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xx [Announcement] New Mentor Team Members!

February 17, 2017, 11:36:58 PM by Olivia
Please congratulate our two newest additions to the Mentor Team:
@Sophiæ & @Becca!

Thanks to everyone who applied!

~ The Mentor Team Admins
Castor & Olivia
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xx [Announcement] May Mini Plots!

February 10, 2017, 10:43:13 PM by Inga

Mini Plots are events that your character can get involved in all around the world. Some are school specific, and others are for all of the players to get involved in. Details are left open to interpretation so you can use your imagination to make it your own! Post [Mini Plot] in your thread title and post the thread link here! FPP points and other prizes will be given to drivers who participate.

HOGWARTS:  To celebrate May 1st the Hogwarts staff has decided to celebrate the Beltane Festival. It marks the beginning of summer and traditionally rituals have been performed to protect cattle, crop and people. During the Hogwarts Beltane festival people will also try and perform rituals to protect the castle, grounds, creatures and people at Hogwarts. There'll be several bonfires in the grounds to create a festive atmosphere and because their flames and ashes are supposed to have protective powers. Due to prior incidents at Hogwarts, most specifically the dome, the castle is open to family and friends of students and staff on that particular day.

BEAUXBATONS: It's easy to forget the dangers of magic when you're surrounded by attentive and careful teachers. Outside of the relative safety of the school walls, a literal storm is brewing. A group of witches and wizards in Iran were attempting to create a spell which would help bring water to drought-stricken areas of their country. Their intentions were good, but they weren't enough to keep the modified spell from spinning out of control. Now a raging storm is moving towards Beauxbatons. No one is sure how much damage the magically-charged weather will do, but the staff is preparing for the worst. Until further notice, all students are to take shelter in one of the towers. All lower levels are off-limits in case of flash flooding. Teachers will assign reading and homework while the storm rages, and meals will be served to each tower as well.
OOC- During the flooding, students will be confined to the tower rooms for their safety although that doesn't mean your character can't get caught in a lower level in a sudden flood or try to sneak out and see what's going on.

DURMSTRANG: In this month's Alchemy class the students are introduced to a potion called Спя́щая Краса́вица (sleeping beauty) potion. Upon taking this potion people fall fast asleep. This sleep is very deep and regenerative. People who take this potion feel a lot better when waking up. There's just the problem that one sleeps for 24 hours or longer unless they receive a kiss… Since this potion has ingredients similar to a love potion it also has effects similar to that. The person who took the potion will feel drawn to the kisser if only for a brief period of time. Students might decide to brew the potion in private later on. Little vials of the potion are secretly given out to other students or sold under false pretenses...
OOC: For this MP it is okay to use NPCs.

MAHOUTOKORO After months and months of preparation, the First Rank Test has finally begun. The first week of May sees the start of the exam, with all students receiving a full week off of classes to attend the mandatory events. The exam week doubles as a festival week, with the Takamagahara citizens making a daily pilgrimage to the island shrine and street festivals of dancing and celebration. Day 1 of the First Rank Test is the written test, Day 3 is the field exam, and Day 5 is the final magical exam followed by the showcase. At the end of Day 5, the surviving students take part in a parade around the island.
OOC: There will be one thread for this official exam, with spectators and participants all posting. Drivers wishing to age their characters up must post/participate in this thread in order to be eligible.

WORLDWIDE: Spring is in the air and with the flowers beginning to bloom ministries around the world are prepping for their annual Spring Fling Festivals. To help bring people together many different booths are being provided for the entertainment of young and old wizards alike. Come and gather around the glass botanical gardens placed near the center of each festival and take a stroll around both muggle and magical flora. Kissing booths are provided at each wizards discretion, careful you might end up kissing a troll under that veil, who knows what wonders and beauties lay behind the darkened visage. Speed dating will also be provided to those weeping single hearts wishing to find a match for their soul. All this and more are offered with the soothing sounds of harps being played by a variety of elves. Remember love is but only a ticket away.

—    O P E N   M I N I   P L O T   T H R E A D S    —

—    Q U E S T I O N S ?    —
contact any admin for details
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xx [Contest/Lore] Wide World of Quidditch ~ Round 2!

January 18, 2017, 07:31:16 PM by Taed

Ever had a great idea for a Quidditch team?
Now's your chance to add it to the Magical Hogwarts canon lore!

To finish filling out "leagues" for international and intra-country Quidditch teams, I've divided the remaining areas into regions that need a representative Quidditch team.  Any city can be chosen, and an appropriate mascot (either a regional magical creature, or something alliterative, or even better, both!).  The mascot can be in either the native language or in English (i.e. the "Heidelberg Harriers" [English] or the "Rostock Rochen" [native German - it means "stingrays"]).

**For now we're only focusing on Eurussia (not all of Eurasia), China, Japan, and Korea.**

Each driver* may enter up to five team names in the contest. Use the following form and PM to @Taed.
*even if you won a team name in the first round!

Deadline for these forms is Thursday, February 9th at 11:59am EST.
Polls will go up on Friday, February 10th for any locations where multiple mascots have been proposed.

Code: [Select]
[b]Your Name:[/b] the driver who is submitting the idea
[b]Country:[/b] name of the country
[b]Region:[/b] if listed
[b]Proposed City:[/b] name of the city
[b]Proposed Mascot:[/b] name of the team
[b]And here's why!:[/b] What makes your mascot a good choice for a Quidditch team in this area?
(also optionally, the native format for your team's name; colours; stadium; uniform; etc)

xx Moving your badges to your driver account

January 18, 2017, 04:14:10 PM by Castor
So you've set yourself up a shiny new Driver account (yay!), but all of your beautiful badges are back on your main character! Reply here to have them transferred for you.

• This applies to OOC/driver badges only, from the ooc, monthly challenges, fpp awards and events ooc awards sections.
• Badges for a character - blood type, prefect, influential family etc will remain on the character account.
• If you are transfering badges from multiple accounts (maybe you have had two different main accounts at different times) please TAG both accounts using the @ function.
• Please list all of the badges you want transfered. Not only does it make it easier for the admin transfering, but it also means that if any go missing in transit, we have a list to come back to.
• if there are badges you wish to also remain on the character account (maybe one of the fpp ones?) please state that.
• If you wish the DATE of the badge to be retained then please also list the dates you received the badges - this information can be found in your awards section.
• A reminder than many of you will have more badges in your awards section than the 15 max that are displayed visibly on the boards, so do check in there.

any questions can be posted here or PMed to Castor. Also please bear in mind that this does take time to do so be patient, thanks!

Code: [Select]
[b]Driver Account:[/b]
[b]Character Account(s):[/b] (tag using @)
[b]List of badges to be transfered:[/b] with dates if you want the dates kept, if moving from multiple accounts, please state which account(s) the badge is currently on

Ok some updates and faq:

• You can move some of your badges and not others
• You can add badges to the new account and also leave them on the character
• if your badges look squiffy under your avatar, it's because you need to add a shipper and gringotts link into your profile for them to display correctly.
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xx [Announcement] Driver Accounts

January 17, 2017, 05:40:44 PM by Castor

The Administration have decided to introduce driver accounts. We hope that this will make things easier when chatting OOC, knowing which admin to contact and also when it comes to FPP. Your driver account will become your main/master account, with all of your characters linked to it. Your character accounts will still be used for posting IC, the driver accounts are purely for OOC boards.

You do not have to have a driver account if you prefer not to, however we will no longer be allowing the switching of FPP main accounts from one character to another.

You may create your driver account, using the name/nickname that you like to go by, now, but we ask at this stage that you do not attempt to reset your FPP or try to claim posts during this transition period. There will be a further update advising how to go about switching your FPP to your new main account.

There will also be a further update about moving across your badges.

Any questions and comments may be posted here!

~The Admin Team