just now.

17.) Please do not copy and paste information from other sites to use as an RP response. Rewording of excerpts from other sites is fine as long as it is in your own words.