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xx [Announcement] Gryffindor wins the House Cup!

September 04, 2017, 03:11:11 AM by Sophie

After weeks of threadfesting, finishing characters, sharing skills, and celebrating our love for Harry Potter, Anniversary 2017 has finally come to a close! We would like to congratulate each of the houses on their hard work and announce the final standings:

In fourth place, RAVENCLAW with 882 points!
In third place is HUFFLEPUFF with 2,138 points!
Next was SLYTHERIN with 2,423 points!
And finally, in first place, GRYFFINDOR with 2,497 points!

Congratulations to all! Look below to see how different members and activities contributed to the final point tallies.

Each member who joined a house will receive an Anniversary badge. In addition, badges for poll winners and Hogwarts Hurry winners will be distributed. Please let a member of the admin team know if you notice any errors.

Don’t forget to post below if you would like a Bloom thread relocated; the Anniversary boards will close soon. Please be sure to save anything you might like to keep as soon as possible.

Thanks again for a wonderful celebration of 14 Years of Magic!

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exclamation [Announcement] Model List Update

August 23, 2017, 11:34:17 PM by Albus Dumbledore
The model list has been pruned!

As a reminder, model claims last for one year.

Previously, activity was monitored by the last login date. Moving forward, claim validity will be based on the last in-character post (i.e., thread, journal, letter, etc.) rather than the last login date in order to account for our new master account system. If a model claim is older than one year and the corresponding character does not post, the claim will be removed during periodic prunings.

--> Please ensure that you do not have more than one model claimed per character.
--> Please check the model list to ensure that no claims for active characters have been mistakenly removed -- you are responsible for ensuring that all active claims have remained on the list. If you believe an error was made, please post in the claims thread with a link to your most recent in-character post.
     * If you are unable to find a recent post due to the recent cleaning out of school boards, please post in the model claim thread or PM @Sophie and I will re-check the claim status *
--> If your claim was removed due to inactivity but you wish to have it re-added, please make an in-character post with the corresponding character within two weeks (i.e., on or before September 6) and claim your model.

The model list is temporarily closed to allow drivers to reclaim models that have been removed under the new rules and to account for any errors. After two weeks, the model list will be re-opened to new claims, at which time characters who have made an IC post within the last year (or, for newly sorted characters, an RP sample within the last six months) can be added to the list.

Feel free to post any questions below.

Thank you!
~ The Admin Team
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xx [Announcement] September Mini-Plots!

August 21, 2017, 02:16:03 AM by Albus Dumbledore
Mini Plots are events that your character can get involved in all around the world. Some are school specific, and others are for all of the players to get involved in. Details are left open to interpretation so you can use your imagination to make it your own! Post [Mini Plot] in your thread title and post the thread link here! FPP points and other prizes will be given to drivers who participate.

After yet another year of tragedy, Hogwarts looks forward to a term with new beginnings. The Beginning of Term Feast this year is meant to encourage camaraderie, as students are allowed to sit with friends of any house as opposed to separated by House tables. The Dome and Gauntlet, which had been the source of so much sorry last year, seems to have used their last bits of sentience and magic to atone for the deaths and destruction. The Gauntlet doors remain in the Great Hall, which now lead a lovely surprise. Even the Great Hall has been refurbished and redecorated to promote inter-House cooperation and a sense of renewal. The unveilings will take place right after the BoT Feast.

School is back in session, but it's not business as usual at Beauxbatons. At the Beginning of Term Feast, a mysterious earthquake shakes the school. Though Madame Maxime quietly excuses herself to investigate the disturbance, her lack of answers for the students and staff may lead to unauthorized investigations of the disruption. Students and faculty are welcome to explore the grounds and school, where trees have fallen and cracks have appeared in the ground and exterior walls. What caused these damages to the grounds, why is Madame Maxime keeping details of the incident so close to her chest, and is there a chance it could happen again?

This term will begin again with the celebration of Friendship Day! On the first weekend of the school year, students can gather around the grounds and halls for many activities ranging from: picnics, three-legged races, friendship bracelet making, and much more! To help encourage new friendships, some of the activities are design to have randomized pairs, though others are perfect for those who are already the best of friends. As usual, the biggest draw of Friendship Day is the gift room, an area where students can receive a gift after donating something of their own that they treasure. At the conclusion of the celebrations there is a hike toward the observatory with a party, complete with bonfires, s'mores, and scary ghost stories.

Sevastyan Nikolayevich Yeshevsky has been named the new Headmaster of Durmstrang after the incidents revolving Anastasiya Vulchanova at the end of last term. A new reign has begun at Durmstrang, but it has everyone wondering what kind of new era he will be ushering in. Join the new headmaster in the first day feast in the Grand Hall and see what secrets and surprises he has in store for his students.

Students and staff are returning for the first time in over a year. While house elves maintained the building during the year, it's still obvious that the school has been uninhabited for some time. In an effort to get over past events at Durmstrang and to value Koldovstoretz as a educational establishment students and staff alike are supposed to help renovate and redecorate the school. In the course of this new opening of the school staff members are also available for any students who want to talk. There are offerings for groups and single students alike. Furthermore students are encouraged to hang something personal (a photo, written memory or charmed item) from the branches of the big tree in the central cavern. If that is done IC with a description of the item house points will be awarded.

It's time for the annual Test of Courage! The only event of the year where activities begin after curfew, the night starts off with second rank students pairing off with anyone they choose, after which they'll be led to the grounds near the campus. The goal of the Kimodameshi is fairly simple– navigate a course through the woods that the first rank students have laid out, with the objective of retrieving a single object that was previously hidden. Each pair will get to choose between two “fates” at the first junction, represented by two first rank students, and they can be either the “tenshi” (angel) or the “akuma” (devil). The older students will then in turn use spells to either guide their way or scare them.

Worldwide/Adult Plot:
In the aftermath of the great zoo escape of Nigeria, the nation's beloved Rompo, Snuggles, has unfortunately passed away. The beloved Rompo tragically perished during the mass break out of animals at the Nigerian Zoo last season. Snuggles, curious as ever, wandered out of her magically heated paddock and into the savanna and was unfortunately lost in the night due to hypothermia. To honour the importance of protection of magical creatures and its special place in people's hearts, the African Ministry of Magic is throwing a gala/fundraiser in remembrance of Snuggles. Special invites have been sent out to Ministry employees across the globe, Magizoologists and researchers, as well as the generally rich and famous to drum up awareness for the event. There is also a public auction of several rare and prized items donated to raise funds for the evening.

—    O P E N   M I N I   P L O T   T H R E A D S    —

[bot] our one true home, our one and own by @Agilbert Fontaine
[BoT] Grace and grandeur and new beginnings by @Sevastyan Yeshevsky
[bot] reborn from the ashes by @Aleksandr Kozlov

—    Q U E S T I O N S ?    —
contact any admin for details
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xx [Announcement] New year, new everything!

August 21, 2017, 02:14:31 AM by Samm

It's finally September playtime again and we all know what that means! This month all SIX schools will open their doors to eagerish students. A bright new year is about to begin, chock-full of challenging magic, playful adventures, and teenage heartbreak. Unlike previous terms, this September all schools will begin the year during the same playtime month, meaning there is going to be a lot going on. With the changing of playtime to September no new threads can be started at the Academy Anansi however you are welcome to finish the threads you currently have. The Positions list has been updated, please let us know if you are interested in creating a professor character at any of the played schools! In addition to all of the Beginning of Term threads and plots, we have quite a few surprises in store for you (and plenty more planned to come!). We hope you have a great school year.

Thank you,
~The Admin Team & the Plot Committee

A school release that needs no introduction, Ilvermorny is finally available as a playable school on the boards. The forward-thinking, free-spirited mountaintop academy has plenty in store this coming term. Don't forget to check out the amazing guide, a whole new line up of magical and exciting classes, a new wizarding district, and the student government!

After a less-than-successful merge with their Muggleborn counterpart, the educational institute of Durmstrang has ousted the crazed former Headmistress and cleaned house. Keep your eyes out for some new additions to the Durmstrang population this year including an eager and rather debonair new Headmaster with the students' best interests in mind and possibly a dragon or two...

The magical school of Koldovstoretz is re-opening its doors this year to all of its former students (and a few new ones). For the first time ever, Koldovstoretz will be a played school on the boards of Magical Hogwarts. There are new subjects, a mystical mountain with a few surprises, and a Wizarding town with a Pirate Ship in the middle of the lake!

The legendary school of Mahoutokoro is accepting students of all ages into its ranks for the new term. With exciting new plots and magical subjects found no where else, Mahoutokoro is the place to be! We highly encourage members to take a look at the exceptional School Guide and all that it has to offer.

After a war devastated the country and a magical Dome came crashing down upon the castle, the students of Hogwarts have gotten more than their fair share of hardship. This year, however, it seems like their luck is about to change. Maybe it will finally be a quiet, peaceful year at Hogwarts? Maybe.

In addition to a thrilling new plot, the Beauxbatons team has been working hard to revamp the Student Service program! There is now a dedicated board for threads having to do with the service and new rewards for participation including x5 FPP points and shiny award badges for the trophy closet. Look for an announcement soon regarding Student Services and aging students up.
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