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Check back here frequently to hear about the latest changest on Magical Hogwarts. This section is updated frequently and will help you to keep track of the new and exciting developments taking place every day.

xx [Announcement] EFB changes!

May 17, 2017, 08:33:27 PM by Albus Dumbledore
Hello! I'm pleased to announce that the EFB system has been revamped and is ready for launch! Here are the changes to the program:

  • EFBs will no longer be required for pureblood characters. Additionally, since it's going to be an optional program, we'll now be allowing muggle/muggleborn lines to be posted.
  • If you decide to submit an EFB, you can no longer leave the history section blank. We ask that if your family line is Upper Middle Class, you provide at least a paragraph telling us about the family, what they do, etc. If your family line is Middle Class or below, we ask that you just write a sentences.
  • The EFB boards have been expanded and reorganized. Instead of a general "Accepted Submissions" board, there is now a board for each continent (except South America and Antarctica) and inside each continent board are subforums that coincide with countries we have submissions from.
  • The way EFBs are organized within the new boards has been changed as well. The title of each EFB contains information that should help you narrow down families to connect with. For blood status and social status, we are using acronyms (e.g. PB = Pureblood, HB = Halfblood, M/B = Muggle/muggleborn, WC = Working Class, IN = Influential). The titles will also include the region/province/state and town the family is from.
  • All currently approved EFBs have been gone through and sorted into the new boards and have had their titles changed, however any EFBs that do not have a location, has several locations mentioned, or was just unclear as to where the family is located, are currently located in the Accepted Submissions forum. We will be posting a topic in the EFB Submissions forum for any location changes.
  • Instead of dealing with coding, we've converted the EFB system over to forms. Links to these forms can be found in the info header in the EFB submissions forum, or via this link. So, for example, if your character's family line is from Africa, you'll fill out the Africa form and it'll post it in the main EFB forum for sorting.
  • Additionally, if your character's family line is from a country that is geographically located in two continents and you're unsure of which continent the town they're from is located in, you can fill out the Miscellaneous EFB form and we'll handle the rest. Also, members will need to use the Miscellaneous EFB form if your character's family line is from multiple countries or continents.
  • The Rich/Influential applications have also been converted to a form. These applications are still required for all members who wish to have a rich and/or influential family line.
  • Lastly, we ask that you post your EFBs from the account the family line is associated with, or go back into the submitted form and change the account. Our EFB Moderators do not have access to changing the accounts for you.

If any of this is unclear or if you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in this topic, or direct them to any of the EFB Moderators: @Heather @Kaisa or @Fee .
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xx [Announcement] The fate of the Durmstrang-Koldovstoretz merge

May 15, 2017, 05:08:55 PM by Albus Dumbledore
Hey all!

No doubt you've been keeping an eye on the End of Term post in the Durmstrang Grand Hall and have seen that Headmistress Vulchanova has finally lost all her marbles. Some of you have probably asked yourself what happens next? The Russian Ministry has decided it is within everyone's best interests if Durmstrang and Koldovstoretz split up. Durmstrang will be getting a new Headmaster or Headmistress in time for the new school year and Koldovstoretz will be opening once more. Now, some of you may be wondering what happens to your Koldovstoretz students. You have you options: you can continue to play them at Durmstrang or you can have them return to Koldovstoretz and play them there. As Koldvostoretz falls within the ISS areas, you can play your student at the ISS if you wish. Additionally, if Koldovstoretz professors would like to stay at Durmstrang, you will need to find a suitable class for them to teach, as the Koldovstoretz classes will be removed from Durmstrang, and you will need to apply for that class in the Positions thread. If you'd like your professor to return to Koldovstoretz, they may keep their current class and will more than likely be eligible to become a Head of House.

Below is a list of all current Koldovstoretz students. If you wish to keep playing them at Durmstrang, please reply here and I'll move them to a different list. If you wish to have them return to Koldovstoretz, also reply here and let us know if you'd like to keep their former Durmstrang house as a secondary tag or if you'd like to remove it completely.

Koldovstoretz Students
@Shiraz Bagratuni
@Gozde Aksu
@Iosef Zolotov
@Javid Cavadov
@Justýna Tesaříková
@Mei Lin
@Zviad Gogoladze
@Josef Lasnik
@Konstantin Kashnikov
@Liu Yin
@Malika Kim
@Mats Balldrshóll
@Nayiri Yazdjian
@Serafima Schastlivtseva
@Liu Zhijian
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xx [Announcement] Dreams Do Come True

May 13, 2017, 06:07:49 PM by Agilbert Fontaine

Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft & Wizardry is open for business! The informational guide about the school (that you've surely been waiting for) can be found here. The boards for the school and Shackamaxon are now public, but no new topics can be started at the school until September playtime.

Sorting is now available for all Ilvermorny characters and all Ilvermorny students are welcome to attend Academy Anansi. Keeping in line with a stance for  tuition-free education, MACUSA is offering scholarships to select students hoping to attend.

Professor positions can now be applied for! Take a look at the class list and PM @Christine to discuss the application process and how classes will be played out at Ilvermorny. In addition, Head of Department positions at MACUSA may be applied for as well. Please refer to this thread for how to apply. Student positions will be settled before September playtime begins.

As always, if you have any questions, please PM a member of the Ilvermorny team - @Christine, @Axel, or @Emily.
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xx [Announcement] Age Up Process & School Thread Deadlines

May 10, 2017, 10:45:47 PM by Rinn
Hi everyone,

With the end of the school terms, we have some important announcements to make regarding the age up of student characters as well as posting deadlines.

Please take a look below regarding each school's policy:

Age Up Requirements for Students
- Hogwarts Students: Post 2 class posts this term, Update your student's character sheet to include the last year of events
- Durmstrang Students: Post 2 class posts this term, Update your student's character sheet to include the last year of events
- Beauxbatons Students: Update your student's character sheet to include the last year of events
- Mahoutokoro Students: Post in the First Rank Test thread, Update your student's character sheet to include the last year of events

To Submit your Student for an Age Up:
- Update your character sheet to include the last year of events
- Post under your character's account in the Character changes & retcons thread
- Link to at least 2 class posts (if applicable)

Please use this code when you post for Age Up Approval:
Code: [Select]
[b]Character's name:[/b]
[b]Changes made:[/b]
[b]Links to required posts:[/b] (if applicable)

School Thread Deadlines
Because we are now in July playtime IC, each school's term has ended. No new threads at any school may be started until the next term begins.

Should you have existing threads, you have from now until we change to August playtime IC to finish these threads. After we change to August playtime, you will no longer be permitted to post in threads at the schools. August playtime IC is slated to start on June 21st.

Should you have any questions, please post them here!

~The Admin Team
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xx [Announcement] July Mini Plots!

May 10, 2017, 10:39:09 PM by Axel

Mini Plots are events that your character can get involved in all around the world. Some are school specific, and others are for all of the players to get involved in. Details are left open to interpretation so you can use your imagination to make it your own! Post [Mini Plot] in your thread title and post the thread link here! FPP points and other prizes will be given to drivers who participate.

Hogwarts, Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, Mahoutokoro, & Ilvermorny Summer has finally arrived and with it the Academy Anansi located in the Caribbean Islands has opened it's doors to students from around the globe. All students are permitted to attend the school as part of the International Summer School program. The Academy Anansi offers a range of classes for Remedial and Advanced students and general courses for any wishing to further their magical knowledge. Scholarships are available for those with need. Students attending the Academy Anansi are permitted to visit home and other parts of the world but only during the weekends with proper supervision. Please see this board for more information.

Worldwide An Alert to all witches and wizards of the world, the great magical creature zoo of Nigeria has had a crack in its defenses, due to a magical lighting storm, and numerous creatures have escaped the magical barrier. A large amount of young Rompos have escaped and even though they are small the magical creatures are capable of travelling very far very quickly. To provide assistance in the Zoo officials and Magizoologists search for these valuable creatures the African Ministry of Magic has issued a reward for their safe capture and return. Witches and Wizards from around the globe have been notified of the reward and are encouraged to help in the search to keep the creatures out of the hands of hunters and poachers as these creatures’ tails are incredibly rare and are worth a lot in the magical black market.


The Quidditch regular season is over and Playoffs have begun for Leagues all over the world. The British & Irish League and the East Slavic League, in particular, have extended an invitation for all Quidditch fans to attend their games - eliminations on July 7th, quarterfinals on July 14th, semifinals on July 21st, and both League finals taking place on July 28th. Game action will be announced via the WWN and via Shoutbox on the Magical Hogwarts homepage. Check this Shoutbox and also the Calendar for the specific dates that you can "watch" the game action unfold. You can also create your own miniplot threads at these games.

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contact any admin for details
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