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The Leaky Cauldron

Harry Potter book 7, film 5 news, images, interviews, merchandise and more

Hogwarts Galaxia

Hogwarts Galaxia

Itís been exactly a year now since the Austrian wizarding world has last noticed or heard of any sign from a supposed new Dark Lord. After many months of inactivity the Ministry of Magic has finally let their guard down and are going about things as if there was no threat from the Dark side whatsoever, a very foolish and unwise decision on their behalf. Little do they know that the newest Dark Lord has simply been waiting for that opportune moment to strike, to catch them off their guard and to leave a lasting impression that will strike fear into the hearts of those good. With the time quickly approaching the Dark Lord uses this to his advantage, collecting information, recruiting new followers and everything else needed to be successful in his first attack. Will you stand with the Ministry to ward off the dark side of wizardry or will you become a follower of the Dark Lord and aid in the elimination of all unworthy of the wizarding world? Active HP based RPG forum set in Austria. Check us out to find out more!

Hogwarts Magic

Hogwarts Magic

Since the death of Albus Dumbledore, Hogwarts has been an uneventful place. The new Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall has kept a watchful eye over the students and with the help of key staff members and the Order of the Phoenix, peace seems to have descended upon the school and its surroundings of late.

However, in the background of this tranquility and harmony, there is the ever present threat of Lord Voldemort and his loyal group of Death Eaters. Although there have been no notable incidents and the Ministry have been quick to dispel any rumours of his return, most of the wizarding population knew it was only a matter of time before something sinister happened.

That time has arrived and despite the presence of several Order members at the school and nearby, Harry Potter the Boy Who Lived and Voldemorts only real threat to power over the rest of the wizarding community, has disappeared. No-one can quite remember when it was they last saw him, no-one can precisely determine his last movements and no-one has been able to say who he was last seen with.

With Harry missing and no knowledge as to whether he is dead or alive, and therefore no means of knowing Voldemort's next move, the Order must organise themselves and move quickly, whilst ensuring the school runs calmly. The students are concerned for their own safety despite the knowledge it is only Harry that Voldemort is after.

Has Harry died, taking the hope of all witches and wizards with him, or can the wizarding world be brought back into peace and harmony once more?

Hogwarts RPG

Hogwarts RPG

Hogwarts Live

Hogwarts Live.com - The best Harry Potter RPG!

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