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Check back here frequently to hear about the latest changest on Magical Hogwarts. This section is updated frequently and will help you to keep track of the new and exciting developments taking place every day.

xx [Announcement] October Mini Plots!

October 01, 2017, 06:54:45 PM by Samm

Mini Plots are events that your character can get involved in all around the world. Some are school specific, and others are for all of the players to get involved in. Details are left open to interpretation so you can use your imagination to make it your own! Post [Mini Plot] in your thread title and post the thread link here! FPP points and other prizes will be given to drivers who participate.

Hogwarts: Fall into Autumn festivities! Hogwarts is turning its new garden into a cornfield maze. Students who already find themselves in detention, assignment makeups, or simply feeling the spirit of volunteering can assist professors in setting up the maze and hiding imported ghouls, Cornish pixies, doxies, and boggarts in the dead ends. Students can brave the maze alone, with Housemates, or group with students of other Houses to form a small party. Once students have entered the maze, they must seek out and collect one pumpkin coloured after each House—one red, one yellow, one blue, one green—before they will be able to exit. Students in their third year and above who successfully navigate the maze may earn an extra weekend in Hogsmeade, while students under their third year may be permitted to go to one official Hogsmeade weekend during the course of the year.

Beauxbatons: The Annual Pumpkin Festival is approaching, but tightened security on the grounds may make it difficult for some students to care for their growing gourds. Strange rumblings have continued to echo down from the mountains, enormous footprints can be seen in the paths leading away from the school, and huge bites have even appeared in a few of the largest pumpkins! The staff remain silent on these strange occurrences, but restrictions on student exploration of the grounds have been heightened, by order of Madame Maxime: students may only leave the castle during regular class hours and only for the purposes of visiting the gardens, greenhouses, and stables.

Durmstrang: Since the departure of Koldovstoretz staff and students, those in Durmstrang seem to feel relieved at no longer having to tolerate such dishonour to their storied school. While all remnants of Koldovstoretz trappings were removed, it seemed someone thought it fitting to give their sister school one last parting gift. Deep in the unused corners of the school, boggarts and Chameleon ghouls were left to breed and fester. And with Durmstrang's generally dim corridors, these unsightly creatures have felt at ease in spreading. And this month, they have gotten comfortable stalking the halls and stairs, setting themselves upon any unsuspecting staff or student. A school announcement has been set to deal with these pests, and students too useless to assist in their eradication should avoid being alone lest they find themselves facing off with something beyond their skills.

Ilvermorny & Koldovstoretz: Starting October 26th, Ilvermorny will be hosting students from Koldovstoretz. Generously sponsored by MACUSA, students from Koldovstoretz will be fully funded to visit the American school for ten days. After an assortment of activities the first weekend (tours of the school and grounds, a scavenger hunt, icebreaker games, etc) students will attend Ilvermorny classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (Oct 29-31), living a day in the life of an Ilvermorny student. Students from Koldovstoretz will be paired up with an Ilvermorny student (drivers may pair students IC or refer to an NPC) whom they will shadow throughout the week. Temporary dormitories will be crafted in the common rooms of the four houses. On October 31st (Wednesday evening), Día de Muertos festivities will begin! Koldovstoretz students will remain in Massachusetts until November 4 (stay tuned for more information on the November activities!)

It is not mandatory for Koldovstoretz students to participate, though it is highly encouraged. Koldovstoretz students will arrive by portkey. Drivers of Koldovstoretz students and teachers (they are also invited) may start threads at both Koldovstoretz and Ilvermorny for the month of October. Please PM @Samm or @Christine with any questions, or just post them here.

Mahoutokoro: In preparation for next month's Gakuensai, the school is buzzing with activity. The only day of the year where Mahoutokoro and other magical schools in Japan are open for guest visitors, there is much to be done before the opening day. Under the lead of first ranks, students of each house are expected to work together to come up with a performance or event to attract visitors (e.g. setting up a themed café, putting on a play etc.) in this entirely student-run event. Students belonging to different clubs and societies are also setting up booths and stages to showcase their talents and what they've learned. There's plenty for everyone of all ages to do; halls need to be swept, decorations need to be made, and who can forget about the food? Not only will the event be judged, students from other schools as well as family members will be invited to attend, so what better opportunity to work hard and show off Mahoutokoro's school spirit?

Worldwide: Despite the Magical Zoo's best efforts to change public opinion with a fundraising Gala things have taken a turn for the worst. All over the magical world protests are popping up. These protests vary in both number and attitude, some are large peaceful sit ins while others have become more violent, but they all share the same idea: return magical animals to the wild. The International Confederation of Wizards is on high alert and monitoring the situation. Peaceful protests are left alone but riots have broken out in three countries and the authorities have been forced to respond. In Diagon Alley a riot is underway and protesters have begun to break the windows and cause destruction to stores that promote using animal ingredients and in Neroli another is blocking the street with Witches and Wizards dressed in paper mache costumes made to look like Magical Beasts. Will your character stand up for the creatures? Or will they have to do their duty and help put the protesters to rest? 

—    Q U E S T I O N S ?    —

contact any admin for details
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xx [Announcement] this is halloween!

October 01, 2017, 12:59:05 AM by The Pumpkin King

Leaves are changing, days are growing shorter, and autumn is upon us! What does this mean for you? The Annual Magical Hogwarts Halloween Celebration is here!

This year's festivities are centered around Pumpkin Patches. Each driver will purchase pumpkins, collect pumpkin seeds by completing IC and OOC tasks, and exchange them for prizes! Head over to the Halloween 2017 board to begin!
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xx [Announcement] Gryffindor wins the House Cup!

September 04, 2017, 03:11:11 AM by Sophie

After weeks of threadfesting, finishing characters, sharing skills, and celebrating our love for Harry Potter, Anniversary 2017 has finally come to a close! We would like to congratulate each of the houses on their hard work and announce the final standings:

In fourth place, RAVENCLAW with 882 points!
In third place is HUFFLEPUFF with 2,138 points!
Next was SLYTHERIN with 2,423 points!
And finally, in first place, GRYFFINDOR with 2,497 points!

Congratulations to all! Look below to see how different members and activities contributed to the final point tallies.

Each member who joined a house will receive an Anniversary badge. In addition, badges for poll winners and Hogwarts Hurry winners will be distributed. Please let a member of the admin team know if you notice any errors.

Don’t forget to post below if you would like a Bloom thread relocated; the Anniversary boards will close soon. Please be sure to save anything you might like to keep as soon as possible.

Thanks again for a wonderful celebration of 14 Years of Magic!

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exclamation [Announcement] Model List Update

August 23, 2017, 11:34:17 PM by Albus Dumbledore
The model list has been pruned!

As a reminder, model claims last for one year.

Previously, activity was monitored by the last login date. Moving forward, claim validity will be based on the last in-character post (i.e., thread, journal, letter, etc.) rather than the last login date in order to account for our new master account system. If a model claim is older than one year and the corresponding character does not post, the claim will be removed during periodic prunings.

--> Please ensure that you do not have more than one model claimed per character.
--> Please check the model list to ensure that no claims for active characters have been mistakenly removed -- you are responsible for ensuring that all active claims have remained on the list. If you believe an error was made, please post in the claims thread with a link to your most recent in-character post.
     * If you are unable to find a recent post due to the recent cleaning out of school boards, please post in the model claim thread or PM @Sophie and I will re-check the claim status *
--> If your claim was removed due to inactivity but you wish to have it re-added, please make an in-character post with the corresponding character within two weeks (i.e., on or before September 6) and claim your model.

The model list is temporarily closed to allow drivers to reclaim models that have been removed under the new rules and to account for any errors. After two weeks, the model list will be re-opened to new claims, at which time characters who have made an IC post within the last year (or, for newly sorted characters, an RP sample within the last six months) can be added to the list.

Feel free to post any questions below.

Thank you!
~ The Admin Team
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